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06-01-2010, 08:30
First natural disaster channel to debut next year

From http://www.nhandan.com.vn/english/life/ ... life_f.htm (http://www.nhandan.com.vn/english/life/251209/life_f.htm)

The Vietnam Multimedia Corporation (VTC) will officially launch the country’s first television channel dedicated to the environment and helping prevent natural disasters on January 1, 2010.

New channel VTC 14 is one of the nation’s strategic initiatives to prevent and reduce natural disaster impacts apart from the national sustainable development strategy.

According to various international organisations’ assessments, damages caused by natural disasters, epidemics, traffic accidents and other environmental impacts account for more than 5.5% of a nation’s GDP each year.

VTC14 updates weather forecasts and information on environment, transport, healthcare, the Government’s action policy, and documentaries on natural disasters prevention.

The channel will equip people with necessary knowledge and skills to protect the environment from pollution, enhance their ability to cope in emergency cases, reduce potential accidental risks and prevent epidemics. (VNA)

06-01-2010, 08:36
Vietnam PM Approves Plan To Launch Second Telecom Satellite By 2012

news-story.aspx?storyid=201001040353dowjonesdjonline000 064&title=vietnam-pm-approves-plan-to-launch-second-telecom-satellite-by-2012

HANOI -(Dow Jones)- Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has agreed in principle to launch the country's second telecommunications satellite by 2012, the government said Monday in a statement.

The government said Dung has assigned the state-run Vietnam Posts and Telecoms Group to be the sole investor of the satellite called Vinasat-2.

It said the satellite will cost between $290 million and $350 million.

"The new satellite is aimed at boosting the development of the country's telecom market," the government said.

Vietnam launched its first satellite from a space port in South America in April 2008.

The $300 million Vinasat-1, built by U.S. firm Lockheed Martin, is expected to have a lifespan of between 15 and 20 years.

Vinasat-1 provides data and broadcast coverage to Southeast Asia, eastern China, India, North Korea, Japan, Australia and Hawaii and is expected to be fully operational this year.

The satellite is now operating at 70% of its capacity, with the main clients being Vietnam Television, Voice of Vietnam Radio, oil companies, telecom firms Viettel and Gtel and ministries, the government said

06-01-2010, 08:41
Satellite launch counsel sought

The Information and Communications Technology Ministry will this month seek the Office of the Attorney General's interpretation on whether Thaicom Plc's concession allows it to launch a sixth satellite.

"We're not sure that the two agreements that Thaicom, formerly Shin Satellite, made with the ICT Ministry will cover [or legally allow] the launching of the Thaicom 6 satellite," said ICT permanent secretary Sue Lor-uthai.

If the OAG advises that the existing agreements do not cover the launch of a sixth satellite, the ICT Ministry and Thaicom may have to draw up a new concessionary agreement under the Public-Private Joint Venture Act.

The ministry's working committee has considered reviewing Thaicom's concession contract since last month.

The committee found that the first contract allowed the country's sole satellite-service provider to launch Thaicom 1 as a main satellite with Thaicom 2 as its backup. The second contract allowed the launching of Thaicom 3 satellite with Thaicom 4 (iPSTAR) as a backup.

Mr Sue said if the ministry had to draw up a new contract to allow for Thaicom 6 to be launched, it would submit the draft for the cabinet's consideration under Section 13 of the Public-Private Joint Venture Act.

"However, if the [OAG's] interpretation is that the existing contracts show Thaicom has an obligation to launch Thaicom 6, then the company has to do that," he said.

Thaicom previously told the ministry's working committee that it would launch Thaicom 6 if its concession was extended for another 15 years. Its current satellite concession ends in 2021.

According to Mr Sue, Thaicom said it would not be worthwhile to put Thaicom 6 into orbit in 2012 as the concession ends in 2021 and the satellite has a service life of just nine years.

Somprasong Boonyachai, executive chairman of Shin Corporation Plc, said the existing contracts between its subsidiary, Thaicom, and the ministry cover the Thaicom 1, 2, 3 and 4 satellites.

Thaicom 5 was launched after the two parties reached a mutual agreement relating to Thaicom 3, which suffered problems when being launched.

"We want to make sure that our concession will be extended before launching any new broadcasting satellite. The concession should be longer than the life span of the new satellite," Mr Somprasong said.

An industry source said major players in the ICT industry and high-ranking military figures want to operate a new satellite to provide intelligence-related services to government agencies.

06-01-2010, 08:48
VTC Chooses AsiaSat 5 for New DTH Service in Vietnam

From Press Release

Hong Kong, 30 December 2009 – Asia's leading satellite operator Asia Satellite
Telecommunications Company Limited (AsiaSat) and Vietnam Multimedia Corporation (VTC),
Vietnam’s leading national broadcaster and operator in digital broadcasting, todayannounced the
signing of a lease agreement for the use of multiple Ku-band transponders on AsiaSat 5for a new
premium Direct-to-Home (DTH) service in Vietnam.

VTC will use the transponder capacity in early 2010 to provide a brand new DTH televisionservice,
distributing up to 30 High Definition (HD) and 70 Standard Definition (SD) televisionchannels to
households in Vietnam. The new VTC's DTH package on AsiaSat 5 will offer a wide varietyof
premium content ranging from sports, entertainment to technology and lifestyle,addressing the
interests of the Vietnamese public.

Dr. Thai Minh Tan, General Director of VTC said, "AsiaSat 5 provides powerful coverage to
enhance our DTH service to our home market and the transponder capacity to expand ourline-up
of HD and SD premium television channels to viewers across the country. We are gratefulto
partner AsiaSat who can support our aggressive plan to further diversify our range ofdigital TV
services to enhance the viewing experience of the Vietnamese consumers."

Peter Jackson, Chief Executive Officer of AsiaSat said, "We are very pleased to have VTCas our
long-term partner for DTH services to Vietnam. AsiaSat 5 is our latest high performance satellite
launched this year and it will play a significant role in the DTH development of the country. We look
forward to expanding our services in Vietnam, a fast growing economy of over 80 million people,
with reliable and high quality satellite television when VTC launches its services on AsiaSat 5."
# # #

About VTC

Vietnam Multimedia Corporation (VTC), under the Ministry of Information and Communications of
Vietnam, is a large state-owned multimedia corporation in Vietnam. Through VTC Digital Television
formed in 2004, VTC’s business activities in the TV broadcasting field include producing TV
programmes and provision of other television-related services as well as buying, selling and
exchanging programmes with domestic and international partners. VTC Digital Television has many
self-produced channels including HD channels, and dozens of international channels which are
transmitted digitally via DVB-C, DVB-T, DVB-H and DVB-S2 standards. For more information, please
visit www.vtc.com.vn (http://www.vtc.com.vn)

About AsiaSat 5

AsiaSat 5 is a Space Systems/Loral’s 1300 satellite launched in August 2009 and replaced AsiaSat 2 at
the orbital location of 100.5 degrees East. AsiaSat 5 carries 26 C-band and 14 Ku-band transponders,
and has a design life of 15 years. Its powerful C-band footprint covers over 50 countries and regions
spanning from Russia to New Zealand and from Japan to the Middle East and parts of Africa. The
Ku-band coverage consists of two high powered fixed beams serving East Asia and South Asia, as well
as a steerable beam to satisfy market demands.

About AsiaSat

AsiaSat, the leading regional satellite operator in Asia, serves over two-thirds of the world's population
with its powerful satellite fleet, comprising AsiaSat 3S at 105.5ºE, AsiaSat 4 at 122ºE and AsiaSat 5 at
100.5ºE. The AsiaSat satellite fleet provides services to both the broadcast and telecommunications
industries. Over 300 television and radio channels are now delivered by the company's satellites,
reaching over 96 million households, with more than 360 million viewers across the Asia Pacific region.

Many telecommunications customers use AsiaSat for services such as public telephone networks,
private VSAT networks and broadband multimedia services. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Asia
Satellite Telecommunications Holdings Limited, a company listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong
Kong Limited (Stock Code: 1135). For more information, please visit www.asiasat.com (http://www.asiasat.com)

Media inquiries:
Nong Thi Hoai An
Asia Satellite Telecommunications Company Limited
Sabrina Cubbon, General Manager, Marketing Winnie Pang, Manager, Corporate Affairs

06-01-2010, 08:50
Free-to-air to cost for some in the bush

EVERY home in the country will be able to get 16 free-to-air television channels under a new publicly-funded satellite service.

But some regional households will have to pay $350 - or even more - if they want to watch the Wiggles or the cricket.

Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has announced the Federal Government will spend $40 million a year on the satellite service.

That means everyone can tune into three ABC channels and two SBS channels, as well as channels 7, 9 and 10 and their offshoots.

The new service comes as the Government prepares to switch off the analogue TV system by 2013.

Viewers will have to buy a set-top-box and switch to digital TV to keep the box alive.

Under the analogue system, some regional households can only get a few free-to-air channels or none at all.
Senator Conroy said the new deal was a "fantastic outcome'' for regional people.

"All regional Australians will now receive the same television services as people in the cities,'' he said today.

"No one is disadvantaged by the switch-over from analogue to digital.''

As part of the deal, the Government will shut down 500 of the country's 600 locally-run TV transmission towers.

Everyone affected - believed to be thousands of homes in regional areas - will have to spend $300 on a satellite dish to watch TV.

The Government pays the other $300.

Add to that at least $50-$90 for a set-top-box to watch digital TV, which everyone must buy.

People in remote areas who can't get analogue TV must pay the full $600 for a satellite dish.

Opposition communications spokesman Tony Smith said the new TV service would be welcomed by some, but cautioned it might just be "yet more Labor pie in the sky''.

People in regional areas should "hold their champagne corks until they see the actual evidence and delivery'', Mr Smith said.

Christopher Zinn, spokesman for the consumer group Choice, was concerned some people might not be able to afford to watch TV under the new system.

He called for more information on what financial support there would be for people on lower incomes.

"It rather modifies the expression free-to-air because while it is free for some people, there is a capital cost attached for others,'' he said.

The new system will fill the coffers of the Government - it's going to sell off the wireless spectrum freed up by the end of analogue TV.

With that spectrum being chased by mobile phone and wireless broadband companies, big dollars are at stake.

Senator Conroy said it was a "seriously valuable asset'' which would be sold in 2011 or 2012, with the proceeds to go into general government revenue.

Under the new system, commercial TV companies will pay to upgrade 100 of the 600 locally-run transmission towers.

The industry says it hopes that 98 per cent of regional homes will be covered under the new system without having to install satellite dishes.

06-01-2010, 08:56
Is Digital TV by satellite for rural users just “pie in the sky”?

Although the Australian Federal Government has announced it is spending tens of millions of dollars to make the newest digital free-to-air TV channels available to those by satellite in rural and regional areas, the Federal Opposition is, as you’d expect, unconvinced.
When it comes to Governments making promises, there’s one thing the public knows: those promises aren’t always kept, are sometimes delivered in a vastly different form to what was promised – and often at a much higher cost.

Australia’s left-wing, socialist-leaning Federal Government has made many promises, especially in the area of a national broadband network, but has delivered very little - beyond hundreds of billions of dollars of new debt we didn’t have before they were elected.

While the conservative, right-wing side of politics isn’t filled with angels either, something that will ultimately lead humans to adopt a libertarian form of Government, Australia’s right-wing Federal Opposition is unsurprisingly filled with doubt over whether the new satellite TV system will ever be delivered, or not.

The doubt comes from the Shadow Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Tony Smith, who in seeming outrage and disbelief has penned the following missive, declaring that “Labor must convert talk into action”.

Smith says that: “The Federal Coalition hopes the satellite solution for better television access in the bush doesn’t end up as yet more Labor pie in the sky.

“Whilst people in rural and regional Australia will welcome Senator Conroy’s announcement, they should hold their champagne corks until they see the actual evidence and delivery.

“They should believe it when they see it – literally see it on their TV screens.”

Of course, there are undoubtedly many things that the opposition, when it Government, did not deliver, including a proper national broadband network, despite a myriad of broadband initiatives, but now that they’re in opposition, the focus more rightly falls on those in actual power.

What else in the digital TV satellite announcement does the Shadow Minister cast his shadow over? Please read

Smith continues, saying that: “Senator Conroy has promised that no one will be worse off under this new scheme. Unfortunately, the Rudd Government has perfected the art of making broad, sweeping policy announcements and spectacularly failing to deliver on them.

“Rural and regional Australians deserve to have certainty in what television access they will have before the analogue service is switched off.

“There is not a major policy that this Government has implemented that hasn’t been delayed, abandoned or had a cost-blowout.

“While it’s possible that this could be the first Rudd Government policy announcement that is actually implemented on time, in full, without delay or chaos and on budget, few in rural and regional Australia would bet on it”, concludes the Smithster.

So, the focus falls back on the Federal Government to, unsurprisingly, deliver on its promises.

There remains only a few months before an Australian Federal election, so much hoopla from both sides of politics is yet to emerge.

However, no matter what is promised, Australians will no doubt be closely watching to see just how much of the current Government’s talk really is translation into quick action, rather than endlessly delayed, or subject to yet another review.

If political people in Government and in the opposition wonder why there are such low expectations from people like myself, they only have themselves to blame.

After all, Governments of all stripes keep on forgetting that people should not be afraid of their Governemnts, but that Governments should be afraid of their people.

The Rudd Labor Government certainly won’t win or lose an election based on whether or not they deliver new TV channels to those in the outback, but at the slovenly rate of sloth our current Government is exhibiting, one can only wonder whether this Government will be a one-term wonder, or not.

Any electoral revolution one way or the other will surely be televised, but whether rural and regional Australians will be watching it via old-fashioned analog signals or the latest and greatest in digital and satellite retransmission is something we’ll find out in future episodes of Australia’s political reality TV show.

But don’t hold your breath or the TV remote while waiting.

06-01-2010, 08:59
Light shed on digital TV blackspot for 200,000

More than 200,000 homes in regional Australia who were in danger of missing out on digital television will be able to tap into a new satellite service under a plan expected to be announced today by Communications Minister Stephen Conroy.

The satellite service will be available for households in so-called digital blackspot areas, which are mostly in outer suburban and regional areas as well as near hills that block signals.

It is understood the new plan means local news bulletins will be protected despite earlier reports they could be lost as part of a satellite solution to the blackspot problem because large regions would be served by a single satellite signal.

Regional programming will be enabled by technology similar to that used by Foxtel with its Sky News channel that allows for multiple programs to be broadcast simultaneously.

The satellite solution will also lead to regional broadcasters such as the Northern Territory-based Imparja tapping into a much larger nation-wide audience, but encryption restrictions placed on the satellite mean residents outside blackspot areas will not get access.

This announcement will kick off a significant year for digital television. In the middle of the year Mildura will be the first place in the country to have its analogue signal shut-off, and a smooth implementation is important as the government moves towards larger populations ahead of the final switchoff in big cities in 2013.

The announcement, expected by Senator Conroy in Canberra this afternoon, comes as the government unveils the white paper into the so-called digital dividend, the spectrum space freed up when analogue signals are switched off.

The spectrum will be auctioned off to telecommunications companies and broadcasters keen to use it to develop new technologies.

The equivalent spectrum in the United States was auctioned off for $US19 billion ($A21 billion), a figure which has led some to estimate the Australian spectrum could sell for $2 billion or more if the economy remains buoyant.

06-01-2010, 09:03
Digital television Australia-wide

From Media Release

Senator the Hon Stephen Conroy
Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy
Deputy Leader of the Government in the Senate

The Rudd Government will implement a satellite service to provide digital television to viewers in regional blackspot areas.

"All regional Australians will now receive the same television services as people in the cities," said the Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Senator Stephen Conroy.

"This is a fantastic outcome for people in regional Australia, many of whom have received limited television services for many years."

"This historic decision will dramatically improve the choice and quality of television services for regional Australia as we move towards digital switchover."

"For the first time all free-to-air digital television services, including the original three commercial and two national channels, as well as new digital services such as ABC2, ABC3, SBS TWO, GO!, 7TWO and ONE HD, will be available to all Australians, no matter where they live."

"The satellite service will provide regional viewers with access to the local news currently broadcast in their TV licence area via a dedicated local news channel."

While the final cost of the digital satellite broadcasting service will be determined following negotiations between broadcasters and satellite service providers, the Government is committing $40 million per year over the four-year forward estimates to build and operate the service, for the potential benefit of up to 247,000 households across Australia. This is an ongoing Government commitment.

Under an agreement reached with all television broadcasters across Australia, broadcasters will upgrade more than 100 existing regional analog ‘self-help’ transmission facilities to operate in digital, while the Government will fully fund and build a new digital satellite broadcasting service for regional viewers who are unable to receive digital television from those facilities.

The measures are part of Australia’s ongoing switchover to digital-only television and will be in place before analog services are switched off in each regional broadcast license area.

Viewers who currently rely on ‘self-help’ sites that will be upgraded by broadcasters under this agreement will simply need to install a high definition set-top-box to access a full suite of digital television channels.

Any regional households not able to receive digital television from the upgraded ‘self-help’ sites will be served by the new satellite, which will also carry the full suite of digital channels. In order to access the new satellite service, these households will need to install a satellite dish.

"The Government will provide a satellite conversion subsidy to eligible households currently served by ‘self-help’ transmission sites which are not upgraded to digital by the broadcasters," Senator Conroy said.

"This landmark agreement would not be possible without the cooperation of Australia’s free-to-air broadcasters and I would like to acknowledge their constructive approach to digital switchover."

Senator Conroy said that the Government will be writing to ‘self-help’ transmission licensees detailing the new measures as well as providing further information to local communities.

The Government is currently consulting with broadcasters to identify the list of ‘self-help’ sites to be upgraded to digital for announcement in the first half of 2010.

The list will include new digital terrestrial transmitters at Underbool and Ouyen in the Sunraysia/Mildura region, the first license area to switch to digital-only television. The satellite service for the Sunraysia/Mildura region is expected to commence prior to 30 June 2010, when analog television services are due to be switched off in that licence area.

More information:
Online: http://www.digitalready.gov.au/ (http://www.digitalready.gov.au/)
Freephone: 1800 20 10 13

Date: 5 January 2010
Contact: Tim Marshall 0408 258 457


06-01-2010, 13:24
The Polish new generation DTH platform n ended 2009 on a high note, securing 80,000 new subscribers in December alone to bring the year-end total to 697,000.

In the year as a whole, it acquired an additional 300,000 new subscribers.

Its sister pre-pay service TNK meanwhile secured 101,000 new customers in December and 348,000 in the year as a whole, ending 2009 with 440,000.

Both platforms are owned by TVN, whose other broadcast interests include a national commercial station of the same name and a portfolio of thematic channels, the most popular of which is the news-based TVN24.

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06-01-2010, 13:37
Ascent quits Chiswick Park

Playout specialist Ascent Media is selling its purpose-built facility at Chiswick Park, West London, to its Number 1 client Discovery Communications.

Ascent says it has a binding Letter of Intent with Discovery for the deal, subject to both board’s approval. This shouldn’t create too many headaches as Liberty Media, with one or other hats on is involved closely in both operations. The deal is expected to close within a few weeks.

Ascent’s facility was built in 2005 at Chiswick Park, now very much a media centre in West London, and handles about 50 channels for Discovery.

Terms were not revealed. v

06-01-2010, 13:41
France Télévisions becomes unique

With a new year come changes. On Jan 4, France Télévisions, until now composed as a holding group of companies, became a unique structure. This implies new operational methods and social conventions as the public group must now make its 11,000 people dispatched into 40 companies work in a horizontal way.

New managing teams, common to all channels, have been set up into five domain of activities. Programming, On-Air and News is topped by FTV N° 2 Patrice Duhamel; Finance, Budget and Human Resources by Damien Cuier; Regional and Local Output by Geneviève Giard; while Claude-Yves Robin heads Marketing and Publicity; and François Guilbeau pilots Technologies and Digital Developments.

However, the reform is not an easy goal to achieve and explain among the teams. Syndicates are asking for an inhouse referendum on the changes.

06-01-2010, 13:43
SciFi France changes into SyFy

NBC-Universal’s French science-fiction theme channel SciFi France has adopted new name SyFy Universal, six months after the change occurred in the US.

Served by the new slogan "Au-delà de l'imagination" (“Beyond the imagination”), the channel has also repositioned and extended its offer to fantastic, paranormal and horror productions.

In France, the communication campaign has been undertaken by ad agency BETC Euro RSCG.

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06-01-2010, 13:46
Alert over Spain switch-off problems

Three months before Spain's national analogue switch-over, set for April 3, Impulsa TDT, the association for the promotion and implementation of the new television has warned over the problems ahead if buildings do not adapt their antennas as soon as possible.

These problems are being exacerbated by a lack of telecommunication installers due to the amount of work they are having to undertake. There were still 22.6% of buildings to be digitally adapted as of Q3 last year, according to the National Federation of Telecommunication Installers (FENITEL).

Impulsa TDT is encouraging collective houses to "initiate as soon as possible the works for the collective antennas adaptation to digital". This is compulsory provided the neighbours want to watch DTT and there is coverage in their area. A total of 96.3% of the population can now get the national digital channels, with 64.95% of homes already connected to DTT according to the association AIMC's latest data. TNSofres estimates are higher: 74.7% are already connected according to TNSofres, the association for measuring analogue and digital TV penetration, with 76.3% of individuals now watching DTT.

As for the number of people watching digital TV before analogue TV, DTT viewing share was 49.1% in November. And the daily consumption of DTT was 161 minutes in the same month.

All in all from March 2003 to October 2009 a total of 23.4 million DTT boxes were sold.

Finally the figures coming from the Ministry of Industry show better DTT coverage, at 98.6% of the country's homes.

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06-01-2010, 13:49
SES in Canada-US DTH squabble

SES is involved in a joint-venture with Echostar as a client over a Canadian satellite operation, Ciel. One option for Ciel is to beam signals over the continental USA. DirecTV, for one, is not happy.

Local reports say that the US’ Federal Communications Commission is now stepping into the argument. However, Ciel 2 (launched in 2008 and operational from early last year) is wholly authorised to operate from 129 deg West over North America. Ciel is also “committed” to developing more Canadian-authorised orbital slots over and throughout “the Americas”.

However, a planned satellite, Ciel 6, scheduled for launch in 2012, is planned to orbit from 103 deg West, and this orbital position is partly occupied by DirecTV. A new craft, DirecTV-12 has just launched from Kazakhstan to the position (and will probably see some 3D action soon enough). In Europe and elsewhere it is not unusual to see two rival operators ‘sharing’ the same (or very close) orbital slots. SES and Eutelsat operate from 28.2 and 28.5 deg E, for example, and where SES utilises one batch of frequencies and Eutelsat another.

The North American dispute centres on whether the US will approve Ciel’s AND DirecTV’s applications, or rule in favour of one or the other.

06-01-2010, 13:51
German health channel loses Sky carriage

German health channel Focus Gesundheit will terminate its transmission on pay-TV platform Sky Deutschland on Jan 7. The broadcaster, which held an exclusive carriage contract with Sky, will thereby lose its only distribution platform.

The decision to go separate ways was a “mutual agreement” by both sides, Sky said in a statement, adding that Focus Gesundheit has opted for an alternative distribution strategy and the expansion of its brand on the internet.

The channel, which is operated by the TV subsidiary of news magazine Focus, aims to launch on Eutelsat’s direct-to-cable platform KabelKiosk platform on Feb 1 and hopes to sign carriage contracts with further platform providers.

It is expected that Sky will use the vacated slot for distribution of its Big Brother channel. The service will offer 24-hour coverage of the 10th series of the well-known reality format which will commence on Jan 11 in Germany.

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06-01-2010, 13:53
German thematic channel insolvent

German pay-TV channel e.clips faces an uncertain future: The operating company has filed for insolvency at Munich’s district court.

Pay-TV platform Sky Deutschland will discontinue carriage of the service on Jan 7. In Germany, e.clips is also available on the cable networks of Unitymedia and Kabel BW, in Austria on Liwest’s cable network and in Switzerland on pay-TV platform Teleclub and IPTV platform Swisscom TV. In line with Sky, Teleclub will drop the channel on Jan 7 while it is not clear yet whether carriage on the other platforms will continue.

The channel, which was launched in October 2007 by former Kirch manager Philipp Riccabona, informs its viewers 24 hours per day on news in the areas of movies, TV, music, DVDs and electronic games.

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06-01-2010, 13:56
France: DTT breaks Xmas audience records

Viewing of French DTT channels in December broke audience records for the platform, reaching 17.9% audience share, up 1.4% compared to November 2009.

During the two-week Christmas break, DTT channels even registered 18.7% and 18.6% share.

All channels kept rising last month, with the leading trio remaining TMC and W9, which tied at 2.9% audience share, and family channel Gulli (1.9%) Over the whole of 2009, DTT channels reached a 15.2% audience share compared with 11.1% for 2008.

Most of the historical networks saw their viewing share decrease last month with the exception of France 3, Arte and France 5. Traditional channels’ viewing came to 69.8% in December, compared with 72.1% over the whole of 2009 and 76.3% in 2008. But the biggest slide down came from TF1, which fell under the symbolic mark of 25%, to 24.8% in December while the 2009 audience share stabilized at 26.1%, down 1.1% compared to 2008.

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06-01-2010, 14:00
Australian gov't unveils 'freesat' plan

Australia’s government is committing A$160 million (US$146 million) to build a free-to-air digital-satellite platform to solve the problems of reception of digital TV in rural and regional blackspot areas.

Announced by the Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Senator Stephen Conroy, the new platform will for the first time see all free-to-air digital TV services including local news feeds, available across the entire country.

While the final cost of the digital-satellite broadcasting service will be determined following negotiations between broadcasters and satellite service providers, the government is committing A$40 million per year over the four-year forward estimates to build and operate the service.

Under an agreement reached with all television broadcasters across Australia, broadcasters will upgrade more than 100 existing regional analog ‘self-help’ transmission facilities to operate in digital, while the Government will fully fund and build a new digital satellite broadcasting service for regional viewers who are unable to receive digital television from those facilities.

The government will provide a A$300 satellite conversion subsidy to eligible homes which are not served by digital ‘self-help’ transmission sites. Under the ‘self-help’ scheme, a community may apply for a licence to operate their own rebroadcasting transmitter or community cable system to improve reception.

A satellite service for the Sunraysia/Mildura region, the first area planned for analogue switch-off on June 30 this year, will start prior to switch-off.

Sen. Conroy said: "This historic decision will dramatically improve the choice and quality of television services for regional Australia as we move towards digital switchover.

"For the first time all free-to-air digital television services, including the original three commercial and two national channels, as well as new digital services such as ABC2, ABC3, SBS TWO, GO!, 7TWO and ONE HD, will be available to all Australians, no matter where they live.

"The satellite service will provide regional viewers with access to the local news currently broadcast in their TV licence area via a dedicated local news channel."

