Hi All

I have a problem since I recently updated my sky box.

My Setup
I have NewCS (I think 1.67) running on a Ubuntu PC with my Sky Card in a card reader attached and have several Windows 7 clients connecting using DVB Link and Acamd client.

My Problem
Every 3 -6 months I need to move my card to the Sky + HD box and phone sky to re-enable the card. This last time I had to do this (yesterday), I had to force a software update on the Sky + HD box, having done this all the channels work on my Sky + HD box. All channels except the premium channels (Sky Sports) work on my Windows 7 clients. Anyone any ideas on how to get the premium channels working?

Been looking into this and it seems to point to my Boxky, I believe this is generated from the zerial number of my Sky + HD box and this needs to be converted into an 8 digit Hex value. I believe there are two possible sources for this zerial number
1. 17 digit number on the sticker on the base of the box then remove the first 6 characters and the last one to get a 10 digit decimal that needs to be converted into a 8 digit hex number
2. In the Sky + HD box menu system I can navigate to the System Details page and I get a 11 digit decimal number (I am sure it was a 10 digit number previously)(the same number as in option 1 without the last number removed) and I convert this into a 8 digit hex number