Simultaneously with the announcement of countrywide digital-satellite provision, the government also released its green paper seeking public comment on the benefits and costs of maximising Australia’s digital dividend.

The green paper establishes a government target of 126 MHz of contiguous ultra-high frequency spectrum. Achieving this will involve moving some digital TV services to new channels.

Sen. Conroy said: "It is anticipated that a contiguous block of dividend spectrum will be suitable for a larger number of potential communications uses, maximising the potential benefits that the spectrum could provide to Australians."

06-01-2010, 14:03
Liberty carried out ‘due diligence’ in India

Worldspace India, despite having formally ceased operations locally, has issued a statement regarding the pre-closure position of Liberty Media. Liberty, says the statement “carried out formal due diligence on Worldspace’s Indian operation” – and then pulled the financial plug.

The statement is, at least in part, an attempt to redress some of the stories that have emerged these past weeks alleging incompetence, and worse, amongst some key Worldspace India staffers.

The statement was also made in order to “clarify doubts relating to the credibility of the operations of Worldspace India and its employee” and says that Liberty Media conducted a detailed examination of the India operations in September and October 2009, using reputed Indian firms.

“Senior officials of Liberty Media,” says the statement, “were in regular touch with the Worldspace India team and were given to understand that they were keenly interested in the Indian operations. Against all odds in these difficult circumstances, the India team did their best to meet the aspirations of our Indian subscribers and successfully spearheaded Worldspace India to its best ever financial and business performance in the last 12 months. All along, no instructions were issued to Worldspace India to stop the sales of the receivers and subscription packs of Worldspace, Inc., and the service agreement was still in force. The employees in India continued operations in the ordinary course, being led to believe that the operations would be sold along with the assets as a going concern,” the statement adds.

Liberty’s Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO) told Worldspace India during Christmas week that Liberty would not be acquiring the India operations, although Liberty would be proceeding with the acquisition of the parent company’s assets. It seems the Indian operation was then left to fend for itself. “However much the India team would like to continue operating and servicing its subscribers, it has become impossible because of the non-availability of the Worldspace satellite for Indian operations, which has been the sole distribution vehicle for its content,” the statement says.

Worldspace India’s team stresses it was neither a party to the decision to close down the Indian operations nor was aware of this possibility till this decision was communicated by the US headquarters, in the later part of December 2009.

“While it is learnt that Liberty Media and Worldspace Inc, USA have cleared employee dues and followed due process in every other country, certain loopholes in the Indian legal system are being misused to escape from the responsibilities of orderly closure of the business, which has led to this situation where both subscribers to the service and employees of the company are badly affected,” the statement added.

The statement claims that Worldspace Inc (in Chapter 11 bankruptcy) owes Worldspace India about $10m for services carried out locally. Worldspace India’s staff have made formal representations to the relevant ministry in this matter, the statement says.

06-01-2010, 14:06
Digi TV exchange cards (Nagravision 3)

The company RCS / RDS, the Romanian operator Digi TV satellite platform, by replacing old code Nagravision 2 cards for the new operating system Media Access Nagra (N3 - Nagravision 3). The purpose of this activity is to better security against unauthorized removal programs. Information on the exchange of papers appeared on the official website of the Hungarian version of Digi TV.

It is likely that the replacement card will be carried out in all six countries in which the platform works.

Digi TV customers will receive a letter with the new card code, which should be mentioned in the decoder in accordance with the instructions contained in the message instructions. The old card should be returned to the provider within 7 days. In gratitude for the cooperation, the customer will receive a package of HBO MAX PAK per month.

Recall that the platform already uses three coding system Nagravision - CAID 1801 (the so-called Nagravision 2), 1802 (the so-called Media Access Nagra. Nagravision 3). The third system with CAID 1880 was added in the summer of 2009 and is a newer version of the Media Access Nagra.

Digi TV operates in six countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The platform uses capacity on satellites Intelsat 10-02 (1W) and THOR 5 (0.8 W).

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06-01-2010, 14:09
Portsmouth's TV cash to pay off debts

The Premier League will divert Portsmouth FC's latest share of TV monies to settle the club's outstanding debts with other teams in the top division, it has emerged.

Tottenham, Watford and Chelsea will all receive a portion of the £7m cash influx from broadcasting rights agreements to pay outstanding player transfer debts with the troubled south coast club.

The approach is fully permitted within Premier League rules designed to protect clubs that are owed money from transfer deals.

Portsmouth's financial crisis has been deepening over the past six months, with various changes of ownership causing uncertainty at the club.

After non-playing staff were finally paid their December wages on Monday, playing staff will also receive payment today after the club's current owners secured a short-term bank loan.

Speaking to Press Association Sport, a Portsmouth spokesman said: "The staff have been paid but there are two separate payrolls and we are still expecting the players to be paid on Tuesday."

However, Portsmouth are still waiting to see if a registration embargo banning them from signing any new players will block efforts to renew Tottenham player Jamie O'Hara's loan deal at the club.

Discussing the club's ongoing financial troubles, PFA chief executive Gordon Taylor told BBC Sport: "We have become used to any number of financial problems at various clubs but you do not expect it at the top level.

"It is certainly not good for the image of the game or the Premier League, and it's a timely warning that football needs to keep a sense of financial propriety."

06-01-2010, 17:16
Czech Republic looks to 3D

3D TV sets are likely to appear in the Czech Republic in the next two to three years, according to Jakub Svestka, the local representative of LG Electronics.

Quoted in Digizone, he added that several prototypes produced by the company attracted considerable interest at IFA in Berlin last September.

Svestka also said that he expected standardisation for 3D TV sets to take place amongst the leading producers, who also include Panasonic, Sony and Samsung.

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06-01-2010, 17:19
Most pirated TV shows of 2009

Heroes is the most illegally downloaded TV-show, with over 6 million downloads for a single episode, according to a Top 10 published by website Torrentfreak.

Heroes (NBC) was downloaded 6.58 million times in 2009, meaning more fans tune in illegally than watch the show legally on television. Showtime’s Dexter is the only other show with more illegal sharers than weekly viewers: the show ranks number 4 with 2,780,000 downloads as compared with an average of 2,300,000 weekly viewers.

The runner-up is Lost (ABC) with 6,310,000 downloads (11,050,000 weekly viewership); number 3 is Prison Break (Fox) with 3,450,000 downloads (5,300,000 viewers) and at number 5 it’s House (Fox) with 2,590,000 downloads (15,600,000 viewers). (The figures show average number of downloads per episode and number of weekly viewers)

Number 6 – 24 (Fox) with 2,440,000 downloads (12,620,000 viewers); 7 – Desperate Housewives (ABC) with 2,180,000 downloads (15,500,000 viewers); 8 – Terminator – The Sarah Connor Chronicles (Fox) with 1,960,000 downloads (6,340,000 viewers); 9 – Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) with 1,740,000 downloads (15,640,000 viewers) and at 10 True Blood (HBO) with 1,600,000 downloads (12,400,000 viewers).

Commenting on the piracy of US TV-shows Torrentfreak observed: “The rise of unauthorised downloading of TV-shows is a signal that customers want something that is not available through other channels. Availability seems to be the key issue why people turn to BitTorrent, and this is also reflected in the fact that most downloads occur from countries where the show has yet to air on TV.”

The blog continues: “Despite massive piracy of TV-shows, there are plenty of opportunities for distributors and broadcasters to win viewers back. The piracy figures simply show that TV viewing habits are changing. There is a huge interest in on-demand TV and there are millions of viewers that can potentially bring in millions of dollars in revenue.”

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06-01-2010, 17:22
Viaccess PC 2.6 and 3.0, broken by pirates?

* Source: Inf / sat-elita.info / Happysat / AoF

Dark clouds gather over solutions provider CA (Conditional Access in English) - a company Viaccess SA, a company governed by the France Telecom Group. Even before Christmas, December 19, 2009, the network software available for selected models and digital receivers for DVB cards, enabling the decoding of the Italian broadcaster Channel offers erotic Satisfaction SCT, using a PC card Viaccess 2.6.

Spice up the whole situation being that the hackers made available on the web full source code written in C, allowing the addition of unauthorized decoding packages of SCT for almost every receiver, if you only have actively developed emulation software coding systems. Despite the relatively robust security (number of times the transformation of data before decryption), the system has been so successfully overcome, it appeared even the ripples in a completely forgotten your Gold Card.

One of the hackers on the forum devoted to the popular DVB cards commented that, in practice, Viaccess is now helpless, made public the data represent a serious breach in security. Are shrouded in secrecy, only the method of gaining the keys, but apparently this is not an excessive problem since shortly after the spill showed SCT is also input to the new modules DiabloCAM CI 2, called Ipnosys, with added successive packages: * Swiss SRG SSR (13 ° E ), erotic Free-X TV (13 ° E) and French BIS (13 ° E and 5 ° W).

Unofficially it is said that the next packet after SCT, which will be made publicly available, it will just * Swiss SRG SSR. At the same time there is a list of packages, which are broken. In foreign fora strongly suggests that their availability is only a matter of time i. .. money, that is a manufacturer of receivers pay "under the table" more for its products sell better!

Exchanged among the platforms to be at risk: the Russian platform NTV Plus (36 ° E), the Arab channels Al Jazeera Sports (26 ° E, 13 ° E and 7 ° E), French CanalSat (19.2 ° E) and ... Orange Poland platform TP. This may mean that the newer card Viaccess PC 3.0 has been compromised, though here the possibility of blockade of the CA are apparently larger. Not to be affected the most recent card PRAHA called Viaccess PC 4.0.

Consequences of the piracy threat, then certainly the exchange of cards erotic channels in Viaccess, and that are sometimes huge problems, especially when someone bought the card in a small shop online, or abroad. It will probably gradually to exchange cards or even to renounce and eliminate system Viaccess among vulnerable platforms. Possible, for example, that dispenses with NTV Plus Viaccess typical for the Russian system of DRE-Crypt, but for now is pure speculation.


07-01-2010, 12:49

Poland’s leading DTH platform Cyfrowy Polsat ended 2009 with 3.2 million subscribers, adding 200,000 in December alone. The total number of Cyfrowy Polsat decoder users meanwhile stood at 3.9 million.

Cyfrowy Polsat gained an additional 476,000 subscribers in 2009 as a whole and 286,000 in the fourth quarter.

The 700,000 Cyfrowy Polsat decoder users at the end of 2009 who were not subscribers still had access to FTA channels and could also opt for programme packages and the platform’s VOD service.

Significantly, the 3.9 million decoder users represented 28% of Polish TV homes.

Cyfrowy Polsat is now the fourth largest satellite pay-TV platform in Europe after BSkyB, Canal Sat and Sky Italia.

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07-01-2010, 12:53

BSkyB has made clear its proposed 3D television service will be compatible with a range of ‘3D Ready’ televisions manufactured by LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony.

The four manufacturers are expected to use CES in Las Vegas to signal their intention to bring ‘3D Ready’ television displays to the market later this year. In a statement Sky said its 3D service would be “compatible with a wide range of 3D Ready TVs being launched in the UK and Ireland during 2010”. These include the LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony products.

Stephen Gater, head of marketing, Home Entertainment, LG Electronics UK, said we were witnessing the beginning of a change in how TV is viewed. “This year will see LG’s first 3D Ready TVs hit the market – and through Sky’s clear commitment to 3D broadcasting, 3D in the home is set to become a reality.”

A number of differing formats are emerging, in both transmission and display formats, ahead of final decisions by regulators and standards bodies. In the United States one of the largest white label display manufacturers, Vizio, has chosen the Sensio proprietary side-by-side format. However, Sony, Samsung and JVC/Panasonic have all opted for the rival RealD system. LG is yet to publically declare its support for either system and the manufacturer could simply run regular side-by-side without any proprietary elements. Both Sensio and RealD are claiming intellectual property rights over their use of the side-by-side format and proprietary encoding.

Side-by-side is key for Sky because it allows the satcaster to use the existing Sky+ HD receivers of which over 1.6 million units have already been deployed.

“Our HD customers already have a 3D capable set-top box, so if they are interested in experiencing TV in a third dimension, the good news is that they’ll have a range of 3D Ready TVs to choose from,” commented Brian Lenz, Sky’s Director of Product Design & TV Product Development. “This is a great example of Sky and TV manufacturers taking the initiative to ensure there is no confusion over formats. By working together with set manufacturers, we want to provide a hassle free way for consumers to enjoy 3D TV.”

Sky plans to launch the UK’s first 3D service during 2010, most likely as a pay-per-view channel, joining recently announced ventures in the US from Discovery Channel and ESPN.

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07-01-2010, 12:56
TF1 close to sharing World Cup rights?

TF1 close to sharing World Cup rights?

Written by Pascale Paoli Lebailly

French private network TF1 is on the verge of a deal with Canal+ and France Télévisions to share the costs and broadcasting of the forthcoming 2010 Football World Cup in South Africa, but issues stand in the way of an agreement.

According to the French press, TF1, which bought the rights to all 64 matches for a total amount of €120m, would live broadcast the 28 most attractive meetings, with 40 broadcast both live and non-live on sport subsidiary channel Eurosport.

But the group would then have sublicensed to public broadcasters France 2 and France 3 some 30 matches that would be co-broadcast with pay-TV service Canal+. Vivendi’s channel would also offer non-live broadcast of TF1’s matches.

For this agreement, France Télévisions would pay around €25m and Canal+ €8m.

But the operation has not been concluded yet as Canal+ stands against non-exclusive mobile rights while TF1 would like to exploit on mobile the matches it will not broadcast, as well as those it will.

© Rapid TV News 2010

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07-01-2010, 13:01

Platform n posts strong growth

The Polish new generation DTH platform n ended 2009 on a high note, securing 80,000 new subscribers in December alone to bring the year-end total to 697,000.

In the year as a whole, it acquired an additional 300,000 new subscribers.

Its sister pre-pay service TNK meanwhile secured 101,000 new customers in December and 348,000 in the year as a whole, ending 2009 with 440,000.

Both platforms are owned by TVN, whose other broadcast interests include a national commercial station of the same name and a portfolio of thematic channels, the most popular of which is the news-based TVN24.

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07-01-2010, 17:22
Major upgrade to Microsoft Mediaroom

Microsoft says the new version of its Mediaroom TV platform will be available for operator testing next month.

0 UK
Mediaroom 2.0 is being positioned as an ‘entertainment cloud’, picking up on the current enthusiasm for the TV Anywhere concept, and allowing digital video recording (DVR), on-demand features, interactive applications, and access to both operator-hosted content and externally hosted content such as Internet TV.

Operators will be able to distribute services over multiple screens including the TV Windows Media Center, Web browsers (for Windows-based PCs and Macs), Xbox 360 and compatible smartphones.

Support has been added for Microsoft Silverlight and Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) Smooth Streaming, the latter adapting the video stream to the user’s connection.

Enrique Rodriguez, corporate vice president for the TV, Video and Music Business at Microsoft said the company was looking to enhance digital entertainment by combining client software with cloud-based services. “Mediaroom 2.0 is a key milestone in our strategy, providing the software platform to power operators’ service clouds to reach more screens, and more people, with more content than ever before.”

Additional functionality includes the ability to built a video queue on the smartphone to watch later on the video or laptop. While travelling it will be possible to access the same storefront on a smartphone or laptop as it is in the home.

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07-01-2010, 17:25
FLO TV comes to the iPhone

Qualcomm’s FLO TV and mophie have announced they are teaming to create a series of products that will bring live mobile TV to the iPhone and iPod Touch platforms.

The products, which are expected to begin shipping in the first half of this year, will bring the FLO TV mobile TV service to the mophie juice pack combing a battery with a built-in mobile TV receiver. FLO TV is a subscription based service which sells bouquets of up to 20 channels for between $9.00 to $15.00 a month.

“We are uniting our vision of advancing mobile TV across a range of devices and platforms with mophie’s unrivaled expertise in designing intelligent cases for Apple users,” said Bill Stone, president of FLO TV, in a statement. “Together, our solution will be a true live mobile TV product available to iPhone and iPod touch users.”

“mophie’s juice pack line has delivered superior rechargeable external battery life to Apple users,” said Shawn Dougherty, vice president of mophie, designer of the world’s thinnest Apple-certified external battery/protective case and other Apple-certified accessories. “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to elevate our intelligent case design through this creative product collaboration and deliver the ultimate mobile television experience for iPhone users.”

Tivit, a product from Valups, a small company from South Korea, is showing another solution to bring mobile TV to the iPhone, BlackBerry and Android phones – or indeed any PC or laptop. A small box containing a receiver using the US Mobile DTV standard and a low power Wi-Fi transmitter. The Tivit is used to pick up the signal, which can then be received via a wireless connection by any iPhone or other portable device nearby. Redtal price is expected to be around $120.00.

In a related development, Samsung is showing at the CES in Las Vegas a handset that incorporates a Mobile digital TV tuner. This allows free to air reception of local broadcasters who simulcast the signal with their regular over-the-air TV broadcasts.

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07-01-2010, 17:30
D-Link shows Boxee Box

California based D-Link is showing the The Boxee Box at this year’s CES. According to the company “[The device] reinterprets what TV should be. The Boxee Box delivers movies, TV shows, music, and photos from a user’s computer, home network, and the Internet to their HDTV with no PC needed. Additionally, Boxee’s core social features make it easy for friends to discover new content from each other through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and more.”

The possibility of a separate Boxee set-top was already reported in Broadband TV news (see here). Boxee is a popular PC, Mac, and Linux software program that lets users watch hundreds of thousands of popular TV shows and movies. Nearly a million Internet users around the world have already downloaded Boxee to enjoy their online entertainment. It is also known for its ability to add more functionalities to the Apple TV set-top.

In addition to video content, Boxee users can access great music from sites like Pandora, last.fm, shoutcast, and We are Hunted as well as photos from sites like flickr, Picasa and Facebook. Users can also share information about what they’re watching so friends can enjoy it too through legal sources online.

D-Link has not announced a price or delivery date.

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07-01-2010, 17:32
TvNetWork sells assets

The Hungarian cable company TvNetWork has sold its ADSL and 3G services to a Pecs-based company named Drávanet for HUF357.1 million (€1.32 million).

According to BBJ, its ADSL and 3G services were valued at HUF240 million, with the balance being for contracts that generated revenues of HUF22 million a month.

Last month Romania’s RCS/RDS, which already operates Digi, one of the largest cable operators in Hungary, acquired a 30% stake in TvNetWork for an undisclosed fee.

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07-01-2010, 17:35
Viasat loses Lithuanian licence

Lithuania’s Radio and Television Commission (LRTK) has withdrawn a licence granted to Viasat Broadcasting’s Tele-3.

According to a statement published by the regulator, Tele-3 had been required to start broadcasting 3+ in February 2009 but secured permission to put the date back to January 1 this year.

Its failure to meet the new deadline has resulted in withdrawal of the licence for 3+.

Tele-3 currently broadcasts TV3 and TV6 in Lithuania.

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07-01-2010, 17:38
Tiscali TV rebrands as TalkTalk

Tiscali's TV service has rebranded as TalkTalk following the company's acquisition by the Carphone Warehouse last year.

From today, all Tiscali products, including broadband and IPTV services, have been brought under the TalkTalk umbrella, with the Tiscali brand disappearing in the UK.

Existing Tiscali customers will now be shifted over to the TalkTalk network, with the process due to take about a year to complete.

In June 2009, the European Union gave regulatory approval for the Carphone Warehouse takeover of troubled service provider Tiscali. Carphone moved for the firm after a proposed deal with Sky fell through earlier in the year.

The two companies have since been working out the details of an operational merger, especially as their communication networks overlap in certain parts of the UK.

As Tiscali's network is TV-enabled following its August 2006 purchase of Video Networks, the Carphone Warehouse will use it to launch TalkTalk TV and fill a gap in its service portfolio.

However, a Tiscali spokesperson said that there will be "no changes" to the existing TV service as a result of the rebrand.

TalkTalk has already started contacting Tiscali customers about changes to their packages and tariffs to bring them in line with its own pricing structures. The firm has claimed that most customers will end up paying less than they do now, but some subscribers could have to pay more, especially if they take just standalone broadband.

"Today we welcome all Tiscali customers to TalkTalk and open the doors to a new portal. We are in the privileged position of being the gateway to the internet for millions of people and we now have the tools - the best network and best value products - to do this exceptionally well," said Carphone Warehouse chief executive Charles Dunstone.

"We're committed to giving all of our customers absolute clarity about who we are, the services we provide and the prices we charge. We want to make it very clear that being part of TalkTalk is much more than just having a different logo on the top of your bill.

"For that reason we've reviewed all of the pricing tariffs and can say from today that if you're with TalkTalk you're getting the same value as your fellow customers. For many of our customers this will mean a reduction in their monthly bills, others will see no change with the remainder getting a small increase. Any customer visiting our website can clearly see our tariffs.

"We've gained a lot from the Tiscali acquisition, most notably TV and portal expertise and some great people, but from today the brand name will disappear and all our focus is on TalkTalk and AOL Broadband customers."

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07-01-2010, 17:42
Connected TV gaming forum launched

Digital industry leaders have come together to launch a new connected TV gaming forum to create an open standard for the emerging entertainment format.

Interactive firms Accedo, Betfair TV, PlayJam, RallyPoint and Two Way are behind the initiative, which aims to foster a "common approach" to gaming requirements for connected TV devices, including functionality, features and technical standards.

The forum members will now seek to build further partnerships with other gaming companies, television manufacturers and broadcasters.

Games are becoming a major driver for digital entertainment usage, particularly on internet and mobile phone platforms. According to data compiled by Casual Connect Kiev, casual games on social media websites generate over $500m (£314m) every year in micro-transactional payments.

Digital TV consumption remains a developing market, but the forum partners believe that games can act as a primary motivator for users to connect their TVs to the internet.

Launched in 2000 as an interactive service on the Sky platform, PlayJam's library of 550 casual games has generated in excess of eight billion plays over the past five years on a variety of platforms around the world.

Jasper Smith, chief executive of the UK-based firm, said: "Following the success of PlayJam games via digital TV platforms across Europe, Asia and the US, we believe that the next-generation of connected TVs presents an even greater commercial opportunity.

"However, it is essential for manufacturers and other developers to gain a more detailed understanding of the economics and technology in order to create an optimal environment that maximises both consumers' experience and manufacturers' profits."

Betfair TV chief executive Simon Miller claimed that games and gaming applications will become "key revenue streams" for both manufacturers and operators over the next few years.

He added: "We expect the forum will make a strong case for platform standardisation so that new products can be brought to market quickly and distributed easily."

James Turner, chief executive of Two Way Media, which has created games for Sky, the BBC and Virgin Media, said: "Two Way has been making games for TV for more than ten years so we know that the combination of TV and gaming is a compelling consumer proposition.

"We want to work with others in the industry to ensure that connected TV is an excellent gaming platform, both to play and to develop for, which will ultimately guarantee its commercial success."

Accedo Broadband chief executive Michael Lantz claimed that consumer demand for connected TV gaming is proven, along with a "willingness to pay" for the service.

"At Accedo we remain committed to the vision of connected TV, and will through the forum jointly drive gaming and application requirements and standards for any online TV solution," he said.

However, Rallypoint's Jeff Allen warned that all stakeholders must work together on developing common user interfaces so that consumers do not become "disenchanted with this huge promise"

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07-01-2010, 17:46
PlayJam agrees connected TV gaming deals


PlayJam, the world's largest TV games network, has agreed distribution deals with Sony, Freeview, UPC, Rovi and Apple for its connected gaming service.

Gaming widgets developed by the UK-based firm will now be made available on all Sony Bravia widget-enabled HD TVs. PlayJam has also adapted some of its most popular titles for Apple's App Store for use on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

PlayJam's sister company Electra Entertainment will distribute the gaming services on connected Freeview devices via the Channel Zero interactive platform, which launched on digital terrestrial television last September.

A direct carriage agreement with UPC will enable the forthcoming launch of a branded PlayJam channel throughout the cable firm's European digital TV network, which has around five million subscribers.

The company will further work with US technology giant Rovi to incorporate gaming services into the electronic programming guides of a range of service providers.

"We're delighted to have partnered with some of the largest CE and media organisations in the world to create a vast distribution network for our games," said PlayJam chairman and founder Jasper Smith.

"We believe casual games will be a key revenue driver for connected devices, shifting the focus of our business to become the leading TV games publisher."

Rovi's Ingo Reese added: "Gaming is a notable component of home entertainment. We're looking forward to working with PlayJam, an experienced player around connected TV games, to streamline and expand consumer entertainment choices in the home."

PlayJam first launched in 2000 as an interactive gaming service on the Sky platform. Over the past five years, the firm's library of 550 casual games has generated in excess of eight billion plays on a variety of digital TV platforms around the world.

Over the next few years, the company intends to create a connected games network encompassing over 450 million TV, mobile, online and consumer electronics devices.

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08-01-2010, 17:00
Digi TV: End of the Hungarian version of Viva TV and MTV

Digi TV: End of the Hungarian version of Viva TV and MTV

* Last update: 2010-01-08 14:31:51

Digi TV satellite platform has excluded from its offer channels MTV and Viva TV Hungary Hungary. In their places appeared in other television music. The change relates primarily Digi TV subscribers, registered in Hungary. On the spot appeared in MTV Hungary Hungarian version of the Romanian music channel Music Channel, and Viva TV Hungary has been replaced by the channel H! T Music.

Probably this change is due to the absence of an agreement between MTV Networks and the operator platform, RCS / RDS.

Technical parameters:

Intelsat 10-02 (1W)
12.563 GHz, pol. H, SR: 27500, FEC: 3 / 4
encoding: Nagra Media Access (Nagravision 2 / 3)

I recall that the operator Digi TV removed before it offers channel VH1. However, pressure from subscribers was so great that the station after a short break again became part of the platform.

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08-01-2010, 20:18
Spain anti-piracy plan

Spain's Cabinet has approved an Internet anti-piracy plan under which websites offering illegal entertainment downloads will be urged to stop or face being shut down.
Justice Minister Francisco Caamano said the plan, which will close offending sites under a fast-track judicial process, will create a panel of experts to hear complaints against suspect sites. The panel can then call on a judge who will have four days to hear arguments from the parties involved before ruling.
The measure is aimed at placating entertainment industry groups who claim they are losing millions of Euros through Internet piracy of copyright-protected material.

08-01-2010, 20:21
Online ad tax in France

Major online search providers may face a tax on advertising revenue in France under proposals being examined by French president Nicolas Sarkozy to help save creative industries from a "free-for-all" Internet culture. Under the proposals, made in a government-commissioned report, money from the tax would go to the cultural sphere.
Jacques Toubon, a former culture minister and one of the report's authors, told the Libération newspaper that the aim was to curb "the limitless enrichment" of the world's leading internet players. The revenue would "go straight into the state budget".
The tax would be expected to raise between E10 million and E20 million a year. An array of cultural ventures, from newspaper subscriptions to expanded online publishing platforms, would be helped by the money.

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08-01-2010, 20:23
C4 wins rights to 2012 Paralympics

Channel 4 has been awarded the rights to broadcast 150 hours of TV coverage from the London Paralympic games. Lord Burns, the Channel 4 chairman designate, said: "For Channel 4, the London Paralympic games will be the main event, not a sideshow to the Olympics."
Sky – rather than Channel 4 – was believed to have been the biggest rival to BBC for the rights to the games, but did not submit a bid to the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (Locog).
Locog's decision will be a blow to the BBC – which has broadcast previous Paralympics and was keen be seen as home to all Olympic events in 2012.
The Beijing event attracted a record number of viewers for a Paralympic games. The BBC says the last 15 minutes of the television coverage in 2008 was watched by 13.2 million, 23 per cent of the population. This compares with 10.8 million for the Paralympics in Athens and 12.9m for the Sydney games.
Sebastian Coe, the chairman of London 2012, said: "We are absolutely delighted to appoint Channel 4 as our broadcast partner in the UK. Channel 4 shares our vision for the Paralympic games, has a very strong appeal to young people, and will play a hugely important role in increasing public engagement."

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08-01-2010, 20:25
CSA authorises push VOD trials

French broadcasting regulator the Conseil supérieur de l’audiovisuel (CSA) has authorised digital operator TV Numéric together with broadcast transmission specialist TDF, and TDF, together with four DTT services (TF1, France Télévisions, Arte et NRJ 12), to carry out ‘push VOD’ trials on digital terrestrial.
The trials will cover the provision of a video on demand and a ‘catch-up’ television service on France’s digital terrestrial network, and is subject to no ‘catégorie V’, i.e., 18+ material, being broadcast.

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08-01-2010, 20:28
Consumer electronics to grow in 2010

The consumer electronics (CE) industry will generate more than $165 billion in US shipment revenues this year, a slight increase from 2009, according to the semi-annual industry forecast released by the US Consumer Electronics Association (CEA).
"2009 is a year none of us wish to repeat and now we look forward to 2010. There is light at the end of the tunnel and it is the bright light of innovation," said CEA President and CEO Gary Shapiro. "We are seeing more innovation at this show than at any show in our history. There are a record number of new exhibitors, more than 330, among the 2,500 companies showcasing the next generation of technology."
The television market has been one of the primary revenue drivers the past several years as consumers made the transition to high-definition, flat-panel sets. Unit sales will climb to more than 37 million in 2010 but price drops will cause display revenue to decline slightly to $22 billion. Innovation in TV displays, such as 3D, Internet connectivity and OLED technology, will continue to grow and help maintain revenue in the display category. CEA projects sales of more than 4 million 3D television sets in 2010.

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08-01-2010, 20:31
LG Electronics and Orange partner for connected TV

Following an agreement signed at CES between Orange and LG Electronics (LGE), the companies will offer exclusive access in France to an Orange portal for LG televisions that are Internet connected. From March 2010, the portal, which will be open to all, will be accessed with a button on the TV remote control.
This three-year partnership will enable LG France to offer a wide range of flat screens from March 2010 delivering a unique entertainment experience, with intuitive and simplified access to numerous multimedia services from Orange.

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08-01-2010, 20:35
Motorola acquires SecureMedia

Motorola is to acquire the assets of SecureM and its wholly owned subsidiaries, together operating as SecureMedia, a developer of software-based digital rights management (DRM) and security systems for IP video distribution and management. SecureMedia will now become part of Motorola's Home & Networks Mobility business.
SecureMedia develops and markets software systems for securing the distribution of digital entertainment over multiple platforms to multiple devices, including set-top boxes, wireless handsets, PCs and portable entertainment devices.

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08-01-2010, 20:37
SeaChange to acquire VividLogic

SeaChange International is to acquire all of VividLogic, a privately-owned California-based company that provides software and services to cable television service providers, set-top box manufacturers and consumer electronics (CE) suppliers. Its software products include tru2way, Multimedia Home Platform (MHP) and Globally Executable MHP (GEM)-based IPTV operability for set-top box and CE manufacturers, and in-home content protection, as well as funded software development for the creation of service provider-sponsored home media gateways. The combination of existing SeaChange in-home technologies and the VividLogic platforms will enable SeaChange to capitalise on the market shift towards IP-delivery into and within the home.
Under the terms of the definitive agreement, SeaChange will pay $12 million in ca

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08-01-2010, 20:40
Brightcove adds Yahoo TV widgets

Brightcove, the online video platform, is enabling customers to create immersive, branded video experiences for Internet-connected television sets and other Internet-connected consumer electronics powered by the Yahoo Widget Engine. Brightcove’s global customer base of more than 900 professional media publishers can now use their existing Brightcove accounts and workflow to easily design and operate video widgets distributed to millions of Internet-connected televisions. Brightcove customers already taking advantage of the new distribution opportunity include Time, Cars.com, TheStreet.com, Wine Spectator, Slate, and The Hollywood Reporter.

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08-01-2010, 20:43
Thomson launches 805 HD platform

Thomson, a global provider of services to content creators, has launched its latest third generation high definition set-top box, the 805 HD platform. Available with or without a hard disk for PVR functionality, it includes embedded memory to enable over-the-top services and other functionalities including time shifting. The 805 platform can be tailored to the precise needs of each operator. Interfaces are available for DVB-T and the newer and more efficient DVB-T2 for terrestrial television, and for DVB-S and DVB-S2 for satellite broadcasting.

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10-01-2010, 14:44
Is it true that Nova has been able to get the same package as ART used to have.
380 live premiership games next season and the season after.
Basically it will be the same package as showtime but on hotbird.
Can anyone verify this ??

13-01-2010, 09:53
good news

for all members
good news
all games for CAN will be broadcasted on eurosport germany Astra freq:12226 pol H sr 27500

pour tout les membres
tous les matchs de CAN seront difusés sur eurosport
eurosport germany sur astra 19.2 frequence:1​2226H 27500
good vision

13-01-2010, 09:55
all matches of tunisia and egypt will be broadasted free on aljazeera sports 2 of can
have fun

13-01-2010, 17:33
good news for can free matches on jazeera sport 2

today tunisa VS zambia 18:30 gmt on jazeera sport 2 have fun tunisia and zambia fans

13-01-2010, 17:35
ONO stages €200 refinancing

January 13, 2010 12.44 UK

Spanish cablenet ONO has launched a multi-million refinancing plan that involves a commitment of €200 million by existing shareholders. An initial €125m will be injected immediately as deeply subordinated debt with the remaining €75m subject to liquidity tests.

The partial refinancing of the company’s €3,600 million senior facility agreement will solve ONO’s short term financial issues while allowing the operator to move through the current economic environment. ONO has been hit by the combination of the financial crisis, which has had a significant effect on what was once one of Europe’s fastest growing economies, and the launch of competing IPTV networks such as Imagenio and Jazztel.

The plan will be presented at a lender meeting in Madrid on January 19 with a proposal to schedule the debt through until June 2013. ONO is also hoping its lenders will participate in a new loan or bond scheme that will be used to refinancing existing debt within the €3,600 facility.

“This plan provides ONO with enhanced flexibility to operate its business in difficult market conditions as we look to drive the business forward and continue to grow,” Jonathan Cumming, chief financial officer, ONO said in a statement. “The capital provided by our shareholders is an important vote of confidence in the value of this business and ensures that the liquidity position of ONO is not impacted by the refinancing in the near term. This is the first in a series of transactions which we intend to undertake to diversify our sources of financing and term out our debt maturities.”

The banks involved in the refinancing represent 44% of the existing senior facility. ONO has been advised by Goldman Sachs.

13-01-2010, 17:37
European TV defies economic crisis

January 13, 2010 11.26 UK

The EU 27 and two candidate countries Croatia and Turkey defied the economic crisis in 2009 by launching 245 TV channels and ending the year with 7,200.

On the other hand, they saw the closure of around 220 channels, over 100 of which were local services operated by the Prisa Group in Spain.

The EU27 plus Croatia and Turkey also had more DTT platforms, offering a total of over 730 TV channels, of which 300 were local, in 24 markets at years end, according to data collected by the European Audiovisual Observatory for the DG Communication of the European Commission.

The data also shows that while there were still over 4,000 cable operators in the 29 countries researched, the number had fallen due to consolidation.

On the other hand, the number of companies distributing pay DTT services rose from 14 to 20 in 2009, while that offering IPTV services went up from 68 to 90. In the latter instance, 13 markets had 4-5 competing operators and one (Sweden) six at year’s end.

The number of DTH platforms meanwhile rose from 51 to 60 in 2009, with the biggest competition being seen in Hungary, Poland and Romania.

The data, which is contained in the latest issue of the European Audiovisual Laboratory Yearbook, also notes that 114 TV channels have been established specifically for mobile services. They are often versions of well-established channels and include Quatro Movil, HBO Mobile, RTL Mobile TV and RTE News.

13-01-2010, 17:38
Multichoice challenger seeks new window

On Digital Media (ODM), the new South African pay-TV operator that is part-owned by SES Astra, says it is looking to open a second pay-TV window. Scheduled to launch in May, ODM has said it wants to pick up content after it has appeared on rival Multichoice’s premium channels, but before it goes free-to air.

In an interview with the financial publication Fin24.com, CEO Vino Govende, said ODM did not intend to compete directly with Multichoice. Instead the second pay-TV window would enable it to offer both choice and affordability.

Bouquets for the new pay-TV service will be priced at between R99 (€9.2) and R249 per month and feature a selection of domestic and international channels including Fox Entertainment and MGM. The basic package will carry 30 channels with ODM looking to acquire content directly from Multichoice’s DStv.

The low cost strategy has been tried before in Africa as a whole, Gateway Broadcast Services attempted to offer lower priced packages before its collapse in January 2009.

Receivers are being manufactured for ODM by UEC, starting with a basic receiver before later adding a PVR. Middleware is being provided by NDS.

In addition to the 20% SES holding, ODM’s other owners are First National Media Investment Holdings (28%), Cosatu’s investment arm Kopano Ke Matla (20%), the Industrial Development Corporation (10%), National Empowerment Fund (10% and First A1 investments (10%).

13-01-2010, 17:40
du TV picks On Demand Group

UAE-based telco du is launching a new video-on-demand service for its du TV and du TV+ customers. The IPTV network has contracted SeaChange International’s On Demand Group to develop and maintain the service that will feature a library of several thousand titles.“Video-on-demand will play a pivotal role in our aggressive service expansion and On Demand Group’s fully managed approach allows us to quickly capture the leading edge in time-shifted subscriber options with the absolute best content,” said Farid Faraidooni, Chief Commercial Officer, du.

Tony Kelly, CEO, On Demand Group, added the deal demonstrated the content aggregation strategy the company had already demonstrated in the UK, German-speaking countries and southern Europe that was able to provide increased efficiencies, cost savings, programming and marketing expertise, and speed to market for multiple clients in multiple territories.

Du, the trading name for Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company PJSC, received the UAE’s second fixed and mobile licence in February 2006, entering the market a year later. It now runs a quad play service providing fixed line, mobile, broadband and TV services.

13-01-2010, 17:43
INEA looks to the future

The Polish regional cable operator INEA plans a massive overhaul of it services this year, investing PLN71 million (€17.4 million), or double the amount in 2009, in the process.

Wirtualne Media reports that the company will introduce Multiroom this quarter, PVRs in Q2 and VOD later in the year. Also on the agenda is the deployment of DOCSIS 3.0 to offer internet access at up to 100 Mbps and becoming a virtual mobile operator.

INEA expects to obtain funding from its own resources, bank credits and the EU, and while it does not envisage an IPO or finding a strategic investor this year such scenarios cannot be ruled out.

INEA groups together a number of cable companies located in the west of Poland. Already a triple play provider and claiming 61,000 digital subscribers at the end of 2009, its offer includes nine HD channels.

13-01-2010, 17:45
HBO receives Polish deal approval

Poland’s Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) has given the go-ahead to a deal involving HBO Acquisitions and HBO Central Europe.

In it, the former will buy two-thirds of the shares in HBO Central Europe, currently held by Walt Disney Company and Sony Pictures.

HBO Acquisitions is currently responsible for – amongst other things – the provision of channels placed in basic packages. These include Cartoon Network and CNN international.

HBO Central Europe, on the other hand, provides premium services such as HBO and Cinemax.

The deal will effectively give HBO full control of operations that bear its name.

13-01-2010, 17:47
iPlayer and Lovefilm connect with Samsung

The BBC iPlayer and on demand movies service Lovefilm will feature on a new range of connected TVs being showcased by Samsung Electronics. Between 70 and 100 applications will feature on the Samsung platform, dubbed Internet@TV, including video, music, social networking, news and games.

It is the first time that the iPlayer has been integrated directly into a television display, although it is already available through games consoles and set-top boxes, including the Freesat Beta that has now been made publically available.

“People are getting more familiar with on-demand TV services, and with more internet-connected TVs coming into the market this year, we’ve built a version of BBC iPlayer that can be easily adapted to work on internet-connected TVs,” explained Erik Huggers, BBC director of Future Media and Technology. “Innovation partnerships such as this with Samsung, help us in our goal of making our catch-up services available to as wide a range of licence fee payers as possible.”

An application for the movie download service Lovefilm is also available within the Samsung connected TV range. The company is migrating its business from packaged media sent through the postal system to electronic downloads and online streaming.

13-01-2010, 17:49
Cinemas to show 6 Nations rugby in 3D

January 13, 2010

Forty Odeon and Cineworld cinemas in England are to screen live 3D coverage of England’s home games in the 6 Nations rugby series. The event is being run by the England sponsor O2 to celebrate 100 years of rugby at Twickenham Stadium and will be the first time a sports event has been broadcast live in 3D in Europe.

Rugby is one of a number of sports that have been recorded by BSkyB in its 3D experiments and the 6 Nations was also the subject of a 3D test by the BBC in March 2008. The BBC is the UK TV rights holder for the 6 Nations – played between England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France and Italy – and will assist O2 in the broadcast.

“In Twickenham’s centenary year, this demonstrates that England Rugby has a rich history and an even richer future with exciting new developments such as O2’s 3D screenings,” said Paul Vaughan, RFU business operations director.

The first game to be broadcast will be the centenary match between England and Wales on February 6. O2 is reserving a number of tickets for its customers before they go on general release on January 25.

13-01-2010, 17:50
Markiza secures digital licence

Markiza secures digital licence

January 13, 2010
TV Markiza has been awarded a digital TV licence by the Slovak Council for Broadcasting and Retransmission (RRTV).

The move paves the way for the CME-owned station, which has the highest audience share in Slovakia, to be added to the new DTT platform operated by Towercom.

Launched last month, its first multiplex has until now been offering viewers the public broadcaster’s three channels (STV1, STV2 and Trojka), along with the commercial services Joj and Joj Plus.

13-01-2010, 17:52
Research: ‘Avatar’ puts 3D on the map

January 13, 2010

The popularity of Avatar and other 3D movies will put 3D TV on the map for consumers, according to the research firm In-Stat. 2010 will be a big year for 3D entertainment, as movie studios release more 3D films shown in a growing number of 3D-equipped theatres.

In-Stat is a bit more optimistic than its colleagues at NSR, as Broadband TV News reported yesterday (see here), who are cautious about the uptake of 3D TV sets in the home.

“Exposure to 3D films is important to the debut of 3D TV, because consumers who have seen 3D films are more interested than the general population in being able to view 3D content at home,” says Michelle Abraham, In-Stat analyst, in a statement. “In-Stat’s 3D consumer survey shows that 64% of consumers are at least somewhat interested in 3D in the home. For those who have seen a 3D movie in the last 12 months, the percentage increases to 76%.”

In-Stat projects worldwide 3D TV shipments will reach 41 million in 2014 and 3D Blu-ray player shipments will track closely with 3D TVs. But the research also shows that pricing is a major barrier, as survey respondents are not willing to pay much of a premium for 3D TV sets and Blu-ray players.

Many pPay-TV operators will use half resolution 3D as a stepping stone and learning opportunity for full HD 3D in the future. On a regional basis, North America will be the largest market, according to In-Stat’s report 3D TV Coming Soon to a Home Near You.

13-01-2010, 17:55
National distribution for France Ô

January 13, 2010

The French media authority CSA has approved the distribution of the public France Ô channel throughout the country and its overseas territories.

“This extension will result in better visibility of the overseas programming, an increased knowledge of the cultural, economic and social conditions of different overseas communities and increase the free-to-air offer to the benefit of all viewers,” according to the CSA .

Last November, French president Nicolas Sarkozy had announced the distribution of France Ô throughout the country from 2010 to enhance its visibility. France Ô, part of France Televisions with programming aimed at the overseas territories (DOM-TOM as the French call them) is currently broadcast via DVB-T in Ile-de-France (Paris and environs), and nationwide via cable, IPTV and DTH satellite.

The plan is now to carry the channel across the national DTT network in mainland France.

13-01-2010, 17:57
BBC confirms 'Late Kick Off' presenters

Wednesday, January 13 2010,

The BBC has confirmed presenters for each regional variation of its new Monday night English Football League show Late Kick Off.

Starting simultaneously on January 18 at 11.35pm (subject to regional variation), a tailored-made version of the programme will be broadcast in the North West, North East and Cumbria, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, West and East Midlands, the East, London and South East, and the South and South West.

The programme, aired on BBC local services in each region, will feature match highlights from non-Premiership clubs, along with "in-depth coverage" from behind the scenes.

BBC Match Of The Day commentator Guy Mowbray will front the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire version, with coverage from 12 teams - Chesterfield, Sheffield Wednesday, Sheffield United, Barnsley, Rotherham, Doncaster, Leeds United, Huddersfield Town, Bradford City, Grimsby Town, Scunthorpe United and Lincoln City.

Mowbray, who still lives in his home city of York, said: "Us football commentators lead quite a nomadic existence at times, so it's great to be closer to home and getting stuck into what's happening in our region.

"The football will be taken very seriously - I do live by Bill Shankly's famous quote myself - but we're going to have a lot of fun with it as well. We're definitely not Panorama!"

The Midlands edition will be fronted by BBC Football League Show presenter Manish Bhasin and feature action from Burton, Cheltenham, Chesterfield, Coventry, Derby, Hereford, Leicester, Lincoln, Notts County, Nottingham Forest, Port Vale, Shrewsbury, Walsall and West Bromwich Albion.

Bhasin, who will be joined in the studio by Derby midfielder Robbie Savage and former England goalkeeper Tim Flowers, said: "It's always exciting to be part of something that is completely new and its good news for Football League fans who'll get to see more of their local teams on television but in a way they may not have seen before."

BBC commentator Jonathan Pearce will present the South and South West edition, with action from Aldershot, Bournemouth, Brighton, Bristol City, Bristol Rovers, Cheltenham, Exeter, Plymouth, Reading, Southampton, Swindon, Torquay, Wycombe and Yeovil.

"The show will bring you all the updated news from your local Football League teams with interviews, goal action and thought-provoking comment from our guests," said Pearce, who lives in Sussex.

"Football has been my life since my first connection with Bristol City when I was 12. I am lucky enough to be able to commentate on matches and now returning to studio presentation is a bonus on top."

Taking charge of the London and South East edition will be BBC Radio 5 Live sports presenter Mark Chapman, who will discuss events affecting Crystal Palace, QPR, Millwall, Charlton, Leyton Orient, Barnet, Watford, Brentford, Brighton, Gillingham, Dagenham & Redbridge and Wycombe.

"I have been given the chance to watch football, talk football and meet some of the region's biggest football names so there aren't many supporters who wouldn't want this job," said Chapman.

Former Ipswich Town and Republic of Ireland international Matt Holland will oversee the East edition, with action from Norwich City, Ipswich Town, MK Dons, Colchester United, Peterborough United, Southend United and Northampton Town.

"I'm hoping as an ex-player to provide fans with in-depth match analysis but, also, to go behind the scenes at their club and give an insight to life outside the 90 minutes!" said Holland, who will be joined in the studio each week by expert guests.

North West Tonight host Tony Livesey will front the North West edition covering 11 teams, including Stockport County, Accrington Stanley, Macclesfield Town and Tranmere Rovers.

Morecombe manager Sammy McIlroy will join Livesey in the studio for the first programme, which will also feature never before seen pre-war footage of Stockport County.

However, the presentation team for the Cumbria and North East programme has not yet been confirmed by the BBC.

All editions of Late Kick Off will be made available on BBC iPlayer shortly after transmission.

14-01-2010, 12:54
KabelKiosk adds C Music TV

January 14, 2010
C Music TV, the classical, cinematic and chillout music-video channel, has announced it will launch on Eutelsat’s KabelKiosk cable distribution network later this week.

KabelKiosk is the German headend-in-the sky supplying European digital cable systems with pay- TV channels via the Eurobird 9A satellite.

C Music TV will be included within the Lifestyle, Music & Emotion and Family XL packages. The channel, which does not carry advertising breaks, will also start using Conax encryption for the first time.

Agreement was reached for C Music TV by Stephan Koenigfeld at CC Content Company in Germany with Martina Rutenbeck, MD of the Eutelsat VisaVision GmbH.

This deal further extends C Music TV’s reach throughout Europe, which includes paid carriage in more than 20 countries. It is offered by, amongst others, MEO and Vodafone in Portugal; UPC in Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Romania; Alice in Germany and Free and Neuf in France. C Music TV’s international distribution outside German speaking territories is handled by Paris based distribution agents Thema.

15-01-2010, 16:17
BBC Trust launches iPlayer review

January 15, 2010
The BBC’s governing body is launching a consultation into the four on demand services that are now largely delivered through the BBC iPlayer. The review was first mooted when the iPlayer received its approval from the BBC Trust in April 2007.In a statement the Trust made clear that the review covers a part of the iPlayer and not the proposition as a whole. There are no proposals to change any aspects of the iPlayer service.

Included in the review is the seven-day catch up service over the internet; the seven-day cable TV catch-up currently carried by Virgin Media; the live TV simulcast and Podcasts. It should be noted that unlike other major broadcasters the BBC does not offer video podcasts, which were discontinued after a trial in 2007.

Aspects of the TV catch-up service including the ability to pre-book programmes and the as yet unavailable bookmarking service will also be a part of the review.

We are also assessing particular aspects of the TV catch up including the ability to pre-book or “bookmark” programmes (which is not yet available), series stack and the parental controls.

The consultation period will now run through until March 12, 2010. A separate review will cover the syndication policy.


15-01-2010, 16:20
Eutelsat expands Russian presence

January 15, 2010

Eutelsat and Intersputnik, the International Organisation of Space Communications, have signed a long-term agreement for 16 transponders at Eutelsat’s 36 degrees East video neighbourhood.

Valid for the entire on-orbit life of W7, which has been co-positioned with W4, it will guarantee long-term capacity for digital TV and broadband services in Russia.

In particular, it will provide new resources for the Gazprom Media Group, which operates the DTH platforms NTV Plus and Tricolor.

With co-location of W4 and W7, Eutelsat has effectively doubled its broadcasting capability at 36 degrees East, which covers Russia and Ukraine.


15-01-2010, 16:21
Movie on demand revenues to reach €430m by 2013

January 15, 2010
A new report from Futuresource Consulting argues consumers will be willing to pay extra for movies-on-demand services. The report runs counter to the current enthusiasm for the free content provided by operators that represents over 95% of viewing time.

Futuresource estimates that by 2013, transactional revenues from movies on demand alone will reach $2.4bn in the United States and €430m in the leading five Western European countries of the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

“Paid-for VOD is a small part of the market, but it is expanding, and that’s despite the glut of readily available free and ‘catch up’ VOD,” says Carl Hibbert, business Consultant, Futuresource. “Growth opportunities are coming from the continued conversion of analogue to digital cable, the expansion of IPTV, and the introduction of hybrid services by satellite operators.” Hibbert adds that while movie release windows are shortening, aided by day&date, some studios are continuing to hold back content, fearing VOD may cannibalise VOD revenues.


15-01-2010, 16:23
New IPTV service for Poland

January 15, 2010
The Polish alternative telco Wist has launched an IPTV platform in the south eastern city of Rzeszów.

It is employing ADSL2+ technology, allowing it to offer such additional services as VOD and nPVR, from the Gdynia-based company Vector.

Vector is also supplying Wist with a customised middleware solution for the platform.

Wist is one of the longest-established telcos in Poland, having been formed in 1991.


15-01-2010, 16:25
Boost for Lithuanian IPTV

January 15, 2010

The Lithuanian incumbent telco TEO LT is to make its video library available to subscribers of the IPTV service Interactive GALA for a monthly fee of LTL7 (€2.03) a month.

However, they will still have the option of paying a one-off fee, ranging from LTL1-10, to individual titles for a 24-hour period. The library, which contains over 500 titles, is already accessed by over half of Interactive GALA’s 50,000 subscribers. Of the 50,000, nearly a third also subscribe to additional channel packages.

TEO LT also operates a DTT service named Digital GALA, which is currently received over 40,000 homes.

Separately, TEO LT says it is deploying a fibre-optic network that will provide internet access at speeds of up to 200 Mbps. By the end of this year, the service will be available to around 95% of residents of Vilnius and Klaipeda, 70% of those in Kaunas, half in Siauliai and a third in Panevezys.

15-01-2010, 16:27
Skylink heads for a million

January 15, 2010
The leading Czech/Slovak DTH platform Skylink says it reached 900,000 active cards earlier this week (January 13). Of these, 660,000 were registered in the Czech Republic and 240,000 in Slovakia.

It adds that if the present rate of growth continues, it will have secured its one-millionth customer this March.

Skylink is distributed by Astra at 23.5 degrees East and competes directly with CS Link. Also a pre-paid service delivered by the same satellite, it recently announced that it ended 2009 with over 500,000 cards sold in the two countries.

The recent success of both services has overshadowed UPC Direct and Digi, which also operate in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


15-01-2010, 16:29
Romtelecom to expand TV interests

January 15, 2010

The Romanian incumbent telco Romtelecom is close to acquiring New Com, a triple play company with 70,000 subscribers.

Quoting industry sources, ZF says that the deal could be worth as much as €14 million, putting the value of each subscriber at up to €200. The high cost may be justified by the fact that New Com’s networks are located in Bucharest and Transylvania, which are affluent parts of the country.

The deal, which is expected to be approved by the Competition Council, will be undertaken by Romtelecom’s cable company Nextgen Communications. Only last year it acquired some networks from Net Com serving a combined total of around 30,000 subscribers.

OTE-backed Romtelecom is already a key player in Romania’s TV industry, principally through its highly successful DTH platform Dolce.

15-01-2010, 16:30
Premier League diverts Portsmouth TV cash

Friday, January 15 2010,

The Premier League has formally diverted Portsmouth FC's £7m share of the latest round of TV monies to settle a portion of its transfer debts.

Tottenham, Watford and Chelsea will all receive a portion of the cash, along with French clubs Lens and Rennes.

In a short statement, the League said that it met Portsmouth officials over the past two days to discuss the club's perilous financial predicament, including estimated debts of £60m.

"The Board of the Premier League has convened over the past two days to consider what action to take in relation to Portsmouth Football Club's football creditors and the distribution of broadcast fee payments that under normal circumstances would have been paid to the club this week," said the League.

"The Board has decided, in accordance with Premier League rules, to pay those undisputed football creditors that were overdue at the time of meeting. This includes both domestic and overseas clubs.

"The Board continues to work with the officers of Portsmouth Football Club to ensure that arrangements are in place to settle all club liabilities as and when they become due."

The League's approach is fully permitted under Rule C47, which enables funds to be diverted to creditors in exceptional circumstances.

15-01-2010, 16:33
Sky News unveils court cameras campaign

Friday, January 15 2010,

Sky News has announced plans to launch a campaign after the next general election to get the ban lifted on TV cameras being placed in court rooms.

In a speech to the Cambridge Union Society, Sky News head John Ryley said that the broadcaster will be "campaigning hard" to secure an end to the refusal.

A public petition will be launched on the issue and Sky News will remind its viewers about the campaign "every time we report from outside a court with no pictures of what has taken place inside". Ryley has asked the BBC to get involved as well.

"There remains one more branch of our democratic system which broadcasting has still not properly penetrated - the courts," said Ryley.

"If the legislature is to be subject to far greater scrutiny, so too must the judiciary, so the public can fairly judge the balance of responsibility between them."

Ryley described a fair and coherent judicial system as the "keystone of a democratic system". Even though members of the public have the right to sit in any court sitting, he expressed concern that "few have the time or the means to do so".

"There can be no logic for excluding the cameras from events which are already held in public. Nor, may I say, any public interest: the decline in public confidence in politics is perhaps only matched by the decline in confidence in the judiciary," said Ryley.

"The public wants to understand how a householder can be imprisoned for defending his family and his property. They want to know how a man can avoid jail for viewing child abuse on the internet. They will certainly want to know if the CPS decides to prosecute a Parliamentarian over his expenses.

"Far from being the downfall of the judicial system, I believe exposure to public scrutiny could be its saviour, enabling the public to understand the constraints under which our judges operate - the complexities of many of the cases before them which are inevitably over-simplified in a 30-second news piece."

Sky News has previously attempted to circumvent the camera ban with various initiatives, such as using 3D digital graphics for reconstructing the Soham Murder trial of Ian Huntley and Maxine Carr in 2003.

The broadcaster hired actors to recreate proceedings in a trial of popstar Michael Jackson and also won the right to carry live transcripts from stenographers during court sessions.

However, Ryley pointed to the fact that the Supreme Court now has cameras installed and the Chilcott Inquiry into the Iraq War was televised as "signs that resistance is weakening".

"The broadcasters, collectively, have been lobbying for cameras in court, probably for as long as they have lobbied for election debates," he said. "But so far it has been fruitless. It's time for a new initiative."

15-01-2010, 16:35
RMG, BBCW agree racing rights partnership

Friday, January 15 2010,

Racecourse Media Group (RMG) has agreed a three-year deal with BBC Worldwide for distribution of non-betting international broadcast rights to UK events.

Under the deal, RMG will benefit from greater global exposure for various race meetings, including the Grand National, the Epsom Derby and the 1,000 and 2,000 Guineas.

The contract will also involve Worldwide distributing Sport Of Kings, the monthly programme about British horseracing produced by the RMG-owned Racing UK.

After it debuted in early 2009, Sport Of Kings has been picked up by a number of international networks, along with a few major airlines.

"RMG has enjoyed an excellent working relationship with BBC Worldwide over several years," said Racing UK's Simon Brydon.

"However, we were very keen to cement the partnership for an extended period and, as a result, RMG and BBC Worldwide are both committed to widening the distribution of our top quality racing and so further raising awareness of British racing overseas."

BBC Worldwide's sport sales manager Richard Hornsby-Smith added: "By continuing our successful relationship with RMG, we are able to offer international audiences the very best of British racing.

"We very much look forward to playing a key part in increasing the profile of these fantastic sporting events around the world."

15-01-2010, 16:37
N-Dubz spark BBC 'death threat' scandal

Friday, January 15 2010,

N-Dubz rapper Dappy has sparked a death threat scandal after allegedly sending abusive messages to a Radio 1 listener.

According to reports, the star targeted 22-year-old Chloe Moody earlier this week after she sent a text message to The Chris Moyles Show which branded the group "losers" and described Dappy as "vile" and "a little boy with a silly hat".

The urban band were appearing as guests on Moyles's programme at the time and it is thought that Dappy, real name Dino Contostavlos, noted down Moody's phone number after spotting it on a computer screen.

It is alleged that one SMS message subsequently sent from Contostavlos to Moody read: ''Your gonna die, U sent a very bad message towards Ndubz on The Chris Moyels show yesterday Morning and for that reason u will never be left alone!! If u say sorry I will leave you alone u ****."

Moody, who claims that she received further obscene messages and phone calls, told the Daily Mail: "It's terrifying when anybody sends you a death threat, whether it's real or not. Somebody of a fragile mind and nervous would be worrying what they were going to do.

"His behaviour is unprofessional and I'm considering going to the police. When you put yourself in the public eye you need to be able to handle criticism. I also feel let down by Radio 1."

Contostavlos has now issued a public apology for his behaviour, while BBC executives are expected to launch an investigation into the breach of Moody's privacy.

In a statement, the hip hop star said: "I totally apologise to Chloe. I called her in the heat of the moment when I was angry, but that is no excuse for my behaviour. I'm genuinely sorry. I'd also like to send my sincerest apologies to Radio 1."

Meanwhile, a BBC spokesman commented: "We were unaware that the number had been taken from the production team's console and will take steps to ensure it can't happen again."

15-01-2010, 16:38
The enigma

January 15, 2010

What on earth has happened to the Polish public broadcaster TVP’s DTH platform, launched amid great fanfare only last September?

The statement from SES ASTRA about its long-term agreement with TVP has been checked and confirmed by Broadband TV News and is unambiguous as to the satellite operator’s position on the issue. Where it does raise doubts, however, are as to TVP and where it now stands, both with SES ASTRA and the DTH platform.

TVP is a long-term customer of SES ASTRA, and though there were some question marks as to whether or not it would remain with the Luxembourg-based company for its new platform or opt a competitor such as Eutelsat, these eventually proved unfounded.

However, the platform was launched in difficult circumstances, with Piotr Farfal, the then head of TVP and a strong advocate of the service, fighting to retain his position at the station. When he was eventually forced out, his successors (there have since been more than one) have effectively mothballed the project.

The real blow to the TVP platform, and one that took the entire Polish TV industry by surprise, was the decision by Farfal’s successors to re-encrypt the still limited number channels on the platform, less than a month after it had been launched as a FTA service.

Had the original business plan been followed, the platform would now be offering even more FTA channels and be preparing to introduce pay channels on an a la carte basis. In the event, the project seems to have disappeared from sight, with the latest information on it being almost impossible to even track down on TVP’s own site.

All this comes at a time when satellite TV is really in the ascendancy throughout the CEE region. Only this week there has been positive news about both CS Link, which has reported over 500,000 cards sold in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and Ukraine’s MYtv, which has switched to the new Thor 6 satellite.

There may still be a future for TVP’s DTH platform, but its prospects look bleaker by the day the longer the current situation continues.


15-01-2010, 16:40
CANAL + France end analogue diffusion at 8W

* 2010-01-15
* Last update: 2010-01-15 13:36:02

A satellite Atlantic Bird 2 (8W) ended analog channel distribution of the French CANAL + France. The satellite is currently being used exclusively for digital broadcasting in the DVB-S. CANAL + has previously stated that it intends to terminate its analog distribution of CANAL + and focus on the digital offer, which includes several programs, including HDTV.

Program CANAL + France, consisting of series and movies, and for households in France, offer analog, is still transmitted via satellite Atlantic Bird 3 (5E) on the frequency 12.648 GHz, pol. V, SECAM. The signal is coded system syster / Nagravision.


18-01-2010, 06:50
Al Jazeera vs Egypt: TV channels bickering

An Al Jazeera spat with Egyptian TV shows up some of the problems of Mid East television.

Egypt has not qualified for the upcoming FIFA World Cup, and the soccer-mad nation is almost in mourning. However, the fans were looking forward to cheering their team on during the almost as important Africa Cup of Nations event now taking place in Angola, west Africa. But to cheer their team on they have to be able to view the games, which is where an untimely squabble has broken out between Egypt’s public broadcaster, the ERTU, and pay-TV broadcaster Al Jazeera Sport.

A report within Al Ahram newspaper, out of Cairo, tells the story: “The Egyptian public had been gearing up to watching the 27th edition of the ACN, depending heavily on the Egyptian Radio and Television Union (ERTU) to purchase the broadcasting rights from Qatar's Al-Jazeera Sport which owns the exclusive airing rights in the Middle East to the tournament. However, hopes were apparently misplaced after no deal was reached.

Pay-TV operator Arab Radio and Television (ART) had until recently been the exclusive broadcaster of the 2010 ACN and 2010 FIFA World Cup. But late last year and without warning Al-Jazeera obtained the broadcasting rights from ART in a record contract deal worth close to $1.5 billion. ERTU, headed by Osama El-Sheikh, negotiated with Al-Jazeera for acquiring the broadcasting rights for Egyptian terrestrial channels. Negotiations reached a dead end after Al-Jazeera requested a “staggering $10 million a game” said Al Ahram.

After the beginning of the championship the ERTU tried again with Al-Jazeera, bringing the amount down to $9 million, but that too was rejected since the terms of the deal were to broadcast only 10 of the ACN matches of which ERTU would have no say over which ones to choose. In addition, it would have been prohibited to re-run the games. The stipulations also prohibited local commentators.

To the surprise of all, Al-Jazeera decided on Tuesday, January 12, just hours before Egypt's opening match against Nigeria in the African continent's most prestigious championship, to broadcast the game on one of its unencrypted channels on NileSat. Additionally they allowed the Tunisia against Zambia game (last Wednesday, January 13) also to be transmitted free to air. According to Al-Jazeera, the decision was made "to satisfy Arab viewers".

"We are not prejudiced against the local channels -- including Egypt -- and our desire is not to prevent them from covering this tournament," Nasser Al-Khalifi, general manager of Al-Jazeera Sports, said in a press statement. "We offered to sell some of the matches on ERTU for a reasonable price compared to the cost we paid to acquire the rights of the tournament. We received the ERTU's agreement but then they changed their mind after not getting the necessary funding," Al-Khalifi added. "The contacts were redrawn and we offered a lower price in a genuine attempt to conclude the matter in the best possible manner, but the same was repeated."

Al-Jazeera and the ERTU are not on the best of terms, constantly criticising one another in their TV programmes for a perceived bias towards either side. But Al-Jazeera's decision to broadcast at least Egypt's opener against Nigeria may have changed the minds of Egyptian viewers that Al-Jazeera wasn't so bad after all. If anything, the ERTU is being blamed by the Egyptian public for what has been described as its slowness in starting the negotiations.

In a recent statement, El-Sheikh stated that no one will twist Egypt's arm, referring to what he believes to be "ridiculous terms of agreement" imposed by the Qatari channel to allow the matches to be aired on Egyptian terrestrial television. As such, only Al-Jazeera's subscription members were able to watch the tournament on the encrypted channels. Up until Monday, only 24 hours before Egypt's opening game against Nigeria, those who did not subscribe to Al-Jazeera were at a loss over finding another channel to watch the game on.

Al-Jazeera viewers previously paid Egyptian Pounds 120 as a yearly subscription fee to access Al-Jazeera's sports channels, but the price shot up to LE400 because of the ACN. Subsequently, Al-Jazeera's main offices in the Cairo suburbs of Mohandessin and Maadi were inundated with complaints and angry crowds which gathered to subscribe or renew their subscription. A large number of security men were on hand to prevent things from getting out of hand.

"It's the second time that I spend the whole day in front of the company's headquarters to get my subscription card activated. There is no organisation," Hatem Ahmed told Al-Ahram Weekly. "I recently subscribed but they gave me the card without being activated. It took me two days to activate it."

Not everyone can afford the high cost of the subscription and so have resorted to other alternatives, including the illegal connection or shared-cable access, known as the wasla which costs from LE25 to LE35 monthly depending on the district. In less polite circles this is known as signal piracy!

"Football is my main interest," Tamer Abdel-Aziz, a wasla user, said. "I can't miss football matches, but at the same time I can't pay the subscription fees they are asking for. So we have to find other ways to get access and the wasla is one." Even those who chose to watch the match in cafés found that most café managers had raised the fees or minimum charge to cope with the rise in subscriptions. "We knew that the match would not be aired on public Egyptian TV so I decided to watch it with my friends in a café," teenager Islam Essam said. "I was astonished by the increase in the price. Nevertheless, the place was packed."

In the meantime, Egypt's Consumer Protection Agency ruled that Cable Network Egypt will refund subscribers who thought they would be watching the tournament on ART. Ultimately, though, the only ones who are paying the price of this feud are football fans who in soccer mad Egypt make up the bulk of the population. Eleventh hour negotiations allowed the Egyptian public to watch the Egypt 2010 World Cup qualifier against Algeria and the 2009 FIFA Club World Cup. But this time, in Angola, there has been no such last-minute dramatics.

18-01-2010, 06:52
Canal+ Launches K+ DTH in Vietnam

Canal+ Launches K+ DTH in Vietnam

The CANAL+ Group has announced the launch of K+ in Vietnam, the new bouquet of satellite channels operated by its subsidiary VSTV and the stablishment of a joint venture called VSTV -Vietnam Satellite Digital Television . The launch follows the signing last June of a partnership between CANAL+ and VTV, the Vietnamese state broadcaster. CANAL+ Group subsidiary, CANAL OVERSEAS, provides operational management expertise for the service. K+ consists of over 50 channels and is broadcast on VINASAT 1 at 132.0°E, with conditional access supplied by Nagra


18-01-2010, 06:54
Rebranded Orbit-Showtime puts Hollywood into Arabic

Orbit-Showtime has confirmed its new identity as OSN-Orbit Showtime Network, in the process unveiling eight new channels for the Middle East, including the first western entertainment channel to be dubbed into Arabic and the region’s first bouquet of three high definition channels.

“When Orbit and Showtime merged in 2009 we promised to deliver the best pay-TV platform in the Middle East and North Africa. Now, in less than six months we are thrilled to unveil OSN, a single platform that offers even more Western and Arabic premium content than ever before on its exclusive 75 channel platform,” commented Marc-Antoine d’Halluin, CEO of Orbit Showtime Network.

The satcaster will take its new name on February 1. Eight new channels will join the platform including OSN Arabia, OSN Variety, Food Network, BET (Black Entertainment TV), Discovery ID and the regions first three high definition channels; OSN Movies HD, Discovery HD and Nat Geo Wild HD. Further HD launches are planned for later in the year following the rollout of new HD receivers in February. OSN Movies will also feature some sports, notably the English Premier League.

The new OSN Arabia will include popular US titles, House, CSI New York and The Forbidden Kingdom dubbed into Arabic.

18-01-2010, 06:57
Channel Nessma back on 13E

Tunisian entertaining television Nessma TV has reached an agreement with French telecommunications company GlobeCast to broadcast its programs from the satellite Hot Bird 6 (13E). As a result of this transaction, the channel will expand the range of potential viewers. The channel returns to broadcasting on 13E after a long break. Nessma TV is present on satellites Badr 6 (26E) and Nilesat 102 (7W).
In the second half of March 2007, the channel began to broadcast on the Israeli tanks Satlink - tr. 14 (11,470 GHz, pol. V, SR: 27500, FEC: 5 / 6; DVB-S/QPSK), satelita Hot Bird 8 (13E). Broadcasting was interrupted by a few weeks.
The programs of the channel is dominated by entertainment in the form of American serials, Arabic, Brazilian serials, popular all over the world the reality show "Star Academy" and the game show "Millionaire".
The audience are not only people from Tunisia, and Morocco, Algeria and people from different countries living in Europe. One of the shareholders Nessma TV Italian group Mediaset.

Technical parameters:
Hot Bird 6 (13E)
tp.154 (11,585 GHz, pol. V, SR: 27500, FEC: 3 / 4; DVB-S/QPSK)
PID V: 1311
PID A: 1312
PID PCR: 1311
SID: 13501
PID PMT: 501
Encryption: No



21-01-2010, 05:49
DTT for 12m Italians postponed until Sept
From Branislav Pekic in Rome

The launch of DTT in Italy’s Lombardy and Eastern Piedmont regions will be delayed from April to September. The Government aims to avoid the replication of the problems that occurred in Lazio last November. In view of the regional elections in March and the World Cup in South Africa the risk was too great that over 12 million Italians in the country’s most populous regions would be left "in the dark".
Meanwhile, many local TV channels in Lazio and Rome are at risk of closure. The combined effect of the economic crisis and the transition to DTT has put small broadcasters on their knees. The Analogue Switch Off has been taking place without clear rules on the positioning of the channels in the digital multiplexes, offering a privileged line-up for RAI and Mediaset and poor visibility for the others. The figures confirm this: RAI in particular, but also Mediaset, have seen a dramatic increase of viewers, while local channels have experienced a drop of around 10 per cent in audience.
According to some reports, Italian public broadcaster RAI is preparing a re-launch of its DTT offering, with a couple of new channels (including one in High Definition) plus a rebranding of the existing ones. The complete 12-channel line-up should be as follows: RaiUno, RaiDue, RaiTre, Rai4, Rai5 Extra, Rai Movie, RaiNews24, Rai Sport, Rai Sport2, RaiStoria, Yoyo, Gulp and Rai HD.


21-01-2010, 05:51
Microsoft sues TiVo

Microsoft is suing TiVo alleging infringement of patents for a system that displays programme information and a secure method for buying and delivering video programmes.
TiVo, which has 2.7 million direct DVR subscribers, is using portions of the two Microsoft patents in its products or components, including set-top box products, subscription services and software, without a licence, according to a complaint filed in federal court.
Microsoft seeks a court order declaring its patents are valid and blocking TiVo from infringing them, as well as unspecified monetary damages.
"We remain open to resolving this situation through an intellectual-property licensing agreement, and we have initiated discussions to engage TiVo in negotiations," Microsoft said.

21-01-2010, 05:52
DT makes the million

Deutsche Telekom reached its target of one million IPTV subscribers for its T-Home Entertain by the end of 2009. It is now aiming to add another 500,000 customers.
DT said that by expanding its HD channel line-up and HD on-demand, it aims to become Germany’s leading HD platform. In February public channels ARD, ZDF and ARTE will be added in HD.


21-01-2010, 05:54
India: no new TV channels

The Indian government has suspended permission for the launch of new television channels in the country, citing scarcity of spectrum. The ministry of information and broadcasting has suspended fresh permissions for new television channels, affecting the roll out plans of up to 170 channels, applications for which are pending with the ministry.
In a communication put up on its website, the ministry has said it will not accept applications for permission to uplink and downlink television channels from and in India. The ministry had recently sought the recommendations of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai), on whether the government should cap the number of television channels.

21-01-2010, 05:56
Sirius XM the now sole satellite radio player in the US, added 257,000 net new subscribers for the fourth quarter 2009 and reported $100 million free cash flow for the full year. Mel Karmazin (CEO) noted that 2009 is the first year ever for Sirius XM to report positive free cash flow for an entire year. The company’s subs base now stands at 15.7 million.


21-01-2010, 05:58
Hong Kong DTV penetration rate up 40%

About 46.5 per cent or 1.06 million households, receive digital terrestrial television services in Hong Kong according to a December survey, showing the penetration rate has grown more than 40 per cent since the end of 2008.

Secretary for Commerce & Economic Development Rita Lau said the service take-up rate has been growing steadily and the two domestic free TV licensees - Asia Television (ATV) and Television Broadcasts (TVB) - have been making good progress in expanding their digital TV coverage in phases.
Coverage had been extended to 85 per cent of the population by the end of last year, and will cover all of Hong Kong by 2012. Lau said the Government will carefully consider the question of analogue switch-off and will make proper arrangements to ensure a smooth migration from analogue to digital.

21-01-2010, 06:00
Nagravision, DISH deal

Kudelski Group’s Nagravision has secured a Conditional Access System agreement with US digital satellite platform DISH Network.
DISH Network recently completed a migration of its more than 14m subscribers to Nagravision’s new generation security technology. The new ten year agreement with Nagravision and NagraStar aligns DISH Network’s and Nagravision’s interests to optimise the resilience of DISH Network’s security solutions, including the deployment of next generation security smart cards in addition to a broader scope of signal protection covering traditional and emerging piracy threats.
André Kudelski, president and CEO of the Kudelski Group. Said that mutual commitment enabled customisation of Nagravision’s solution roadmap to address DISH Network’s specific needs over the next few years and support its growth.

21-01-2010, 06:09
Media consumption rising among US young

The amount of time young people spend with entertainment media has risen dramatically, especially among minority youth, according to a study released by the Kaiser Family Foundation. Today, 8-18 year-olds devote an average of 7 hours and 38 minutes (7:38) to using entertainment media across a typical day (more than 53 hours a week). And because they spend so much of that time ‘media multitasking’ (using more than one medium at a time), they actually manage to pack a total of 10 hours and 45 minutes (10:45) worth of media content into those 71ž2 hours. The increase in media use is driven in large part by ready access to mobile devices like cell phones and iPods. Over the past five years, there has been a huge increase in ownership among 8- to 18-year-olds: from 39 per cent to 66 per cent for mobile phones, and from 18 per cent to 76 per cent for iPods and other MP3 players. During this period, cell phones and iPods have become true multi-media devices: in fact, young people now spend more time listening to music, playing games, and watching TV on their cell phones (a total of :49 daily) than they spend talking on them (:33).
For the first time over the course of the study, the amount of time spent watching regularly-scheduled TV declined, by 25 minutes a day (from 2004 to 2009). But the many new ways to watch TV–on the Internet, mobile phones, and iPods–actually led to an increase in total TV consumption from 3:51 to 4:29 per day, including :24 of online viewing, :16 on iPods and other MP3 players, and :15 on cell phones. All told, 59 per cent (2:39) of young people’s TV-viewing consists of live TV on a TV set, and 41 per cent (1:50) is time-shifted, DVDs, online, or mobile.


21-01-2010, 06:11
Bollywood film leaked on YouTube

A rough cut of unreleased Boolywood movie ‘Tera Kya Hoga Johnny’ has surfaced on the Internet, putting the spotlight on a thriving bootleg industry that sees Bollywood lose up to $400 million in revenue annually.
The film was slated to open in Indian cinemas this summer — but found its way to YouTube this week.


21-01-2010, 06:12
Latvia to make DTV switch with Grass Valley

Grass Valley is assisting Latvia State Radio and Television Centre (LVRTC) to make the switch from analogue to digital transmission by installing an advanced DVB-T network that features encoding, multiplexing, and nationwide distribution technology and systems from Grass Valley.
The LVRTC is the technical DVB-T service provider for Lattelecom, the main incumbent Telco organisation in Latvia, responsible for the nationwide deployment of DVB-T to provide terrestrial broadcasting of radio and television programmes covering the entire territory of Latvia.


21-01-2010, 06:14
Orange looking at French terrestrial pay-TV

France Telecom-owned Orange is interested in obtaining at least one terrestrial pay-TV channel when the media authority CSA opens up a tender.

In the past two years, two pay-TV broadcasters have handed back their licence to the CSA: Groupe AB’s AB1 in October 2008 and Lagardere Interactive Canal J in April, 2009. The CSA is due to decide any moment on the future of these two vacant spots on the digital terrestrial network.

Orange has a number of premium channels on its IPTV and DTH platforms under the brand names Orange Sport and Orange Cinéma Séries, which have around 400,000 subscribers. The operator is currently under fire for its policy to exclusively sell these channels to their ADSL customers.

At the moment the French digital terrestrial network offers at least 18 FTA channels (more in some regions) and nine pay-TV channels, as well as five HD simulcasts. With the closure of the two pay channels and the recent acquisition of TnTop by TV Numeric, there is some doubt about the viability of premium channels on the terrestrial platform.


22-01-2010, 10:40
Orange looking at French terrestrial pay-TV

France Telecom-owned Orange is interested in obtaining at least one terrestrial pay-TV channel when the media authority CSA opens up a tender.

In the past two years, two pay-TV broadcasters have handed back their licence to the CSA: Groupe AB’s AB1 in October 2008 and Lagardere Interactive Canal J in April, 2009. The CSA is due to decide any moment on the future of these two vacant spots on the digital terrestrial network.

Orange has a number of premium channels on its IPTV and DTH platforms under the brand names Orange Sport and Orange Cinéma Séries, which have around 400,000 subscribers. The operator is currently under fire for its policy to exclusively sell these channels to their ADSL customers.

At the moment the French digital terrestrial network offers at least 18 FTA channels (more in some regions) and nine pay-TV channels, as well as five HD simulcasts. With the closure of the two pay channels and the recent acquisition of TnTop by TV Numeric, there is some doubt about the viability of premium channels on the terrestrial platform.


25-01-2010, 19:42
Italy to Ban Daytime Porn

Italian government is backing new media rules that will forbid daytime pay-per-view pornography and other adult programming during daylight hours. Such a measure would hurt the revenue of Sky Italia, Italy's only DTH provider.

Currently Sky Italia offers five pay-per-view channels with adult content during the day and 22 at night. According to Italian L'Espresso weekly magazine, in 2008 the DTH service has cashed 45 million Euros from the pornographic services. Sky Italia sales during that year mounted to 2.6 billion euros.

The new legislation will affect onlt broadcasters and excludes Web-porn providers.


25-01-2010, 19:45
44% Households with satellite TV in the Czech Republic by 2012

According to a new research by STEM / MARK Mediasearch orderd by satellite operator SES ASTRA , by the year 2012, about 44 percent of households in the CZech Republic will posess a satellite dish pointed at its satellites positioned at 23.5 degrees east and satelites will become the main means of TV the reception in the Czech Republic. In 2012, 37 percent. households will benefit from the terrestrial 19 percent. the cable, and only 6 percent. of IPTV.
A few years ago the situation was completely different. In 2003, the terrestrial television has benefited 71 percent. households in the Czech Republic, the satellite only 12 percent. and 18 percent. households with cable television.

According to recent studies, in certain regions of the Czech Republic, signal penetration ASTRA satellite system is from 40 to 45 percent. This is mainly related to poor quality or lack of DVB-T.

ASTRA projections show that at the end of 2010, every third household TV in the Czech Republic will benefit from the position of 23.5 E.

25-01-2010, 19:49
200 HD channels Via ASTRA in 2012

European satellite operator SES ASTRA has announced that by the end of 2012 it is especting to offer a total of 200 programs in high definition television (HDTV). These estimates were provide by the company during a press conference held last week in in Prague celebrating 1 million satellite dishes in the Czecxh Republic pointed at e ASTRA satellites.
ASTRA wants to become a major player in the field of HD broadcasting in Europe . In 2004, it provided only 3 HD programs.. Four years later there were 64 HD channels and ast year it celebrated the 100th channel in high definition.

25-01-2010, 19:51
Germany to decide on future of DVB-H

By Robert Briel
January 24, 2010 11.09 UK

The German state media authorities hope to reach a decision by mid-March 2010 to give DVB-H mobile TV a second chance. A condition for opening a new tender for a DVB-H licence is that there will be “a relevant interest of the market” for a new 10-year concession.

“We have always stressed that only concrete interest can open the door for a restart of DVB-H. Interested parties must have reached agreements with the network operators, broadcasters and mobile operators. They must clearly indicate how the planned cooperation will be realised and what will be the economic viability, ” said Thomas Langheinrich, chairman of the Commission for approval and oversight (ZAK), in a statement. “Because a system that is not economically viable, can not help to develop diversity.”

Ever since the Mobile 3.0 consortium handed back its DVB-H licence in the autumn of 2008, a special working group of the regional media authorities had explored a possible rebirth of a DVB-H service with potential candidates and other market players. The ZAK now hopes to reach a clear decision on the possible future of DVB-H.

25-01-2010, 19:52
Numericable carries HD channels in DVB-T

By Robert Briel
January 24, 2010 10.49 UK

France’s largest cable operator Numéricable has started to distribute the terrestrial HD channels in the DVB-T standard in twenty more towns in France. TF1 HD, France 2 HD, Arte HD and M6 HD are carried without encryption allowing anyone with a regular DVB-T tuner to receive the channels.

The service is now available in Brest, Chateaulin, Nantes, Rennes, Avignon, Bastia, Cannes, Grenoble and Bordeaux as well as in eleven additional villages in the Alsace. The move is particularly of interest to peolle in the Alsacer, as all analogue broadcasts will cease on February 2nd.

The move is part of Numéricable’s effort to bring all free-to-air terrestrial channels on its network, including the 18 national digital channels. With regards to the Alsace, the offer also includes the reginal variations of France 3, the regional channel Alsace 20 and the German cross-border broadcasts.

People need to have access to the Numéricable network, but are not required to have a subscription in order to receive the DVB-T channels. However, they can subscribe to broadband and telephony services from the cablers with prices starting at EUR 19.90 a month. The operator plans to have all digital terrestrial channels available on its entire network by trhe end of 2011, when analogue switch-off in the country will have been competed.

25-01-2010, 19:53
TRT’s Arabic TV channel to launch next month

The long-awaited 12th channel of the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT), to broadcast in Arabic, will enter into operation next month. The new channel, TRT Türkiye (Turkey, written in Arabic script), will include news and documentaries covering politics, economics and cultural topics. The channel’s target audience includes Turkey, the Middle East and North Africa, and viewers in other nations as far as Pakistan.

The launch of TRT Türkiye is planned for 21 February. Following the channel’s launch, TRT also has plans for Farsi and English-language channels, with the possibility of a Russian-language channel.

25-01-2010, 19:55
Kabel Deutschland eyes IPO

Germany’s largest cable operator Kabel Deutschland is apparently eying a stock market flotation. The preparations for an IPO this summer are running at full stretch reports news agency Reuters, quoting sources familiar with the situation.

Some bankers even suggest that the float would be possible as early as in the second quarter, the volume amounting to more than €1bn. However, no investment bank to handle the move has been appointed yet, an insider stressed, adding that the company would prefer an IPO, but would look into a possible sale in parallel. “If an attractive offer comes in, a flotation can always be cancelled at the last minute”, said the source.

According to financial circles, several parties have already indicated their take-over interest to KDG, with US-based media concern Liberty Global and UK-based mobile network operator Vodafone believed to be amongst them. KDG, which serves around 9 million households in 13 federal states, is owned by financial investor Providence Equity Partners. Bankers value the company at around €5bn. A KDG spokesman declined to comment on the report.

25-01-2010, 19:57
KabelKiosk launches HD package

kabelkioskEutelsat’s German direct-to-cable platform KabelKiosk will launch its HDTV package with commercial channels RTL HD and VOX HD. The contract with Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland has now been signed, Eutelsat CEO Michel de Rosen announced at the satellite operator’s annual reception in Berlin.

KabelKiosk’s partners can now commence distributing RTL HD and VOX HD on their networks, with the signal fed to cable head-ends from Eurobird 9 (9° East). Both channels, which so far have only been available to DTH households on SES Astra’s platform HD+, will thereby enter the cable market for the first time.

“The development of television will be closely associated with the quality and enhanced experience brought by HDTV”, said Martina Rutenbeck, managing director of Eutelsat Germany. “We are delighted to welcome RTL HD and VOX HD onto the KabelKiosk platform as we believe their compelling content will be a real driving force for the success of HDTV in Germany. The launch of this new offer is further evidence of our commitment to innovative new products that contribute to powering digitisation of cable networks in Germany.”

KabelKiosk wants to expand its HD line-up in the next months to up to ten German and international free-to-air and pay-TV channels, and negotiations are currently underway. The company supplies more than 110 digital channels in German and other languages to 250 partners in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Denmark.

25-01-2010, 19:58
Canal+ withdraws ads from complainants

French media groups NextRadioTV and NRJ have confirmed Canal+ had cancelled its TV ad campaigns to run on their channels, including TV services BFM TV and NRJ12.

Reported by daily Les Echos, but not commented on by the pay-TV group, this decision could be motivated by a retaliation against the two groups. NextRadioTV appealed successfully to the CSA after it noticed that Canal+-backed news channel I>Télé automatically came up when CanalSat subscribers switched on. The CSA agreed that constituted unfair competition.

Last year, Canal+ invested €3 million in media campaigns on NRJ Group’s channels and radio stations and €700,000 on NextRadioTV’s.

25-01-2010, 19:59
Cheer for Portuguese fiber

Portugal’s fibre-to-the-home market has been highlighted by Fibre To The Home Council Europe as a shining example, growing 186% in one year.

During 2009, the number of subscribers with FTTH grew from 14,500 clients at the end of December 2008, to 41,500 a year later.

The market has a high level of competitiveness, with Portugal Telecom, ZON Multimedia and Sonaecom all offering FTTH.

On February 24 and 25 a conference on fiber optics will take place in Lisbon in which the most recent new applications of this technology will be announced.

26-01-2010, 18:33
Ericsson completes Tandberg integration

Ericsson has said it has completed the integration of Tandberg Television, which the company acquired in 2007. As a result, the Ericsson brand will now be used for all of the company’s TV solutions.

At the same time, the company has introduced End-To-Endless Television, Ericsson E2E TV, “which represents a milestone in our commitment to the global television and multimedia market, and brings us a step closer to realizing our vision of high-quality, multi-platform, connected television.”

Jan Wäreby, senior VP and head of business unit Multimedia, said in a statement: “Television is a cornerstone of Ericsson’s multimedia strategy, and Tandberg Television’s market-leading technologies and expert team are at the core of this strategy. Together, we provide the technology, integration and consultancy expertise across the television, broadband and mobile arenas to empower our customers to create completely new consumer experiences. Our focus is to help broadcasters and operators to differentiate their services, drive customer loyalty and deliver new revenues.”

26-01-2010, 18:35
BBC online soap pulls in 1.7m views

E20, the online spin-off from the BBC soap EastEnders, has reached 1.7 million views since its launch on January 8. The figures compare favourably with conference darling KateModern, produced by Bebo, which at its peak in May 2008 was drawing in 1.5 million views per week.

The BBC soap was commissioned by BBC Vision Multiplatform and has benefitted from both cross-promotion and storylines that have interweaved with the four-nights-a-week soap.

“It’s really encouraging to see EastEnders: E20 performing so well. It shows what can be achieved when brand new writing and acting talent plus BBC drama and web expertise combine to create something really impactful,” said Simon Nelson, controller portfolio & multiplatform, BBC Vision.

In addition to the EastEnders website, E20 is also available through the BBC iPlayer.

26-01-2010, 18:37
History launches on Hungary’s FiberNet

History has launched in Hungary on cable operator FiberNet, covering all 77 headends with a fully localised version in Hungarian.

“We are extremely excited that FiberNet’s analogue subscribers can now access History as part of the extended basic tier,” said Christina Foley, commercial director, AETN UK, in a statement. “No matter if our audience is watching the barbarian battles of the past or exploring the world after human life ceases to exist; History offers compelling programming that makes the past relevant to a contemporary audience”

Mihály Müller, media director, FiberNet, said “History is one of the most interesting channels we have added to our offer in 2010. It is our strategic goal to deliver best quality programming to our customers. I’m pleased with our new partnership with AETN UK, as it enables us to expand our offer by new valuable additions such as History.”

In addition to FiberNet, the channel is also available in Hungary via cable operators UPC, T-Kabel, PR Telecom, Tarr, Zelka, Antenna Digital, Rubicom and Vidanet; and DTH platform T-Sat.

26-01-2010, 18:39
Liberty Global to sell J:COM interest

Liberty Global has announced the sale of its 37.8% ownership interest in Jupiter Telecommunications (better known as J:COM), the Japanese communications provider, to KDDI Corporation, the second largest wireless operator in Japan.

The cash deal covers the Liberty subsidiaries that directly or indirectly hold its interest in J:COM, including LGI/Sumisho Super Media. Additionally, Liberty will retain the right to receive the anticipated final 2009 dividend of ¥490 per share attributable to its interest in J:COM that is expected to be approved at the March 2010 J:COM shareholders meeting. Including both the agreed purchase price and the anticipated dividend, Liberty Global expects to make approximately ¥363 billion ($4.0 billion or €2.83 billion as of January 22, 2010).

Mike Fries, President and Chief Executive Officer of Liberty Global, said in a statement, “Our investment in J:COM and our partnership with Sumitomo over the last 15 years have both been extremely successful and gratifying. The J:COM management team and, in particular Liberty Global executives Miranda Curtis and Graham Hollis, have created a world class operation and substantial value for our shareholders. While we pride ourselves on being long-term operators, we have also demonstrated a disciplined and opportunistic approach to rebalancing our business interests globally. Exiting the Japanese market at a substantial premium allows us to redirect our capital into more strategic consolidation opportunities in our core markets as well as our ongoing stock buyback initiatives.”

27-01-2010, 18:14
Mixed news for Hungarian pay-TV

The total number of digital TV subscriptions in Hungary stood at 1,117,959 as of the end of November 2009, according to data published by the country’s National Communications Authority (NHH).

While the figure, based on the 14 major service providers, was 8,708 up on a month earlier, the number of analogue TV subscriptions, again based on the same providers, fell by 17,719 over the same period to 1,354,063.

The overall TV subscription figure fell to 2,472,022 – a development, according to industry sources, reflecting the economic crisis in the country and impact it is having on its TV industry.

Other data published by the NHH shows that the total number of subscriptions to wired networks (cable and IPTV) as of November stood at 1,728,184, of which 374,121 were digital. Wireless subscriptions (DTH platforms and the MMDS service Antenna Digital) meanwhile claimed 743,838 customers.

Broadband TV News understands the Antenna Digital subscriber total to be below 40,000.

27-01-2010, 18:16
New participation channel for Slovakia

A new Slovak participation channel named TV8 will make its debut on February 1.

According to Medialne, the service has already secured carriage on UPC (digital cable), as well as the IPTV services Magio and FiberTV, operated by T-Com and Orange Slovakia respectively.

TV8’s licence is held by Phonotex, a Bratislava-based company specialising in audiotext and SMS services.

It will compete directly with Ring TV and Ziva, two other participation channels already operating in Slovakia.

27-01-2010, 18:17
CME News Corp deal edges closer

CME is close to buying the leading Bulgarian TV station bTV from News Corp.

Unconfirmed agency and local reports say a deal worth in the region of around €500 million is likely to be announced as soon as the beginning of this February.

Should it go through, the amount paid for bTV would be considerably less than the €1.1 billion quoted when the station first went on the market in 2008.

CME is already present in Bulgaria through the TV stations Pro,BG and Ring.BG. It has been linked with both bTV and Poland’s TV Puls for some time and earlier this month announced its exit from Ukraine.

News Corp, on the other hand, is in the process of withdrawing from the CEE TV marketplace.

It has already sold its stakes in Poland’s TV Puls and Serbia’s Fox Televizija and only those in bTV and Latvia’s LNT remain.

27-01-2010, 18:19
Roadblock for Hungarian DVB-H

Antenna Hungária (AH) would still like to launch a DVB-H service, though only with the co-operation of Hungary’s mobile operators. However, there is only a low chance of doing so in the near future, according to András Tóth, the company’s director of communication.

AH currently operates a DVB-H trial on one of its three multiplexes (B), the other two (A and C) being allocated for the FTA DTT service MinDigTV and pre-pay offer Terra+. It covers 15% of the population of Budapest and offers four public TV channels and the news-based stations Hir TV and ATV.

Vodafone, T-Mobile and Pannon have so far shown little interest in launching a DVB-H service with AH, implying that any decision to do so would be part of a wider strategy covering many markets, not just one.

For its part, AH, which is backed by France’s TDF, regards itself first and foremost as an infrastructure company.

As a result, it does not want to become the sole operator, providing all the necessary services, including distribution and marketing, of a DVB-H platform.

27-01-2010, 18:20
Penthouse HD channels launch in Poland

Three Penthouse adult HD channels distributed by Top Content have made their debuts in Poland.

According to Wirtualne Media, the channels are Penthouse HD, Penthouse HD1 and Penthouse HD2, and although initially in English are likely to be shown in Polish from the end of this year or beginning of 2011.

Top Content was established in August 2009 and distributes several other channels in Poland including Russia Today and Bebe TV.

In the case of the three Penthouse channels, it is working alongside NOA, which holds the European distribution rights for the channels.

Top Content is currently negotiating with Polish cable operators and IPTV services, while NOA is in discussions with the country’s DTH platforms.

In both instances the talks also involve access to over 1,000 hours of VOD content.

27-01-2010, 18:25
Hispasat expands HD offer

The Spanish satellite operator Hispasat has announced it has expanded its HD offer for Spain and Portugal, doubling the number of channels available to the markets.

Hispasat broadcasts on the Spanish digital TV platform Digital + the following channels in HD: Eurosport HD, Fox HD, Canal + Acción HD, MTVN HD, National Geographic HD, Canal + HD, Canal + Liga HD, DCine Canal + Sport HD and Canal + HD.

In addition, the satellite operator distributes HD platforms to Portugal for Meo Sat (Portugal Telecom) and Zon TV Cabo. In the latter, Hispasat has just added a new package of channels in HD so that Zon customers will have six new channels in HD in addition to the five existing ones.

In the field of technological innovation in HD, Hispasat continues to lead the Palco HD 2 project, funded by the Ministry of Industry under the Plan Avanza R & D.

The objectives of the project include research and development tools to control and measure the quality of HDTV signals, both in production and transmission as in reception by viewers in Spain.

27-01-2010, 18:27
France okays TF1 acquisitions

The French competition authority has given the green light for the acquisition of the channels TMC and NT1 by the country’s biggest commercial broadcaster, TF1, but has set a number of conditions.

The Autorité de la concurrence ruled that for a period of five year the advertising sales of TF1 and the newly acquired channels should remain separate and that no cross-channel discounting will be allowed. The Competition Authority was keen to preserve “the independence offers advertising space between TF1, on the one hand, and TMC and NT1 on the other”. To this effect, ad sales TMC and NT1 must be handled by a separate sales company.

With regards to programme rights, TF1 will not be permitted to schedule programmes from one broadcaster on another channel and the number of repeats on each channels will be capped. Also, cross promotion of the channels will not be allowed.

TF1 acquired the two channels in order to counteract its falling audience share due to increased competition on the digital terrestrial network. Last September the media authority CSA already gave its blessing on the acquisitions posing a number of similar restrictions.

27-01-2010, 18:28
France Télévisions Publicité for Courbit?

France Télévisions’ ad subsidiary France Télévisions Publicité (FTP) should fall in the pocket of Stephane Courbit, the founder of international production group Banijay.

Associated with 40% of advertising group Publicis, the offer from his family holding company Financière Lov to take over 70% of FTP’s shares, could be the one selected.

According to daily La Tribune, the bid from the former Endemol France boss, already favourably regarded by the French Ministry of Finances, is preferred to the competing offer from press consortium Hi-Media.

The full acquisition process will not be completed before the end of March.

27-01-2010, 18:30
Intersat Africa pushing Astra2Connect

Nairobi-based internet and broadband supplier Intersat Africa is working with Astra Broadband Services (ABBS) to push Astra2Connect, Astra’s broadband by satellite service.

The service will be marketed as Get2Net Satellite Broadband to customers in East and Central Africa, including Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. Powered by the ASTRA2Connect technology, the service will be available for end users as of Feb 1. At the same time, both companies have agreed to expand their cooperation and to also offer the service in West African countries, including Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Senegal and Guinea.

Intersat Africa is using ASTRA2Connect broadband platform to market Get2Net. Customers simply need a 100 cm antenna and a satellite modem. In addition, Get2Net can be used for VoIP telephony. Intersat Africa has teamed up with a number of local distribution partners, such as Kenya Data Networks, to successfully offer the service in the targeted regions.

Marketed via wholesalers and service providers, ASTRA2Connect was launched in Europe in 2007 and now claims more than 50,000 customers in 16 European countries. Distribution agreements for the African continent and the Middle East followed in the second half of 2009. Based on the success in the residential market, ABBS has further developed the ASTRA2Connect technology and also provides broadband satellite communications for the industrial (SCADA) and maritime markets.

“We would like to wish Intersat Africa all the best for the launch of Get2Net in Africa,” said Norbert Willems, MD at ASTRA Broadband Services. “We are confident that ASTRA2Connect will be just as successful in the African market as it is in Europe. With the technology, we perfectly meet the customers expectations: to offer a low cost broadband product which is available everywhere and easy to install. With Get2Net, African customers can access the internet today and no longer have to wait for expensive terrestrial broadband networks.”

“We are delighted to launch Get2Net, our satellite broadband service based on the ASTRA2Connect technology and the first service of its kind in Africa,” said Abdul Bakhrani, CEO of Intersat Africa Limited. “Get2Net will provide connectivity to underserved markets and rural Africa and will also enhance the service delivery offered by Internet Service Providers. It will help them overcome the limitations of terrestrial last mile connectivity and will be able to serve all customers irrespective of their geographical location. Get2Net will also be used to power Intersat’s Rural Intenet Kiosk initiative by offering a real broadband experience to users in remote areas.”

27-01-2010, 18:32
Cablecom takes ARD, ZDF in HD

Swiss cable operator Cablecom will distribute the HD channels which German public broadcasters ARD and ZDF will launch on February 12 on the occasion of the Winter Olympics. The services will form part of the basic package which cable customers can receive at no additional charge.

The basic package currently comprises HD suisse, ARTE HD, Anixe HD and BBC HD. “I am delighted that, with Das Erste HD and ZDF HD, we will be able to offer our customers two TV channels in the best picture and sound quality which are very well-known and popular in Switzerland,” said Koen Verwee, Vice President Marketing & Product Management at Cablecom, in Zurich. He added that Cablecom’s network will then carry a total of ten TV channels in high-definition.

Besides the six free-to-air services, customers can subscribe to pay-TV package Cablecom HD for CHF7.50 (€5) per month which contains Eurosport HD, Discovery HD, National Geographic HD and Classica HD.

Cablecom’s ADSL competitor Swisscom will also distribute Das Erste HD and ZDF HD on its IPTV platform Swisscom TV, with Austrian TV channel Servus TV, operated by energy drink manufacturer Red Bull, being another addition in February. The new channels will form part of the basic package.

27-01-2010, 18:36
Portugal's Sport TV launches new channels

Portugal's media regulator, the ERC, has authorized the creation of two new Sport TV channels called Sport TV Golfe and Sport TV.

Sport TV Golfe will have national coverage on satellite, IPTV and cable and according to its name will be entirely dedicated to golf. The channel will broadcast in both standard definition and high definition with Portuguese and English commentary.

Second channel Sport TV will have international coverage and will be addressed to the Portuguese African countries with Angola the first territory to be covered by it. Sport TV will broadcast either in SD or in HD via satellite.

According to the ERC, the information provided by Sport TV is that the channel will be an amalgamation of the currently-broadcast channels Sport TV1, Sport TV2, Sport TV3 and Sport TV HD, privileging national sports in its coverage.

Sport TV is Portugal’s dominant sports broadcaster and is owned 50/50 by ZON Multimédia and Controlinveste.

27-01-2010, 18:38
ZDF considers further HD channels

zdf_hdGerman public broadcaster ZDF is considering offering further members of its channel family in high-definition, production director Andreas Bereczky confirmed in an interview with newsletter TV Zukunft published by industry association Deutsche TV-Plattform.

He added, however, that for financial reasons this would not be possible before the termination of analogue satellite transmissions which are planned for April 30 2012. “The cost savings enabled through analogue switch-off can be used for transmitting further channels in HDTV,” said Bereczky, although he didn’t elaborate on the channels which could then be offered in high-definition.

Industry insiders consider ZDF’s recently launched digital channel ZDFneo, which targets a young audience, and cultural channel 3sat, which ZDF operates together with fellow public broadcasters ARD, ORF and SRG, as the most likely candidates.

ZDF’s first HD service is its main channel which will be offered in the new TV technology from Feb 12 on the occasion of the Winter Olympics. Bereczky expects ZDF’s full schedule to be screened in genuine HD by 2014. Until then, programmes not produced in high-definition will be up-converted.

27-01-2010, 18:40
German gay channel insolvent

timm_logoAnother thematic television channel in Germany has run into financial difficulties: The operating company of TIMM, a channel for homosexual men, has filed for insolvency at the district court of Berlin-Charlottenburg.

Deutsche Fernsehwerke (DFW) says that the need for additional funding to cover TIMM’s expansion was the reason for the financial problems, but stresses hat the goal is to restore the channel. TIMM is still on air, but it remains unclear for how long broadcasts will continue. The insolvency administrator is expected to reach a decision soon.

In May 2009, it became known that TIMM was struggling with financial difficulties, when the channel laid off 25 employees to save costs. However, in September 2009, things were looking brighter again when NRW.BANK and media service provider cine plus were taken onboard as new investors. Other shareholders are investment group IBB, production company south&browse, publishing house Madsack and DFW founder Frank Lukas.

The advertising-financed channel, which launched on November 1 2008, screens news, reports, series and movies. The free-to-air service can be received via cable, satellite, IPTV and internet. After e.clips and XXHome, TIMM is the third German thematic TV channel to have filed for insolvency in recent weeks, showing that the strong decline of the advertising market, prompted by the economic downturn, seems to have the worst effect on niche channels.

27-01-2010, 18:42
Rai says Yes to Astra

The Italian public broadcaster Rai has signed a capacity agreement with SES Astra to the carriage of its new international channel Yes Italia from 19 degrees East. The agreement follows test broadcasts that took place during 2009 and includes the provision of uplink services from the SES Astra broadcasting centre in Unterföhring near Munich.

Thematic channel Yes Italia is designed to promote Italy’s historical, artistic and cultural heritage to a European audience. The channel is is managed by Rai’s subsidiary NewCo Rai and is broadcast in Italian with English and Spanish subtitles.

As part of a wider strategic partnership with SES, Rai is involved in an Astra HD demonstration channel broadcast from 23.5 degrees East.

Yes Italia is also available from the Eutelsat Hot Bird neighbourhood (13 degrees East), which is also used for Rai’s domestic services.

27-01-2010, 18:43
Cross platform carriage for NRK HD

NRK will launch its new HD channel on February 12 with carriage secured across DTT, satellite, cable and IPTV. RiksTV, Canal Digital, Get and Altibox will all go live at 20.05 for the first broadcast from NRK’s Olympic studio.

In addition to extensive coverage of the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, NRK viewers will also be able to watch the popular drama series Himmelblå and coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest, which takes place in Oslo on May 29. Films including The Kite Runner, Spiderman 2, The Young Jane Austen and The Golden Compass will also be seen in the HD format.

NRK is in the process of upgrading its studio equipment and estimates that all domestic production will be in the format from 2015. The policy is to renew equipment as part of the normal replacement cycle, ensuring that no money is taken from the regular programming budget.

Commercial broadcasters TV2 and TV Norge already have HD channels in place.

27-01-2010, 18:46
Theme channels X from February 1 at 9 ° E

1 February 2010 a package of channels erotic Theme X will be released on satellite Eurobird 9A (9 ° E). Currently, the frequency 11.919 GHz, pol.V board has already appeared in the test, searched under the names X Theme channels also broadcast brief informing the board about starting at 9 ° E. Does this mean that the package will be excluded from the satellite Hot Bird 8 (13 ° E)? Certainly it would be bad information for users of the range of 13 ° E. X is the theme of high quality 8 channel broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The broadcaster does not broadcast advertisements, but only the movies and jingles. Emitted on each channel is 6 films a day, of which 4 are new. This gives a total of 48 films per day (32 new).

RSS Theme X:

Theme X Trans X
Theme X Hardcore
X Theme Groups
Theme X Fetish
Theme Oct 18
Theme X Peep
Bizarre X theme
Theme X Interracial

Channels are encoded in the system Conax, Irdeto 2, Viaccess Viaccess PC2.5 and PC3.0.

New technical Theme X:

Eurobird 9A (9 ° E)
tp. 60 (11.919 GHz, pol. V, SR: 27500, FEC: 3 / 4)

In the new parameters at 9 ° E appended to the present, searched eight times with the same PID-s, the test board. What strange as you can hear the sound of Dual unspecified Arab TV channel, but probably only a temporary situation.

A few months ago a similar adventure with a message from the satellite Eurobird 9A scored another broadcaster erotic - SCT. After a few months but decided to return to 13 ° E. Paradoxically, at the time when the SCT hit at 9 ° E Sex View (Theme X, it is the former Sex View) ensures that at 13 degrees left. As can be seen in the case of channels erotic hard to trust any announcements ...

Possible move to 9 ° E, where will mean the end of the media while at 13 degrees, it will be quite a big hurdle for subscribers, as almost in most cases, this requires substantial modification to the antenna installation, and because of the remoteness 9 ° E from 13 ° E only 4 ° zezującego assembly system is not easy, and even not always possible.

January 26 the entire parcel Theme X satellite Hot Bird 8 (13 ° E) are classified as a small break in the release. Instead of films broadcast by the channel logos playgrounds, without comment, which is not carried live. The broadcaster, however, mastered the situation and after 18:00 resumed transmission.

27-01-2010, 18:47
Sky wins high court ruling against EDS

Sky has won a long-running legal action against Electronic Data Systems (EDS) over a collapsed multi-million customer relationship management (CRM) contract.

In summer 2000, Sky selected EDS for a £48 million contract to design, build and implement a CRM system in its Scottish contact centres in Livingston and Dunfermline.

Sky subsequently terminated the relationship in March 2002 after EDS failed to meet its obligations, leading to the satellite firm having to bring the project in-house.

After launching a legal action against EDS in August 2004 for over £700m in damages, the case eventually reached the high court in October 2007, before concluding in July the following year.

In a judgement at the Royal Courts of Justice yesterday, Justice Ramsey found that EDS, now owned by Hewlett Packard, is indeed liable to Sky for "fraudulent misrepresentation giving rise to damages".

During the hearing, the judge was told how it took four years for Sky to successfully roll out the CRM system at a reported cost of £265m. The firm said that it would have opted for a different provider if EDS had been more honest about its limitations.

In a statement, HP said: "This is a legacy issue, dating back to the EDS business in 2000, which HP inherited when it acquired EDS in 2008.

"We are pleased the court dismissed the majority of the allegations made. While we accept that the contract was problematic, HP strongly maintains EDS did nothing to deceive Sky. HP will be seeking permission to appeal."

Final costs and damages will be decided at another hearing in February, but Sky expects that HP will have to pay out at least £200m from the settlement.

31-01-2010, 11:21
Glitch Send Eutelsat's W2 Telecom Satellite into Safe Mode

Glitch Send Eutelsat's W2 Telecom Satellite into Safe Mode

Eutelsat’s W2 telecommunications satellite, which operates at one of the company’s fastest-growing orbital slots, suffered an unexplained on-board failure and placed itself into sun-pointing safe mode late Jan. 27, forcing Eutelsat to off-load customers to two satellites at the same slot and to send another satellite to the affected position, Eutelsat said Jan. 28. regards Nick

As of mid-day Jan. 28, Paris-based Eutelsat and the W2 prime contractor, Thales Alenia Space of France and Italy, were still trying to determine what happened and whether the satellite has suffered a permanent failure or only a temporary glitch.

While in emergency sun-acquisition mode, the satellite continues to receive and send commands but it cannot perform its full telecommunications mission.

W2, launched in October 1998 with a contractual service life of 12 years, operates at Eutelsat’s 16 degrees east orbital slot.

Eutelsat spokeswoman Vanessa O’Connor said Jan. 28 that Eutelsat will be able to move some W2 customers to the Eurobird 16 satellite, formerly called Atlantic Bird 4, which is also located at the 16-degree slot. In addition, O’Connor said Eutelsat’s W2M satellite, which had been located at 3 degrees east without serving a commercial mission, will be drifted to the 16 degrees east position to handle at least some of the W2 traffic.

W2M, launched in December 2008, was never put into service by Eutelsat because of failures on its power system that became evident just weeks after the satellite’s launch. Eutelsat subsequently filed an insurance claim for W2M and said the satellite would not be integrated into Eutelsat’s commercial fleet.

O’Connor said that despite this, W2M retains a limited commercial potential and will be able to pick up some of the W2 customers at least on an interim basis.

The W2 satellite features a fixed wide beam covering Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. The steerable beam provides broadcasting over the Indian Ocean region to Mauritius and Reunion Island and parts of southeast Africa.??

02-02-2010, 09:51
Public HD on majority of German platforms

The majority of distribution platforms in Germany have now announced they will carry HD channels from public broadcasters. The latest to confirm is Deutsche Telekom’s IPTV service T-Entertain.

ARD’s Das Erste HD, ZDF HD and Arte HD will be available on T-Entertain in those areas where HD transport is possible. The announcement follows an earlier agreement between the pubcasters and the country’s largest cable operator Kabel Deutschland KDG to take the three HD channels.

Earlier, a number of other cable operators, including Unitymedia, Kabel BW, Tele Columbus, Primacom, HL Komm, RFT and S+K, also said they will start to carry the HD channel. In Switzerland, Liberty Global’s Cablecom has also said it will distribute the HD versions. In some networks, distribution is limited to the ARD and ZDF channels only.

On satellite DTH, all three channels are available free to air on the Astra position of 19.2 degrees East.

02-02-2010, 09:53
Digital TV draws blanks in Poland

Although the take-up of digital TV services is growing rapidly in Poland, over a third (36.6%) of its population still have no idea of what services are on offer.

According to a report by PBS DGA published by Wirtualne Media, the most known-about services are those provide by DTH platforms. Cyfrowy Polsat was in first place with 16.6%, followed by Cyfra+ (14.8%) and n (7.2%).

Much lower down the scale were services offered by cable operators (UPC, for instance, scored only 2.5%) and other providers such as the incumbent telco TP (1.1%).

The report was undertaken by PBS DGA for the Office of Electronic Communications (UKE) in December 2009.

02-02-2010, 09:55
BBox claims 300,000 homes

The French IPTV operator Bouygues Telecom said it has reached more than 300,000 homes equipped with the multifunctional BBox.

A latecomer to the buoyant French IPTV market, the Bbox was launched in October 2008. It is part of the quad play offer of the operator with mobile telephony, VOIP, broadband internet access and digital IPTV in a single package.

The Bbox offers over 1090 television channels, five of which are in HD, as well as access to premium channels from Canal+ and CanalSat. Triple play offers start at €29.90 a month and quad play at €39.90, including three hours of unlimited mobile calling.

02-02-2010, 09:57
Viasat boosts Baltic HD offer

Viasat Broadcasting has added MTVNHD to its pay-TV offer in the Baltic Republics today (February 1).

The channel, which has been part of the HDTV offer for Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland since October 2008, is been made available to viewers in the Baltic Republics that have already opted for a HD ready set-top box and the Gold or Silver package and a HD subscription.

Viasat Broadcasting launched its HD offer in the Baltic republics last summer with National Geographic Channel HD.

02-02-2010, 09:58
Virgin doubles on demand views

Over a quarter of a million homes are now watching on demand services through UK cable. New figures released by Virgin Media show an increase of 50% on the previous 12 months, with over 750 million on demand views.

Some 59% of Virgin Media’s 3.7 million TV customers are watching catch-up content from the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Virgin 1 and Living. The cablenet now benefits from on-air references from ITV, though the BBC remains silent as to the availability of the iPlayer on Virgin, as it does not want to be seen to be offering promotion to a particular platform.

The BBC iPlayer was the first TV platform to launch on the cablenet, going live in May 2008, its take-up rising from 10.5 million views in June 2008 to a record 20 million views in December 2009.

The ITV Player achieved 25 million views over the last three months of 2008, thanks in part to top rating shows The X Factor, I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! and Coronation Street.

Virgin Media recorded 76 million views in December alone, a 6% increase on the previous month.

Over 11 million movies were watched on demand during 2009, the Christmas holidays helping deliver a 29% increase for December over the previous month. Music also saw a 17% increase in views during December.

Virgin did not give any information as to the average viewing time to its VOD services.

02-02-2010, 10:00
Sky runs world-first live 3D TV sport

Sky yesterday ran the world's first live 3D broadcast of a sporting event when it aired Arsenal's Premier League game against Manchester United to a handful of pubs around the UK and Ireland. Digital Spy headed to Arsenal's Emirates stadium to check out the live 3D trial to see if this really is the future of broadcasting.

Heralded with all the pomp and circumstance of a new dawn, Sky began building the sense of expectation long before kick off began at 4pm. Ushering in the 3D broadcast, Sky's director of product design and development Brian Lenz said that it represents the "start in the next revolution of how sport is filmed".

It's hard to blame them, as yesterday's trial was indeed a world-first in live 3D broadcasting of sport. Sky actually filmed its first 3D Premier League game on December 5 for Fulham's tie against Sunderland, but did not enable consumers to watch it.

Alongside a broadcast to media representatives at the Emirates, the match was also beamed to nine selected pubs in London, Manchester, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Dublin.

Each pub was fitted with a 47" 3G-ready TV set manufactured by LG, while the exact trial locations were not publicised or promoted to ensure realistic consumer feedback and negate any chances of overcrowding. Sky reps were on hand in each of the pubs to organise the trials and secure feedback.

For yesterday's coverage, Sky ran the build-up in 2D over a 3D signal, with the full live 3D feed coming into force at the start of the game. A separate commentator was used for the 3D broadcast, who proclaimed it at kick-off as a "moment of television history".

He added that 3D will "give us a real opportunity to admire the movement of this Arsenal team". Unfortunately, the Arsenal players subsequently put in an insipid display, losing 3-1 to Manchester United.

Certainly, the game was the star here, but the 3D broadcast brought as much significance, it being the first real shaft of daylight on Sky's 3D channel, which will launch this year for pubs and Sky+ HD-enabled households. However, for some viewers the match coverage may have lacked much of a sense of spectacle, as the effect of the 3D remains surprisingly subtle.

When Arsenal changed its club badge in 2002 from the long-held Victoria Concordia Crescit crest, the slogan used was "evolution not revolution", and Sky's 3D coverage for football appears to reflect that motif.

As players from both teams walked out onto the pitch, the sense of depth seemed impressive as they appeared to almost come out of the screen. However, during the actual match coverage, the effect was less noticeable.

In 3D, the pitch appears slightly more slanted, with the players almost plucked up from the surface. In certain shots, the crowd pops out from the screen and slow moving sequences involving player close-ups work very well. On a flat playing surface the 3D effect can sometimes appear slightly lost, but it also never gets in the way of enjoying the in-built spectacle of a football match.

A real triumph for the football coverage was the use of 3D graphics, especially the team formations which appeared to zoom out of the screen and become almost touchable.

There is a sense, though, that the 3D footage taken by Sky from the ATP tennis tournament at the O2 arena last year was more impressive, with players flying out of the corners of the court. Sky apparently has high hopes for golf, but it will certainly be a matter of experimenting to see which sports really work well in 3D.

Wearing the 3D glasses - which are like 1980s Ray Bans - was not as bad as first feared, with flatter options for anyone who already wears spectacles. After a while of wearing the glasses, it's easy to forget that they are on. There is a still an issue of how comfortable people will feel wearing them for long periods of time, but the discomfort is minimal for a 45-minute half of football.

Having seen little value in Quad HD, or super HD and buoyed by the success of 3D blockbuster Avatar - Sky recently consulted with the film's director James Cameron about possibilities of the technology - Sky is going in hard on 3D with confidence that it will bring more opportunities for marketing, sales and, of course, prestige.

Speaking about technical arrangements for the Emirates coverage, Lenz explained that it was being filmed by seven 3D camera rigs around the ground, but touchline cameras could not be used as they would have got in the way of other set ups. Sky used 3Ality Digital's rigs and production equipment for the game, after recently agreeing a strategic partnership with the firm.

Lenz said that the Sky Sports team wanted to create a "realistic view" of the game, which was "all about the story and what's happening". He added that 3D will never be able "make bad content look good", which was not really a danger at such as high-tempo football clash.

When the service rolls out to more pubs in April, the channel will carry one sporting event each week in 3D, most likely a Premier League game, along with a preview reel for the rest of the schedule.

Sky believes that breweries may want to run branded glasses or other promotions to capitalise on the myriad commercial opportunities available around 3D. However, there also questions about how glasses will be managed to negate excessive breakage or theft.

02-02-2010, 10:02
Ten under fire for mocking mentally ill

Mental health advocates have criticised Channel Ten's new station promotion.

The adverts, which feature stars such as presenter Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Neighbours actress Margot Robbie, comedian Mikey Robbins and Shaun Micallef, have been accused of mocking the mentally ill.

In the clips, Bassingthwaighte is seen crying hysterically, Robbins rocks in his chair and Robbie mindlessly strums on a toy guitar.

A spokesperson for Lifeline told The Daily Telegraph: "They make a joke of what can be a really important process for those dealing with a mental health crisis and if it discourages even one person from seeking out this sort of help or support that is not on.''

Barbara Hocking from Sane Australia, said she was "disappointed'' in the celebrities for taking part in an advertisement which "mocked and trivialised'' mental health support groups. She said that people with mental health issues "are getting a bit sick of being the butt of jokes".

A representative for the Ten Network said that the promotion "pokes fun at Ten. Only Ten."

02-02-2010, 10:04
More HD from UPC Romania

UPC has added two more HD channels to its offer in Romania as of today (February 1).

Media Expres reports that the channels in question are National Geographic HD and Sport.ro HD.

UPC launched its HD offer in Romania last October and up until today it consisted of six channels, namely TVR HD, Pro TV HD, HBO HD, Eurosport HD, History HD and Fashion TV HD.

It has also introduced CineStar, a package of three pay-TV movie channels, to its offer.

UPC’s digital subscribers can in total now receive 119 channels.

02-02-2010, 10:07
PN turns 30 with sport film series

ESPN has unveiled plans to celebrate its 30th anniversary by broadcasting 30 exclusive sport documentaries created by renowned filmmakers.

Titled 30 For 30, the series will feature well-known directors - including Barry Levinson, Ron Shelton and John Singleton - telling various stories that have played a part in the past 30 years of sporting history.

The films will be televised in stages over the course of 2010 on both ESPN and ESPN America to celebrate 30 years of the sports broadcaster.

On February 16 at 7pm, the first of seven films to premiere exclusively on ESPN America will be Hancock director Peter Berg's Kings Ransom, examining the transfer of NHL star Wayne Gretsky to Los Angeles which transformed the hockey league overnight.

Next up will be Oscar-winner Levinson's The Band That Wouldn't Die, about the move of NFL team the Colts from their original home in Baltimore told from the perspective of their marching band.

Other highlights include Albert Maysles and Bradley Kaplan's portrayal of an aging Muhammad Ali taking on an unprecedented fourth heavyweight title fight against Larry Holmes in Muhammad And Larry.

From April, the remaining 23 films will premiere on both ESPN America and ESPN, with scheduling information to be released shortly. All 30 For 30 films will then be re-shown on ESPN Classic in October.

02-02-2010, 10:17
BBC Radio 1 to launch weekly chart update

BBC Radio 1 has unveiled plans to introduce a weekly chart update to its schedule giving a clear picture of how new singles and albums are selling.

Starting on March 10, the Official Chart Update will run on Greg James's show every Wednesday afternoon between 3.30pm and 4pm.

Launched in partnership with the Official Charts Company, the bulletin will detail how new singles and albums are faring in the charts, along with showcasing popular tracks and high-climbers.

The update will be based on 'sales flash' data circulated by the Official Charts Company to the music industry every Wednesday morning.

It is designed to 'build the suspense' ahead of the official singles and albums chart run-down on Radio 1's The Chart Show, which is broadcast every Sunday from 4pm to 7pm.

Presented by Reggie Yates, the show reaches 1.43 million people every week, constituting around 13% of the listening audience at that time.

BBC Radio 1 head of music George Ergatoudis said: "I've no doubt the Official Chart Update will encourage fans to go out and support their favourite acts, because for the first time they'll really be able to really see the difference they make in the weekly chart battle and then tune in on Sundays to find out who has won."

Official Charts Company managing director Martin Talbot added: "The launch of this Official Chart Update will mean that, for the first time, music fans will get a reliable insight into how the race for number one is shaping up, ahead of the announcement of the weekly official singles and albums charts on Radio 1 every Sunday. It will bring the chart to music fans across the country throughout the week."

02-02-2010, 10:19
CL final pips Super Bowl in TV ratings

The UEFA Champions League final replaced the NFL's Super Bowl last year as the most watched annual sporting event, a new survey has revealed.

Staged on May 27, Manchester United's game against Barcelona pulled in an audience of 109m, growing to 206m when factoring in people who watched just part of the coverage.

In comparison, the Super Bowl on February 1 between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals attracted 106m, while its total audience standing at 162m.

In third place on the most-watched list was the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, which closed the Formula 1 season with an audience of 54m.

The men's 100 meters final at the athletics world championships, which saw a world record set by Jamaican Usain Bolt, came in fourth with 33m.

The figures, revealed in a report by London-based agency Initiative Futures Sports and Entertainment, show the ratings power of sporting events in a year without a World Cup or Olympic Games.

While acknowledging that both the Champions League and NFL continue to grow in popularity, the report said that the former is showing more energy for expansion.

The ability of UEFA's showpiece final to open up the Asian market was noted as the main differentiating factor between the two events.

The report's director Kevin Alavay said: "The Champions League has been better able to exploit the large burgeoning populations of the Asia-Pacific region.

"While the Super Bowl has secured free-to-air broadcasting deals in a number of important European markets such as the UK, France and Germany, its distribution and popularity in the key Asia-Pacific region lags far behind the Champions League."

02-02-2010, 10:20
Telefónica buys another 1% of Digital+

Telefónica buys another 1% of Digital+

Spain's main telco Telefónica now owns 22% of Sogecable's satellite pay-TV operator Digital+ after buying an additional 1% of the operator. The move was revealed by a report from Sogecable’s owner Prisa sent to stock market regulator, the CNMV.

The operation equals the terms of the contract signed last November 25 between Sogecable and Telefónica through which the operator got 21% of Digital+ for €470 million, of which €240 million was paid in cash.

By means of this operation the telco evens its stake up with that of Mediaset's Telecinco, which at the end of last year signed an agreement with Sogecable to buy 22% of Digital+.

According to newspaper El Mundo, a source from Prisa said in order to be able to work in a "definite and strong way" with the two new partners, the easiest way is to have an equal distribution of shares for both. That was cited as the motivation for Telefónica acquiring another 1% of the satellite pay-TV operator. This way two minor partners coexist on the same level, with Sogecable controlling 56% of the operator.

Finally Telefónica will have the right to name two members of the board of the operator, one of whom will be the vice-president while Prisa will have the right to name the operator's president.

02-02-2010, 10:22
Forget iPads, iPods: TV is all-important

A report from market research consultancy Greenlight suggests that despite the obvious media interest in anything that emerges from Apple, what actually matters to consumers is the more humble TV set.

According to Greenlight’s latest study (into the UK ‘brown goods’ retail sector) the number of UK consumer searches for brown goods overall exceeded 20 million in November 2009, a jump of almost 5 million on October’s 15.2 million and an increase of 7 million when compared to September’s total. ‘Brown goods’ is the name given to cover TVs and entertainment hardware. ‘White goods’ refers to fridges, washing machines and the like.

Greenlight’s research covered five segments – entertainment products, TV’s, DVD players and recorders, PC’s and laptops and camera’s and camcorders. To gauge the audience size and a profile of how UK Google users went about their search for brown goods, Greenlight used industry data to classify 940 keywords of the most popular search terms and totalled the number of times each one was used. Greenlight’s report is based on search volumes for the last quarter, with a focus on November to give a more in-depth analysis.

‘Televisions’ is the most popularly searched for term followed by ‘iPod’ then ‘MP3 players’ says the study. Accounting for over a third of November’s searches, the entertainment products comprising MP3 players, personal video players, audio and iPod products, together with brand terms such as Logitech and Apple, were the most popular. Combined, they accounted for over a third (7.5 million) of November’s searches.

However, with a 13% share (2.7 million searches), the term ‘Televisions’ was by far the most popular individual brown goods search term. ‘iPod’, its nearest rival followed with 9%, then ‘MP3 players’ with 6%.

02-02-2010, 10:23
Cuatro's purchase in March

A meeting of Telecinco executives to oversee the merger of the channel’s operations with that of Sogecable’s Cuatro hs reportedly set the final date for the merger for March.

At the end of 2009, Mediaset's Spanish channel Telecinco reached an agreement with Sogecable's Cuatro to merge. According to newspaper Expansión, Mediaset's vice-president Pier Silvio Berlusconi recently gathered in Madrid with a group of Telecinco's executives to oversee the operation. From this meeting came the intention of finalizing the merger in two months’ time. Due diligence has yet to spring any surprises on Mediaset's management.

The integration of Sogecable's channel will therefore be set for June, although Spain and Europe's competition authorities will have the final word.

According to the terms of the agreement Telecinco will control the management of the merged group and will integrate Cuatro into Telecinco through an exchange of shares. In exchange, Sogecable's owner Prisa will have 18.3% of the new company, which will be valued at €2,980 million

02-02-2010, 10:25
Fourth German thematic channel insolvent

The economic crisis has taken another scalp: German thematic channel Tier.TV (Animal.TV) has filed for insolvency, marking the fourth digital channel after e.clips, XXHome and TIMM that has gone down this path in recent weeks.

Managing director Carl Claussen confirmed the move to industry newsletter Horizont, but stressed that the channel wants to get out of the insolvency proceedings after successful restructuring through new investors.

“For us, the temporary insolvency is just a transition period which is destined to help us continuing the healthy parts of the company. We are currently negotiating with investors from which we expect fresh capital to secure the future of the channel. This is done in collaboration with our preliminary insolvency administrator,” explained Claussen. He added that digital television was going through tough times in Germany at the moment, but that the channel’s expanded website has proven to be very popular.

Last year, the first signs of financial problems at Tier.TV already appeared: In February 2009, the free-to-air channel announced it would make several employees redundant because of the decline in advertising income provoked by the economic crisis. Since May 2009, Tier.TV can only be received on the internet as cable and satellite transmissions were terminated to save costs. And subsequently-announced plans to return to cable and satellite platforms as a pay-TV service did not happen.

With advisory, service and entertainment programmes focusing on pets, domestic animals and native wildlife, Tier.TV targets viewers who love, own and protect animals. The channel, which launched in June 2007, is backed by Berlin-based media company United Screen Entertainment.

02-02-2010, 15:08
Zee angry over new channel halt

Indian broadcaster Zee TV is angry over the government’s decision to suspend the permission process for uplinking TV channels in the country, over which the government cited concerns on capacity.

Zee argues that neither the government nor the Telecoms Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) have any place in decisions over how many channels broadcast in India.

An Essel Group (Zee’s parent) spokesperson was quoted by local newspaper The Financial Express, saying “We do not believe that even the basic premise of various issues raised by I&B ministry is valid i.e. that the Trai or the I&B can determine the number of channels which can be licensed in India. They have no such right to determine, limit or control the number of channels…This would be similar to restricting the licence for a newspaper based on the premise that sufficient newsprint is not produced or available in the country.”

India already has some 500 TV channels broadcasting, with about 160 waiting for permission from the govermnent to start uplinking. Zee argues that should restrictions be put on how many channels can uplink, broadcasters will merely move their operations elsewhere in the region, and beam into India from outside.

Other players in the sector, including teleport operators, have also criticised the government’s halting of the permission process, arguing that there is capacity available for new channels so the process being stopped is unnecessary.

02-02-2010, 15:09
Orbit Showtime relaunches

Following on from its ‘merger’ last July, Dubai’s Orbit-Showtime Network is relaunching today, Feb 1.

Pay-TV operator Orbit-Showtime Network will relaunch today with a new look and 8 new channels. Three will be in high-definition. However, viewers cannot yet receive the new HD channels unless they’ve a brand new set-top box and this will not be available for a few weeks.

Marc-Antoine d’Halluin, CEO at the broadcaster, said it would be about 9 months before all subscribers get a new box. “It’s not a box that you can buy in the market,” d’Halluin said. “We will only be providing these boxes to new and existing subscribers only. It’s going to take six to nine months to complete because we’ve got hundreds of thousands of subscribers,” he claimed.

The three new HDTV services are OSN Movies HD, Nat Geo Wild HD and Discovery HD, while the five new standard channels are OSN Variety, Scripps’ Food Network, MTV Networks-owned BET (Black Entertainment TV), Discovery’s Investigation Discovery (ID) and OSN Arabia – claimed to be the region’s first 24-hour Western entertainment channel dubbed entirely into Arabic.

“We expect to recoup the cost of the relaunch simply by growing our subscribers because we’ll have content that’s unique. Not everyone speaks English, and some people will want to watch movies or series in their own language,” d’Halluin told Dubai’s Arabian Business.

Mr d’Halluin denied that Orbit Showtime would miss exclusive rights to the English premiership soccer games at the end of this season. “It makes no economic sense for us to compete with the states of Qatar and Abu Dhabi. We don’t have the same resources. But we bring a lot more value in a different kind of content than sports," d'Halluin said.

He also said that piracy was a major problem in the region, and local estimates suggest that some 1.5m homes were viewing his content illegally. “The main form (of piracy) in Saudi is through the internet connected to the Dreambox and we will make sure new systems prevent this - we are losing too much money,” d’Halluin said, but gave no estimates about past losses which are believed to be significant.

More channels, including 5 in HDTV, are promised for later this year.

Nick Grande, the managing director of Channel Sculptor, a television consultancy based in Dubai, told The National newspaper, that such a swap was “do-able” but represented a major investment for the company. “It’s an interesting play,” Grande said. “The argument might be that you are losing the EPL but you are gaining high definition, and nobody else has got it. It’s a way of persuading those subscribers that there is something worth sticking around for.”

02-02-2010, 15:10
OSN set to battle piracy with HD STBs

Orbit Showtime Network (OSN) has announced the rollout of new set top boxes (STBs) free of charge from today to existing subscribers to enable them to enjoy its newly launched High Definition bouquet of channels. The STBs, however, will be rolled out in phases and will be available to all OSN subscribers within the next six to twelve months.

“We are the first operator in the region to announce a HD bouquet, which presently includes OSN Movies HD, Discovery HD and Nat Geo Wild HD,” stated Marc-Antoine d’Halluin, CEO of OSN at a press conference to formally announce the new name of the pay TV operator.

“You can enjoy this HD experience only with our new OSN STB, which will be distributed free-of-charge to all our subscribers within the year. These boxes also support Dolby Digital sound so you will be able to enjoy the full-HD experience.”
d’Halluin added that the new technology, which has been developed in-house by the operator, is “essential to view our HD channels” and will also “better secure our platform”.

The STBs, however, offer basic features for the moment, such as allowing viewers to choose between English and Arabic languages. However, HD-DVR and on-demand features will be available later.

“You must remember that we have launched this new technology six months after our merger,” argued d’Halluin.

“It usually takes at least two years to develop a new generation of technology. But in just a few months from now, we will also have the Show box HD and HD-DVR features as well for our subscribers,” he added.

OSN also announced that it will add another five HD channels to its HD bouquet by this summer.

03-02-2010, 18:49
Orbit Showtime relaunches

Following on from its ‘merger’ last July, Dubai’s Orbit-Showtime Network is relaunching today, Feb 1.

Pay-TV operator Orbit-Showtime Network will relaunch today with a new look and 8 new channels. Three will be in high-definition. However, viewers cannot yet receive the new HD channels unless they’ve a brand new set-top box and this will not be available for a few weeks.

Marc-Antoine d’Halluin, CEO at the broadcaster, said it would be about 9 months before all subscribers get a new box. “It’s not a box that you can buy in the market,” d’Halluin said. “We will only be providing these boxes to new and existing subscribers only. It’s going to take six to nine months to complete because we’ve got hundreds of thousands of subscribers,” he claimed.

The three new HDTV services are OSN Movies HD, Nat Geo Wild HD and Discovery HD, while the five new standard channels are OSN Variety, Scripps’ Food Network, MTV Networks-owned BET (Black Entertainment TV), Discovery’s Investigation Discovery (ID) and OSN Arabia – claimed to be the region’s first 24-hour Western entertainment channel dubbed entirely into Arabic.

“We expect to recoup the cost of the relaunch simply by growing our subscribers because we’ll have content that’s unique. Not everyone speaks English, and some people will want to watch movies or series in their own language,” d’Halluin told Dubai’s Arabian Business.

Mr d’Halluin denied that Orbit Showtime would miss exclusive rights to the English premiership soccer games at the end of this season. “It makes no economic sense for us to compete with the states of Qatar and Abu Dhabi. We don’t have the same resources. But we bring a lot more value in a different kind of content than sports," d'Halluin said.

He also said that piracy was a major problem in the region, and local estimates suggest that some 1.5m homes were viewing his content illegally. “The main form (of piracy) in Saudi is through the internet connected to the Dreambox and we will make sure new systems prevent this - we are losing too much money,” d’Halluin said, but gave no estimates about past losses which are believed to be significant.

More channels, including 5 in HDTV, are promised for later this year.

Nick Grande, the managing director of Channel Sculptor, a television consultancy based in Dubai, told The National newspaper, that such a swap was “do-able” but represented a major investment for the company. “It’s an interesting play,” Grande said. “The argument might be that you are losing the EPL but you are gaining high definition, and nobody else has got it. It’s a way of persuading those subscribers that there is something worth sticking around for.”

04-02-2010, 11:09
Satellites Arabsat 5A and 5B recommend Proton-M

The Russian government has approved the launch from the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan Arab satellites Arabsat Arabsat 5A, and 5B. This means that their mission will be carried out using Proton-M/Breeze-M launchers. Satellites will be built by EADS Astrium and Thales Alenia Space on the Eurostar 3000 platform, and will start their weight were 4800 kg and 5400 kg.

Arabsat 5A will be equipped with 16 transponders in C band and 24 Ku-band transponders, will replace the Arabsat 2B satellite at orbital position 30.5 E. By contrast, satellite Arabsat 5B will have 56 Ku-band transponders, and its target is 26E orbital position.

07-02-2010, 16:53
EPL going online in Mid-East/Nth Africa

Sunday, 07 February 2010 04:41

Stand by for a total broadband collapse in the Mid-East/North Africa! The English Premier League soccer matches are to be offered online from the start of this autumn’s season.

Abu Dhabi Media Company (ADMC), which owns and publishes The National newspaper (which broke the news), won a three-year contract for exclusive regional rights to broadcast the English soccer matches last year, but until now had not revealed how it planned to broadcast matches. Its television arm is made up of free-to-air satellite channels that EPL restrictions prohibit from broadcasting games because they might bleed into other regions. It was widely assumed within the industry that ADMC would resell its rights to a pay-TV broadcaster, or sub-licence them to terrestrial television in certain markets.

But Edward Borgerding, the chief executive of ADMC, rejected this model, saying that the move was a bid to help ramp up high-speed internet penetration in the region. “We bought the English Premier League, and you can look at this, and you can buy boxes and you can buy [smart] cards, and you can ship it out to something that the pirates in six months will hack, but the costs just sink the business,” Borgerding told The National. “We’ve seen it sink the pay-TV industry here since it started. Or is there a way to say, why don’t we distribute this online? Broadband is growing. Etisalat and du are taking broadband to people’s homes. Why don’t you just distribute football games online at zero cost? Well, that’s what we intend to do.”

The service would work similarly to the way Major League Baseball webcasting works in the US, in which viewers pay a $15 monthly fee for the right to stream games through online video. Viewers will have a choice between two methods of viewing the games over broadband – either web television or internet protocol television (IPTV) – or, in markets without good broadband penetration, a subscription to a high-definition satellite pay-TV service, delivered through a set-top box. Each offering will have a different price, and all offerings will be able to viewed on television screens if desired.

“This is something that we are going to try to drive into the marketplace in the Middle East now,” Borgerding said. “We are going to price it differentially, because it’s cheaper to do it online. We want to drive people to do this because it’s in our self interest to do this.”

His plan for distributing the EPL fell in line with two trends he highlighted for all media – the growing importance of partnerships with telecommunications companies, and the creation of subscription models to monetise media as it converges toward a single digital format. “The long-term future of media is going to be a subscription model,” he said. “Consumers will pay for things that they like. They will pay for content that they like and that they need. I think that’s the future, some combination of advertising-supported and subscription.”

Far from bemoaning the internet’s erosion of the profit margins of traditional media, Mr Borgerding celebrated all that telecoms and media companies had to gain from each other. He called the migration to the web a “perfect storm of win wins” for both sides. Broadband’s higher monthly bill creates more revenues for telecoms, while its greater capacity opens up new ways for media companies to make money. “For content owners, the fact that there are millions of people now hooking up to broadband around the world creates a model for us to monetise our content through those businesses,” he said.

07-02-2010, 16:55
Court ruling today for Eutelsat

Sunday, 07 February 2010

A Paris commercial court has spent the past few days listening to an emergency action brought by Georgia’s public broadcasting TV station GPB, and Eutelsat. A verdict is due Monday.

Last week Eutelsat firmly denied being in any way culpable in the station being taken off air, saying that it had no contract with the broadcaster. GPB alleges that Eutelsat has censored its transmissions because of Russian pressure.

GPB is seeking serious damages, to the tune of €50,000 a day if Eutelsat does not put its transmissions back on air, on its W7 satellite.

07-02-2010, 16:57
And another Eutelsat banning!
Sunday, 07 February 2010

Eutelsat has, according to BBC Monitoring, removed another channel. This time it’s an Arabic channel, but not the first to be taken off air.

Eutelsat, already in trouble over a Chinese dissident channel, and the Georgia public broadcaster, has allegedly removed a Yemeni expatriate channel. The company which backs the Aden Channel, says it went dark on Friday evening, Feb 5. Aden Channel was broadcasting from Eutelsat’s Atlantic Bird 4A craft, which sits alongside Nilesat.

In fairness to Eutelsat it is not precisely clear as to who was providing capacity to the Aden Channel. It might have been any number of wholesale suppliers and Eutelsat might not have had a direct relationship with the Aden Channel.

BBC Monitoring reports on a piece in the ’26 September’ website which says that the decision to stop the channel was the result of “many efforts made by government agencies, lawyers, and Yemeni expatriates in the United States and Britain, who have filed complaints regarding the channel's broadcasting of hatred, inciting violence, fuelling sectarian and regional discord, and rancour among the Yemenis, and promoting killing as well as acts of sabotage and terrorism.”

The ’26 September’ report says the secessionist Aden Channel was “broadcasting in violation of the laws that regulate satellite broadcast in the United States and Britain”.

07-02-2010, 17:01
OTT content: threat or opportunity?

Sunday, 07 February 2010

Some pay-TV operators are extremely anxious about the threat from Over The Top (OTT) supply of content to their business. OTT was high on the agenda at Rapid TV News’ Round Table on Conditional Access.

The theories are simple enough. If viewers can get zero or low-cost access to catch-up TV services such as the BBC’s iPlayer, or YouTube, or if a powerful organisation like Sony which has access to its own Hollywood studio content and runs a vertically integrated business right down to its own TV sets, then who needs set-top boxes, or pay-TV aggregators?

Steve Christian, VP/marketing at San Diego-based Verimatrix, said that for his clients attack was the best form of defence. “I think that the strong relationship that a pay-TV operator has, whether to a subscriber or subscriber household, [is the best form of attack]. Opinions can vary about the actual threat that Ethernet-delivered video, OTT video poses to that kind of relationship, but it is inevitable that the more screens there are in a home, the less people who will actually be watching the main source of video in the living room. The main concern is where are those eyeballs going? Are all the people capturing those transactional and appetizing revenue streams that rightly belong to me, the guy with the main relationship? And so the attack factor here is to actually offer services under the umbrella of the pay-TV subscription relationship. To actually target those additional screens and supply a monetised OTT offer combined with the traditional pay-TV offer, which becomes the next kind of Holy Grail of service delivery, and that is the kind of thing that we are helping enable our customers to do.”

NDS’ Howard Silverman said there are many new entrants trying to elbow in onto this new world order. “The answer is quite simple, [which is] that the existing pay-TV operators can quite simply extend their existing offer to include OTT content. There are challenges with that. There is the whole new user experience, and you will be able to get more content and more operator content onto more screens. The challenge for the pay-TV market is to build and to extend the reach of the service offering to those additional screens. Now, at the end of day, we are looking at protecting premium content or valuable content whether it is live sport, or movies, or reality TV, and extending it to multiple screens. So, OTT can certainly play that role. I certainly see from where NDS is going, CA/DRM Solutions to cover that [activity], and our Middleware extends to include that kind of offering. It is in the market today.”

Graham Turner, VP/strategic marketing at Nagra Kudelski, says many viewers like these extra OTT services. “Regardless of whether you have extra OTT services or an adjunct to the services they get in the moment, it is very much a trend. Actually, I want to see the content that I want to see, where I want to see it, when I want to see it. The good operators will respond to that by providing start over and catch-up TV, for instance. Provided you can deliver what people need, then people tend to stay with an operator, provided they get the service they need and do not feel that that they are losing out. So, I think that there will be a tendency for the good operators will extend what they offer, and provide over the top content, they will provide the unified web to access OTT, and they will allow people to start over and catch up, and in that way those [services] might be over the top. Yes, there will be a nice demonstration in the store, ‘look at these widgets you have in your box anyway’, but if you have to go and get some of your movies from one studio, some from another, then suddenly you’re dealing with multiple providers.”

Alex Borland, director/business development at Belfast-based Latens, argues that in some markets OTT content is now generating huge viewer interest. “We know in the UK that the broadband networks across the UK were almost at breaking point because of the arrival of the BBC’s iPlayer. So, it is an incredibly important aspect to our business, and yes, I do see it as potentially defensive move by our traditional customers, the pay-TV operators. But also it is an opportunity, it is actually both. There are two main elements for a successful pay-TV operator to maintain his position and also to monetise and move forward with OTT services and gain further traction in this market and gain further market share. The two things are: very strong content strategies that look at how they can make or avail themselves with certain new types of content either through their own production, or either through partnerships with production houses, so that they can really maintain a call from the consumer’s face that says, you know, ‘I am offering something that is unique and different’.”

07-02-2010, 17:04
SpongeBob leaps forward in Chinese internet
Sunday, 07 February 2010

MTV Networks has become the first international broadcaster to provide officially sanctioned online video content in China, with a new Nickelodeon online joint venture.

In collaboration with the internet arm of Chinese state broadcaster CCTV, MTV Networks China has launched nick.cctv.com, the first co-branded website to offer video streaming of Nickelodeon content to Chinese audiences.

The advertiser-supported site will launch with a variety of original Nickelodeon content including online games, wallpapers and episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants available for streaming. Later this year, episodes of Dora the Explorer and content based on other Nickelodeon properties including CatDog will be featured on the site.

Nick.cctv.com will be promoted to a television audience of over 300 million households on CCTV1 and 250 million households on children’s channel CCTV14.

SpongeBob SquarePants is already broadcast on CCTV1 and CCTV14. From November 2009 to January 2010, the show was the third highest rated programme on CCTV1, attracting an audience of more than 12.2 million viewers and an 9.24 share of viewers aged 4-14 according to CSM Media Research.

Mei Yan, Managing Director of MTV Networks China, said: “The co-branded site will allow on-demand access to a range of Nickelodeon content including video streaming of our biggest hits, marking a historic first for an international broadcaster in China. As one of the world's leading kid’s entertainment brands, we will work closely with CCTV.com to make this platform a fun and interactive way for Chinese audiences to engage with Nickelodeon.”

Wang Wenbin, General Manager of CCTV.com, said: “The platform nick.cctv.com will take full advantage of CCTV.com’s state-of-the-art technology, providing streaming, on-demand, and interactive broadcasting of video along with many other services. By virtue of Nickelodeon’s popular content and CCTV.com’s strong communication capacity and technological platform, we believe nick.cctv.com will become the online destination for Chinese children.”

And there is likely to be more to come from MTV Networks in China. Indra Suharjono, Executive Vice President and Managing Director, MTV Networks North and Southeast Asia, added: “Our relationship with CCTV goes from strength to strength, and I couldn’t be more pleased to make this historic move with such esteemed partners as CCTV.com. We hope to continue to make such historic strides within China, bringing our content to more platforms across the mainland.”

07-02-2010, 17:06
Hulu confirms European expansion
Sunday, 07 February 2010

huluUS-based video portal Hulu has confirmed that a move to Europe is on the agenda. “Of course, we’ll come. We want to establish Hulu in every country of the world. Germany and the UK are on top of our list,” CEO Jason Kilar told German industry magazine w&v.

Rights issues have to be cleared for each country first. “This is a lot of work, but ultimately just a question of time,” said Kilar.

The online platform, which launched in March 2008, offers movies, series, sports, music and other full-length TV content for free. The advertising-financed service currently contains 70,000 titles from 200 partners; however, access is restricted to the USA for copyright reasons.

Kilar believes that many critical issues in the whole distribution chain for content will disappear, pointing to the fact that content providers could globally reach consumers through the internet at decreasing costs. “And this alone is a major change.”

But this would not affect traditional distribution methods for TV content, at least for now, he added. “Despite the 29 billion videos currently being viewed each month, primetime TV viewing has been growing in the USA for years. Classic television certainly hasn’t reached its end.”

Kilar said that Hulu’s shareholders Walt Disney, News Corp and NBC Universal fully support the expansion plans, albeit pointing out: “We have to acquire our rights just like other TV distribution platforms. No content owner will give us something for free.”

07-02-2010, 17:08
NHK absorbs MICO

Sunday, 07 February 2010

Japan’s public broadcaster NHK has taken its international video distribution arm in house.

Media International Corp (MICO), which is well-known around the world as NHK’s international business arm, is to be merged with NHK’s main programme-making subsidiary, NHK Enterprises Inc. The overall aim is to strengthen NHK’s international operations.

NEP produces programs in a wide range of genres and forms the core of NHK’s domestic content business. MICO has a record of success in marketing NHK programs overseas and in acquiring overseas programs for NHK and other domestic broadcasters. The creation of a new NEP through the merger will enable a single company to strategically distribute NHK content domestically and internationally.

NHK will continue building on its achievements in major co-productions and in producing rich content in diverse genres. The launch of the new NEP will generate new strengths in terms of international production and marketing, thereby boosting the NHK brand on a global scale.

07-02-2010, 17:09
TV Loonland ready for asset sale
Sunday, 07 February 2010

Not so many years ago TV Loonland enjoyed one of the larger sales booths at places like the MIPtv programming market. Now its bankrupt assets are ready for sale.

Its primary programme rights, including top-draw shows like the ever-popular Transformers and GI Joe series, have been taken back by their original rights’ holders. KPMG is handling the sale of the company’s remaining assets.

A statement from TV Loonland’s lawyers, handling the insolvency, says: “The insolvent TV-Loonland AG is now prepared to start the sales process of its assets (movies) in a structured process run by KPMG. Following the information of the preliminary insolvency administrator, the Munich attorney Dr. Wolfgang Ott, the focus lays on the realisation of the company’s assets (movies), including i.e. Pettson and Findus, Cramp Twins, Raymond or The Owl, and further still ongoing productions. It seems to be rather unlikely to sell the entire business operation to an investor.”

The preparations were difficult, because the information and documentation necessary for the sales process first had to be concentrated and cleared from the different locations of TV Loonland AG, namely London, Paris and Munich (Unterföhring). However, this is now nearly finished. Those interested parties already known to the seller will receive the information necessary for beginning the sales process in the next few days. Other interested parties are invited to obtain information by KPMG via email: De-project-fairytale@kpmg.com (De-project-fairytale@kpmg.com) This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

The transfer will last at least until the end of March 2010 and start only after the commencement of the insolvency proceedings. It is deemed to have the commencement of these proceedings early March 2010.

07-02-2010, 17:11
Hathway sets IPO price

Sunday, 07 February 2010

Hathway Cable, the Indian MSO backed by News Corp, has set the price for its IPO on February 9-11, and is hoping to raise over Rs5 billion.

The company will sell 20 million shares, plus another 7.75 million from investors, for between Rs240-265 per share. The total issue constitutes around 19.4% of the company’s post-issue capital. About 60% of the shares will be sold to institutional buyers, non-institutional investors 10% and retail investors 30%.

Proceeds from the issue will be used to fund digital upgrade and broadband infrastructure work, plus subscriber acquisition including new set-top boxes.

Morgan Stanley India Co Pvt Ltd, UBS Securities India Pvt Ltd and Kotak Mahindra Capital Co Ltd are managing the issue.

07-02-2010, 17:13
TI’s sexy new chip: 8 simultaneous channels
Sunday, 07 February 2010

Texas Instrument has unveiled its latest powerful ‘DaVinci’ video chip.

This is an impressive device. Snappily named as its TMS320-DM6467T chip (why can’t they call it Mavis, or Fred or something?) this is Texas Inst’s top of the range DaVinci high-speed processor, capable of handling H264 video at 1080p, and at 60 frames/second. It’s a 1 GHz single-chip video processor that can multi-task quite easily.

The processor, says TI, “also provides optimized imaging support and the advanced video processing capabilities required to support up to eight simultaneous channels of H.264 D1 real-time video encoding. The DM6467T offers developers the ability to create multi-format video supporting multiple channels, superior compression technology and advanced processing capabilities such as analytics. It also substantially lowers system cost while increasing system functionality and offering flexibility with a programmable on-chip digital signal processor (DSP).”

07-02-2010, 17:14
Al Jazeera Sports wants to eradicate piracy by removing Viaccess 2.6

Those responsible for security in Al Jazeera Sports has already proposed to eliminate the most vulnerable Simulcrypt version of Viaccess, which is the PC version 2.6, currently the hackers have gained access to channels that are broadcast from the orbital position of 13 º This satellite Eutelsat Hot Bird 9.

This would be activated only version 3.0 of encryption developed by the company France Telecom being implemented in order to avoid also the phenomenon cardsharing (KeyFly Xtrem 2.0).

At the moment there is still no specific expiration date for the elimination of PC 2.6 and so eliminate that affects pitareía popular sports network in Qatar.

07-02-2010, 17:16
Piracy encourages the sale of counterfeit cards

Notice to mariners to the apparently emerging piracy of pay TV, according to several reports in the network.

After the fraudulent use is being done with the "opening" of the conditional access system Viaccess PC 2.6, a very specific group has already announced that it has managed to hack the 3.0 version of the encoding of the subsidiary of France Télécom. If this is just confirming in practice, would be a hard whip to specific platforms that use the encryption, such as Al Jazeera Sport, which is considering removing the PC version 2.6 of its satellite channels Eutelsat Hot Bird 9 (13 ° East). The punishment also would arrive for some French channels on CanalSat Astra, among others.

We do not know the veracity of the information but what are witnessing the sale in the smart card market, which supposedly "open" the latter Viaccess encryption. In particular, we are talking about the forged cards Omnia. Apparently, these cards are versions that hackers had prepared only for testing but not for marketing.

The act of buying a smart card to "hijack" a sign of a pay TV is illegal and is a fraud as well as sell more if they then fail to put on the market in general. How could it be otherwise, behind all of the conglomerate are groups trying to bring economic slice of piracy and no matter how it takes place.

09-02-2010, 16:33
Cyfrowy Polsat adds more channels

The leading Polish DTH platform Cyfrowy Polsat is adding four more channels to its offer, two of which are in HD.

Comedy Central, Nat Geo Wild and Nat Geo Wild HD were introduced this weekend and Fox Life HD will be added in April. Comedy Central, Nat Geo Wild and Fox Life HD have been placed in the basic Family package, while Nat Geo Wild HD will be offered in the HD package, which costs PLN15 (€10.96) a month to receive.

Separately, Cyfrowy Polsat has withdrawn E! Entertainment from its offer.

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09-02-2010, 16:35
1.85 million for TNTSat

By Robert Briel
February 9, 2010 08.20 UK

The French DTH platform TNTSat, broadcast via Astra at 19.2 degrees East, posted strong growth with 1.85 million TNTSAT receivers sold as of the end of 2009.

Launched in March 2007, TNTSat offer all free-to-air digital terrestrial channels as a free-to-view alternative on satellite. The platform enjoyed strong growth in 2008, with 750,000 receivers installed. This trend accelerated in 2009. with 850,000 terminals sold. With the transition to digital reception only at its beginning, further growth can be expected in 2010 and 2011.

With TNTSat, viewers are able to receive all the channels from the French digital terrestrial offer: 18 free-to-air channels, France O, the 24 regional channels of France 3 as well as four free-to-air channels in HD, TF1 HD, France 2 HD, M6 HD and Arte HD. There is no subscription or decoder rental fee for the service, but a smart card is needed for decryption. TNTSat is operated by the Canal+ Group.

09-02-2010, 16:37
Telenet and KDG offer DOCSIS 3.0

February 9, 2010
Belgium’s Telenet and Germany’s Kabel Deutschland (KDG) have both announced the launch of very high speed broadband access using DOCSIS 3.0 with speeds up to 100 Mbps.

Telenet will offer what it calls Telenet FiberNet across its entire network. The top-tier product offering 100 Mbps will be available from mid-March at €99 a month. With immediate effect, FiberNet is available as a ’shake’ (package) together with an HD PVR and the fixed telephony flat fee rate plan FreePhone Europe for €120 a month.

The operator will also increase download and upload speed for all current customers at no additional cost. The entry-level 4 Mbps access service will now retail at the lower price of €18.90 a month.

The KDG service is initially available in Hamburg and will spread to Munich, Berlin and Hanover within six months; roll out across its entire network follows later. Customers can choose form two bundles of internet and phone service at 60 or 100 Mbps.

The 60Mbps service costs €32.90 per month for the first 12 months (regular price €39.90). The 100Mbps will sell for €42.90 per month (€49.90). The prices include telephony with unlimited calling to fixed line customers in the country

09-02-2010, 16:38
Research says US consumers embrace 3D

February 9, 2010
Americans will embrace 3D, according to consumer insight research from Austin based Zpryme. Following this year’s CES, the consultants followed up the consumer buzz with a timely 3D snapshot.

”3D TV presents a giant leap forward both in terms of technology and the user experience. Consumers are well aware of this and are excited by the prospect of enhanced cinematic immersion and gaming interaction. The naysayers are missing the point here. Adoption will be driven by big ticket content and media events — think broadcast sports, movie night, gaming, and so on. If the success of Avatar confirms anything, it’s that consumers are happy to overlook the perceived shortcomings of 3D ‘done right’,” said Alberto ‘Alex’ Perilla-Gayle, Zpryme director of consumer insights”.

Following the release and subsequent success of Avatar and January’s CES show, 3D has attracted a lot of attention from both consumers and business. The snapshot from Zpryme reflects opinions from all online consumer discussion surrounding 3D HDTV in the weeks prior-to and after CES (December 30, 2009 – January 17, 2010).

The research analysed 744 consumer messages, posted across 47 sources, reaching over 14 million consumers; this represented a rich demographic spectrum, comprised of 61% males, 68% 18-54, and 39% earning $75,000+, according to Zpryme.

The people are amazed by 3DTV’s enhanced viewing experience and the technology itself. Most consumers say 3DTV is ‘long overdue’, ‘revolutionary’ and ‘cool’. However, some worry that 3DTV’s media and content is ‘only a gimmick’ or at best ‘immature.’

Many are concerned about the realities of using 3D glasses day-to-day. Consumers worry that 3D glasses will be ‘uncomfortable to wear’; some say that prolonged viewing will be ‘headache-inducing.’

Many anticipate that buying, using, and keeping track of glasses will be ‘a pain’, and ‘bothersome’. Some simply deride 3D glasses as ’silly’ or ‘geeky’. Many also complain about being ‘pushed’ to upgrade so soon after buying-in to HD. They worry about having to replace equipment and content — they say it is ‘ridiculous’ or ’stupid’.

09-02-2010, 16:40
Dutch DTH prioritises HD

February 9, 2010
The Dutch satellite platform Canal Digitaal is betting on HD to attract new customers. Following SES Astra’s announcement of two new transponders, the company has unveiled its plans.

“We now offer the widest and best choice of HD channels,” said Andrei Noppe, EVP of the M7 Group, during a press briefing. Contracts are now in place to carry all three public broadcasters’ channels Nederland 1, 2 and 3 in HD. “We want to be the logical choice for anyone wanting HD.”

Also, three RTL channels will be available in HD, RTL 4 HD, RTL 5 HD and RTL 7 HD, as well as all three SBS channels, SBS6 HD, Net 5 HD and Veronica HD. The three public HD channels are available as free-to-view.

The HD option is available for an additional €5 a month. “This makes us by far the most economical way of receiving HD,” said Noppe, “A basic analogue subscription costs between €15 and 16 euros, with Canal Digitaal you get a basic SD package for €9.95 plus €5.00 for the HD versions.”

At the same time, the DTH platform has introduced a simplified, four-tiered system of bouquets. The most expensive bouquet is the Top Package, retailing at €24.95.

For premium subscribers, Film1 HD and Sport1 HD will be available, included in the premium subscription price of €9.95 for the full bouquet of Film 1 and Sport1 channels. This includes four movies channels (Film 1, Film 1.2, Film 1.3 and Film1 Action) and two Sport 1 channels.

The HD offer also includes Brava HDTV, NatGeo HD, Discobery HD, History HD, VRT Een HD, Eurosport HD and MTVN HD. In addition, people can receive the free-to-air HD channels Das Erste HD, ZDF HD, Arte HD, Eins Festival HD, BBC HD, LuxeTV HD, Annixe HD and Servis HD.

Over the next few months, Noppe hopes to announce more HD carriage contracts for the platforms. “We have some room on our two additional transponders,” he said.

09-02-2010, 16:41
Triple X and Retelsat leave the Hispasat satellite

Both channels are no longer present in the orbital position 30 º West Hispasat 1C at the 11,931-H MHz frequency after being simultaneously the same signal in recent years. Retelsat emitted by day and Triple X did from midnight, in both cases scrambled channels in the system Viaccess.

In addition, Retelsat also has been sharing its space with other content distributors such as Next TV channel that aired this programming from 15:00 to 18:00 hours.

Retelsat is a Spanish distributor externally-produced content for local television stations in Spain with a wide variety of programs.

Retelsat has an infrastructure that provides a service via satellite. Ship Monday through Friday for about six hours of content in the morning, so that broadcasters can record and the program whenever they consider most appropriate.

Meanwhile, Triple X offered a programming aimed at adults.

09-02-2010, 16:43
Dutch DTH prioritises HD

February 9, 2010
The Dutch satellite platform Canal Digitaal is betting on HD to attract new customers. Following SES Astra’s announcement of two new transponders, the company has unveiled its plans.

“We now offer the widest and best choice of HD channels,” said Andrei Noppe, EVP of the M7 Group, during a press briefing. Contracts are now in place to carry all three public broadcasters’ channels Nederland 1, 2 and 3 in HD. “We want to be the logical choice for anyone wanting HD.”

Also, three RTL channels will be available in HD, RTL 4 HD, RTL 5 HD and RTL 7 HD, as well as all three SBS channels, SBS6 HD, Net 5 HD and Veronica HD. The three public HD channels are available as free-to-view.

The HD option is available for an additional €5 a month. “This makes us by far the most economical way of receiving HD,” said Noppe, “A basic analogue subscription costs between €15 and 16 euros, with Canal Digitaal you get a basic SD package for €9.95 plus €5.00 for the HD versions.”

At the same time, the DTH platform has introduced a simplified, four-tiered system of bouquets. The most expensive bouquet is the Top Package, retailing at €24.95.

For premium subscribers, Film1 HD and Sport1 HD will be available, included in the premium subscription price of €9.95 for the full bouquet of Film 1 and Sport1 channels. This includes four movies channels (Film 1, Film 1.2, Film 1.3 and Film1 Action) and two Sport 1 channels.

The HD offer also includes Brava HDTV, NatGeo HD, Discobery HD, History HD, VRT Een HD, Eurosport HD and MTVN HD. In addition, people can receive the free-to-air HD channels Das Erste HD, ZDF HD, Arte HD, Eins Festival HD, BBC HD, LuxeTV HD, Annixe HD and Servis HD.

Over the next few months, Noppe hopes to announce more HD carriage contracts for the platforms. “We have some room on our two additional transponders,” he said.

10-02-2010, 15:46
German sports channel DSF has confirmed plans to set up a high-definition version of its soon-to-be-rebranded service. The channel, which will be renamed Sport1 on 11 April, has already commenced preparations for the venture.

“We are working on Sport 1 HD,” managing director Zeljko Karajica told industry newsletter DWDL. “Our sister company Plazamedia already produces the games of soccer league Bundesliga completely in HD for LIGA total! and acquired live broadcasting rights are also offered to us in HD. Our Bundesliga analysis show and our new car format are being produced in HD as well. The rights and know-how is already there, the course has been set.”

Karajica, however, didn’t specify whether the HD channel would be ready for launch this year. “The earlier the better. But that’s not completely up to us. More can’t be said on this at the moment.” He also didn’t elaborate on distribution platforms. In November 2009 financial newspaper Handelsblatt reported that the broadcaster was negotiating with satellite operator SES Astra about carriage on its DTH platform HD+.

10-02-2010, 15:47
The Dutch satellite platform Canal Digitaal is betting on HD to attract new customers. Following SES Astra’s announcement of two new transponders, the company has unveiled its plans.

“We now offer the widest and best choice of HD channels,” said Andrei Noppe, EVP of the M7 Group, during a press briefing. Contracts are now in place to carry all three public broadcasters’ channels Nederland 1, 2 and 3 in HD. “We want to be the logical choice for anyone wanting HD.”

Also, three RTL channels will be available in HD, RTL 4 HD, RTL 5 HD and RTL 7 HD, as well as all three SBS channels, SBS6 HD, Net 5 HD and Veronica HD. The three public HD channels are available as free-to-view.

The HD option is available for an additional €5 a month. “This makes us by far the most economical way of receiving HD,” said Noppe, “A basic analogue subscription costs between €15 and €16, with Canal Digitaal you get a basic SD package for €9.95 plus €5.00 for the HD versions.”

At the same time, the DTH platform has introduced a simplified, four-tiered system of bouquets. The most expensive bouquet is the Top Package, retailing at €24.95.

For premium subscribers, Film1 HD and Sport1 HD will be available, included in the premium subscription price of €9.95 for the full bouquet of Film 1 and Sport1 channels. This includes four movies channels (Film 1, Film 1.2, Film 1.3 and Film1 Action) and two Sport 1 channels.

The HD offer also includes Brava HDTV, NatGeo HD, Discobery HD, History HD, VRT Een HD, Eurosport HD and MTVN HD. In addition, people can receive the free-to-air HD channels Das Erste HD, ZDF HD, Arte HD, Eins Festival HD, BBC HD, LuxeTV HD, Annixe HD and Servis HD.

Over the next few months, Noppe hopes to announce more HD carriage contracts for the platforms. “We have some room on our two additional transponders,” he said.

Source: BroadbandTVnews

10-02-2010, 15:48
European business travellers escape the stresses of working away from home by unwinding with comedies and animated movies, according to data analysis by hotel technology solutions provider, Quadriga (http://www.quadriga.com/). Madagascar Escape 2 Africa (Dreamworks Animation/Paramount) was the most watched movie by guests in 2009, with other comedies, including Yes Man (Warner Bros), The Hangover (Warner Bros) and Tropic Thunder (Paramount/Dreamworks), also a popular choice.

Based on viewings in 200,000 hotel rooms across Europe, Quadriga has compiled a list of the top movies and audio albums requested by hotel guests via its Genesis internet and entertainment platform (http://www.quadriga.com/html/WelcometoGenesis_92.html)in 2009. The data analysis also revealed that action movies, Quantum of Solace (MGM) and Angels & Demons (Sony Pictures), were popular with travellers and that Beyonce’s latest album, I am Sasha Fierce, also hit the right note.

Paul Wilson, supply chain and content director at Quadriga, comments: “We predominately work with hotels that target business travellers and offer a wide range of films. These figures just go to show how popular animated films, like Madagascar, are with adults as well as children.”

“Staying away for work can be a stressful experience, so it is essential that hotels can provide an environment which is like a home away from home for its guests. This includes a breadth of content; movies, short programmes and major blockbuster titles; a comfortable ambience and high speed internet and WiFi services. By providing a full spectrum of exciting and relevant in-room entertainment to guests, hotels can ensure they cater for every taste,” continues Wilson.

According to David Bristow, executive director international non-theatrical at United International Pictures (UIP): “We are delighted to see Madagascar Escape 2 Africa topping the list, it’s a great story with a fabulous cast of characters and ultimately that’s what appeals to audiences of all ages.”

Quadriga (http://www.quadriga.com/)works with many of the world’s leading hotels and boutique establishments to help them to enhance the guest experience through technology.

05-03-2010, 06:50
New parameters for the Nickelodeon Polska 13E

At MTV Networks transponder on a satellite Hot Bird 6 (13°E) appeared Children's channel Nickelodeon in the Polish version. This means that the satellite pay-TV Cyfrowy Polsat and N (Television New Generation) and cable networks in Poland must go to the new parameters.

new technical parameters:
Hot Bird 6 (13°E) freq 11.075 GHz, pol V, SR 27500, FEC 3/4, DVB-S, CA CryptoWorks (cable network), Conax (N and cable networks), Media Access Nagra ( N3 - Cyfrowy Polsat).

The original transponder - freq 11.470 GHz, pol V, SR 27500, FEC 5/6 will be broadcast Nickelodeon Polska terminated.


05-03-2010, 06:52
Sun Direct to carry Discovery HD in India

MUMBAI: Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific has announced the launch of Discovery HD, the 24-hour high-definition channel, in India.

The English language channel is available at Rs 25 per month and will remain ad-free.

Discovery HD will be available on Sun Direct channel No 965. The HD channel features content from across Discovery Networks’ channels, as well as select exclusive content.

Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific EVP and MD Tom Keaveny says, “I am delighted to announce the launch of Discovery HD in India. Today’s launch underscores Discovery’s enduring commitment to offering high-quality content and services that serve the needs of both affiliates and advertisers while enhancing the consumer viewing experience.”

Adds Discovery Networks Asia Pacific SVP and GM India Rahul Johri, “The emergence and growth of digitisation in India is critically dependent on the broadcasters’ competence to offer differentiated, credible and entertaining content. Discovery HD brings the network’s thrilling factual content to life sound effects are more realistic, images larger than life and situations more gripping than ever before.”

Discovery HD aims to bring audiences closer to their world with imagery and detail, featuring programming on the wonders of the world ranging from culture, science, and natural history to travel and lifestyle themes.

The HD programming will be offered in 1080i, along with 5.1 surround sound.

Sun Direct COO Tony D’Silva comments, "Sun Direct is proud to be the first DTH provider in India to showcase high definition content to its viewers. Discovery HD’s worldwide reputation, global programming repertoire and production quality will surely add value to our HD product offering.”

The programming lineup on Discovery HD will have shows like Green Paradise, Postcards Australia, Nature’s Keepers and Our Planet, Space Station HD, Sunrise Earth, Moments in Time, Monumental Vision and Destination Wilderness.
MAXI :watsup:

05-03-2010, 06:54
Toonz starts its new distribution arm

Indian animation major Toonz Animation has opened its new distribution division based in Los Angeles under the registered name of Toonz Entertainment, USA.

Toonz Entertainment will specialize in the world-wide sales and distribution of animated feature films, direct-to-video content and television series. Toonz initial distribution slate will include Wolverine and X-Men Season 1 and 2, Speed Racer 2, Speed Racer Classic, Mostly Ghostly 2 and 3 and Freefonix.

Toonz has appointed Matt Cooperstein as executive vice president of Toonz Entertainment, USA who will be overseeing the strategic and operational functions of the company. Cooperstein has over 20 years of experience in launching innovative programmes and distributing them throughout the US and worldwide marketplace. He has worked with studios such as ITC Entertainment Group, Polygram Television, Universal Worldwide Television, IndieArts Entertainment and most recently, Liberation Entertainment.

Says Toonz Group CEO P Jayakumar, "The establishment of a new distribution arm is in pursuance of our vision to grow as a full-fledged media house. We would be able to take to the world properties from our library as well as a portfolio of iconic properties."

Adds Toonz Entertainment, USA EVP Matt Cooperstein, "We already have acquired the rights to highly branded properties and will be aggressive in adding more titles in the future."

MAXI :watsup:

05-03-2010, 06:56
Nat Geo Wild launches on 29 March in the US

Nat Geo Wild and Nat Geo Wild HD are set to launch in the US on 29 March 2010.

Both channels will traverse the globe to bring stories of the natural world. New series and specials will feature the latest technology to immerse viewers in the mysterious and entertaining lives of nature's ferocious fighters and gentle creatures of land, sea and air.

Nat Geo Wild programming will include Africa's Lost Eden, which takes viewers to war-torn Mozambique, where park rangers are desperately trying to execute one of the most ambitious animal relocation efforts in history and restore one of their country's greatest natural treasures.

Then, meet a troop of Rebel Monkeys in Jaipur who are on a crime spree. In Expedition Wild with Casey Anderson, the naturalist treks to Yellowstone and Alaska's Kodiak Island to learn more about wild bear behaviour and teach these skills to his grizzly pal, raised in captivity.

Two National Geographic Explorers lead viewers through very different paradises: Mireya Mayor delves deep into Congo's forests to enter the private world of the Mystery Gorillas, and Enric Sala plunges into shark-filled waters to learn the secrets of Shark Island.

Another show that will air is Hunt for the Giant Octopus. It's one of the ocean's most enigmatic creatures, with eight legs, high intelligence and the ability to discreetly melt into its surroundings.

The giant octopus is said to reach 33 feet across, can weigh 400 pounds and is known as the "devilfish" for the horns above its eyes. With the ability to kill sharks, this is one animal even larger in life than in legend. Now, a team of intrepid explorers dive into the wild depths of the Pacific in hopes of unlocking the secrets to this mysterious and magnificent animal.

Viewers can take a journey through ghostly shipwrecks and wildlife on a deep-sea adventure into the world of the giant octopus. And discover these creatures' phenomenal size, remarkable intelligence and extraordinary ability to morph in response to their surroundings.

MAXI :watsup:

05-03-2010, 06:57
Fox Soccer Plus rolls out as premium network

MUMBAI: Fox Soccer Plus has rolled out as a premium network on DirecTV, Dish Network, Time Warner Cable and Verizon FiOS, while its online version, Foxsoccer.tv, has expanded the slate of content available through its broadband player.

Announcing the carriage deal for the channel, Fox Cable Networks president of affiliate sales and marketing Mike Hopkins stated, "Fox Soccer Plus is a dynamic new network that will provide our distribution partners with the ability to profitably reach an extremely passionate subscriber base. Soccer and international sports fans will thoroughly enjoy the diverse and compelling lineup of live events."

Meanwhile, the online complement to Fox Soccer Channel and Fox Soccer Plus, Foxsoccer.tv, will expand its premium broadband video offering to feature a variety of live and on demand soccer competitions from the Barclays Premier League, Uefa Champions League, Italy's Serie A, FA Cup, Carling Cup, Coca-Cola Championship, the England Men's National Team and the Argentine First Division. It will also deliver rugby's Guinness Premiership, Heineken Cup and Magners League.

MAXI :watsup:

05-03-2010, 06:59
Zeel restructures channel operations

MUMBAI: In order to streamline the responsibilities at the senior level, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd has made some internal changes with immediate effect.

Zeel chief revenue officer Joy Chakraborthy gets an expanded role. Also, Zeel COO national channels and Zee TV business head Nitin Vaidya gets back the regional channels in the Hindi Speaking Markets (HSM).

Sources say all the business heads of HSM regional channels will report to Vaidya till further announcement. Effectively, business heads of Zee Marathi, Zee Bangla, Akash Bangla, Zee Jagran, ETC Punjabi, Zee Salam and Zee Talkies, will fall under Vaidya.

The charge was earlier given to South Channels head Moradian for a brief period, when Vaidya was given the additional responsibility of business head of Zee TV.

English channels Zee Studio and Zee Café will move out of Vaidya's ambit and come under Anurag Bedi, business head of music channel Zing, ETC and Zee Trendz. Bedi will continue to report to Joy Chakraborthy.

"In effect, Chakroborthy gets to handle the P&L (profir and loss) account of five channels. This will be in addition to his role as chief revenue officer of Zeel," the source says.

Zee Studio business head Sujay Kutty will move out to assist Vaidya, the source adds.

All the business heads of south regional channels comprising Zee Telugu, Zee Tamil, Zee Kannada and Zee South syndication will continue to report to Moradian.

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05-03-2010, 07:01
Sun Direct offers Max channel free to woo subs during IPL

BANGALORE: In a bid to attract new subscribers, DTH service provider Sun Direct has decided to offer Max free on its platform with every new connection.

Existing customers can also avail the offer provided they opt for 12 months recharge.

The channel will be available free of cost till 25 April on the DTH platform on channel No 359.

Max is the official broadcaster for the Indian Premier League (IPL).

Sun Direct is the fastest growing DTH company in India with over 4 million subscribers.

MAXI :clap:

05-03-2010, 07:03
Beecham Research Wins Worldwide Satellite M2M Study Contract
March 5, 2010 |

Machine-to-machine (M2M) industry analyst and consulting firm Beecham Research has been awarded a 200,000 euro contract ($275,000) by the European Space Agency (ESA) to conduct a study of the worldwide satellite M2M market, Beecham announced March 1.
The study will assess both the current market for satellite M2M services and the opportunities for market development through new technology initiatives.
Astrium will serve as a subcontract to provide input on satellite technology trends and on commercial application opportunities. “Satellite M2M is just at the beginning of what promises to be a huge growth market,” Jean-Marc Villevieille, Astrium’s head of technologies and business alliances, said in a statement.

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05-03-2010, 07:05
African Pay-TV Platform Secures Eutelsat Capacity
March 5, 2010 |

Eutelsat signed a capacity deal for a new pay-TV platform in Africa, the company announced March 2.
Upstar Comunicações, a joint venture of Portuguese media group Zon Multimedia the Angolan group Socip, intends to launch a pay-TV platform Zap in Angola. The five-year contract covers the lease of five Ku-band transponders on the Southern Africa beam of Eutelsat's W7 satellite, which began service in January.
“Eutelsat's W7 satellite meets our precise requirements for building a pay-TV network across Angola using small consumer terminals,” Nuno Aguiar, CEO of Zap, said in a statement.

MAXI :mf_bobby:

05-03-2010, 07:06
The Mexican police closed illegal Dark-Ville OTT

Friday, February 5 2010

The Mexican Federal-Ministerial Police confiscated equipment from the movies and TV serials free download website w//w.Dark-Ville.com, which has gained real popularity in Latin America in the last months recording over a million users and hundreds of titles, including the last Hollywood successes and recently broadcasted TV of the United States, all of them subtitled in Spanish. Dark-Ville "uploaders" community is planning to keep the site.

The operation was carried out after a claim was submitted before the Specialized Investigation Unit of Author Rights and Industrial Property Crimes, appointed to the Mexican Specialized Federal Crimes Investigation Subunit. The denounce pointed out that OTT (over the top) business model of VOD was based on the collection through premium fast download accounts in hosting services.

However, Internet forums in Spanish are blowing off with another version. According to members of Dark-Ville, the model was absolutely free of charge and of a cooperative nature. Volunteer "uploaders" loaded up titles in such sites with the purpose of saving Megaupload, Rapidshare and Filehosting files, which actually offer paid premium or download free but slower accounts.

As a matter of fact, Darville.com was born over four years ago, managed by an administrator whose most well-known nickname was "Dark". In November 2009, unpleased about the restrictions Dark posed to users of the service, the staff started its own project Dark-Ville.com, utilizing Dark's registered users base. Since then, the new site has grown in its number of titles and its users base was triggered. Dark-Ville offered series like Lost, which was subtitled a few hours after being broadcasted by ABC in the United States, and several weeks before its launching release in Latin America. The same thing happened with movie releases. Everything is offered in excellent and free-of-charge HD quality.

According to internaut forums, Dark itself denounced the exact location of its former employees. On February, 26th, the police entered the facility CTM, in Colonia de San Pedro Tultepec, confiscated equipment and arrested a person. Anyway, Dark-Ville users and "uploaders" are gathering together in the Internet with the purpose of founding a new site that will enable them continue their tasks.

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05-03-2010, 07:08
Hersheiser To Help Man ESPN's 'Sunday Night Baseball' Booth
Joins Milller, Morgan During Franchise's 21st Season
Mike Reynolds -- , 3/4/2010 1:30:15 PM

ESPN veteran Orel Hershiser has been promoted to the sports giant's Sunday Night Baseball team.
Hershiser joins Jon Miller and Joe Morgan in the ESPN Sunday Night Baseball broadcast booth for the 2010 season, which begins on April 4 with the defending champion New York Yankees visiting their nemesis, the Boston Red Sox. The 2010 season marks the 21st season Miller and Morgan will man ESPN's booth for the Sunday night staple.

Hershiser has been a regular contributor to Monday Night Baseball and Wednesday Night Baseball, as well as the programmer's coverage of the Little League and College World Series. He also has worked on ESPN's studio shows, including Baseball Tonight, since 2006. He had a prior stint at ESPN in 2000-2001.

"Sunday Night Baseball distinctly offers Jon's Hall of Fame voice and the combination of Joe's Hall of Fame approach to hitting and Orel's profound pitching knowledge," said Norby Williamson, ESPN executive vice president, production. "Collectively, they will provide compelling analysis and debate during our national game of the week."

Hershiser succeeds former New York Mets general manager Steve Phillips as the third man in with Miller and Morgan. Phillips left the company in late 2009 after engaging in an inappropriate relationship with another now-former ESPN employee.

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05-03-2010, 07:14
Big Ten Network To Launch Top Athletes Countdown Project
'Big Ten Icons' Has Linear, Online, VOD, Mobile Components
Mike Reynolds -- , 3/4/2010 2:51:01 PM

Big Ten Network will salute the top 50 student-athletes in the conference's history with a countdown profile series.
With the legendary Keith Jackson serving as host, Big Ten Icons is slated to debut Sept. 18 with icon No. 20, following the network's football coverage. The list, determined by a panel of on-air talent, network executives, conference officials and long-time Big Ten observers, will continue to count down every Tuesday night through the end of football season and into the spring, when the top icon will be revealed around the time of the conference's men's basketball tournament.
Prior to the show's on-air launch, icons 50 through 21 will be revealed online daily beginning in early September at BigTenIcons (http://www.******************/redirector.php?url=http%3A%2F%2Fw%2Aw.BigTenIcons. com)and facebook/BigTenIcons (http://www.******************/redirector.php?url=http%3A%2F%2Fw%2Aw.facebook.com %2FBigTenIcons). The Web site will include a text and video feature on each icon.
The event also includes video on demand, mobile applications and myriad marketing and social networking activities that tip off March 11 at the Big Ten Men's basketball tourney in Indianapolis and extend until the top icon is unveiled.
Big Ten Network president Mark Silverman said the network is creating a series that will spark conversation among sports fans everywhere.
"What will make Big Ten Icons stand out is the depth of the storytelling focusing on collegiate rather than pro careers and highlighting previously unknown stories behind the success of these student-athletes," he said in a statement. "The rankings themselves are sure to generate quite a bit of discussion."

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05-03-2010, 07:54
Analyst: Dish May Have To Shut Down 8M DVRs After TiVo Legal Loss
Satellite TV Operator May Lose Ability to Offer DVR, Says Sanford Bernstein's Moffett
Todd Spangler -- , 3/4/2010 126 PM

Dish Network may be forced to disable as many as 8 million of its DVRs within a month, after the satellite TV operator lost an appeals court decision Thursday in its years-long battle with TiVo. Moreover, Dish could even lose the ability to offer a DVR altogether, according to Sanford Bernstein analyst Craig Moffett.
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit upheld a lower court's contempt ruling against Dish and EchoStar, under which the companies would pay at least $300 million to TiVo.
Following the announcement of the ruling shortly before 12 noon (ET), TiVo's stock price soared more than 50% to around $15.82 per share while Dish shares dropped 6%, to around $20.41 per share.
Dish DVRDish DVRDish said it plans to appeal the decision with the full Federal Circuit and said DVR subscribers are currently not affected by the court ruling. The operator also said it will propose a new workaround that does not infringe TiVo's "Time Warp" patent.
The implications of the appeals court ruling for Dish Network "are enormous, and go far, far beyond the retrospective licensing fees and damages that will now be payable to TiVo," Moffett wrote in a research note. "What is at stake is nothing less than their ability to continue to offer DVRs. And without DVRs... well, you can fill in the blank here, but it wouldn't be pretty."
TiVo now has tremendous leverage to negotiate a settlement with Dish, which will likely be even higher than previous proposed licensing fees of up to $2.25 per month per subscriber, according to Moffett. Each $1 per subscriber per month would cut Dish's earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization by $96 million per year, he estimated.
In the worst-case scenario, Dish's loss in the case could give TiVo an opening to negotiate an exclusive distribution deal with DirecTV in the satellite space. In 2008, TiVo struck a new deal with DirecTV under which the DVR maker is developing an HD DVR as an option for DirecTV subscribers.
"[I]f one assumed that Dish Network would no longer be a viable competitor without a DVR offering - not an entirely unreasonable proposition - then DirecTV's gain from exclusivity would be nothing less than all current and future satellite subscribers," Moffett said. "Alternatively, DirecTV could merely threaten such an outcome... and thereby radically increase the urgency of settlement for Dish Network, forcing Dish to pay significantly more for any settlement. Higher licensing fees for Dish would create a significant price umbrella for DirecTV."
In any case, Dish's delays in the case appear to have run their course, Moffett said, noting that "given the five-year history of Dish losses in the case, one can assume that Judge Folsom's patience has long since worn thin," referring to the judge presiding over the case in the U.S District Court for the Eastern District of Texas.

05-03-2010, 08:04
TV Chile To Air Marathon As Part Of Fund-Raising Effort For Nation's Earthquake Victim
Olympusat-Distributed Service Begins 24-Hour Programming Push March 5
MCN Staff -- , 3/4/2010 3:37:35 PM

TV Chile will present a 24-hour telethon March 5, beginning at 8 p.m. (ET) in an effort to raise funds to assist the victims of the earthquake in that nation.

The channel is participating in "Chile Helps Chile," a cooperative effort with other networks in South America, to solicit donations for country, which was ravaged by an 8.8 magnitude earthquake on Feb. 27.
TV Chile, a family-oriented general-entertainment service that is distributed by Olympusat, will telecast the marathon event entirely commercial-free, featuring live performances from world-renowned entertainers, including appearances by Don Francisco, Ricardo Montaner and reggaeton star Tito Bambino.
The goal of the fundraising effort: to raise $27 million, which will be used to build 30,000 emergency homes and buy relief supplies.
TV Chile is available on Spanish-language tiers in select Cablevision, Charter, Comcast, Cox, Suddenlink, Time Warner Cable and Verizon FiOS markets.
"We are honored, on behalf of TV Chile, to be able to provide an international platform to reach a millions of potential donors in the U.S.," said Ivette Mendez-Kelly, vice president of sales and distribution for Olympusat's Hispanic networks in a statement. "Our hearts go out to our brothers and sisters in Chile who have been impacted by this unprecedented natural disaster."
Collaborators on the event include: El Hogar de Cristo (Christ's Home); Un Techo para Chile (A Home for Chile); and the Fundación para la Superación de la Pobreza (Foundation to Overcome Poverty), with its program Servicio País (Country Service). The Bank of Chile will be in charge of collecting the funds.

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05-03-2010, 08:07
UPC Direct expanded tests on 1W and DoQ Fishing and Hunting

Satellite platform UPC Direct extended technical tests on the new orbital position at 0.8°W / 1°W, where telecommunications satellites parked Thor 3 Thor 5 Thor 6 and Intelsat 10-02, on two other programs - and DoQ Fishing and Hunting Channel Hungarian company IKO Cable.

Indirectly and unofficially revealed card UPC DTH Luxembourg Sarl, which will service UPC Direct from the new orbital position to operate.

UPC Direct Access card can decode the two programs - a Fishing and Hunting (hunting and fishing) and DoQ (documentary films). Both these programs are to be disseminated in October 2009 on other transponder at the same position under the platform Digi TV. Both players IKO Cable and RCS / RDS is not agreed on the terms of the further spread of the operator platform and has therefore decided to replace the F + H PV channel like TV. Documentary DoQ been no direct replacement and was never part of the pay offer Digi TV.

Both programs F + H DoQ after some time returned to the position of satellites Intelsat 10-02 and Thor, and started the spread of ESS in the packet, which broadcast programs for the platform Focus Sat. Initially free broadcast was later coded system Conax (Focus Sat card) and now extended to CryptoWorks (UPC Direct card). The length of the tests are known and it is possible that the system will again CryptoWorks disconnected.

technical parameters of income:

Satellite: Thor 6 (0.8°W)
Frequency: 11.747 GHz
Polarization: Horizontal
SR: 28000
FEC: 5/6
Standard: DVB-S

Service ID: 1007
Video PID: 7107 (MPEG-2/SD)
Audio PID: 7207 (in Hungarian), 7307 (English / Original), 7407 (in Czech)
encryption (CA system): Conax (Focus Sat) + CryptoWorks (UPC Direct)

Fishing and Hunting Channel
Service ID: 1006
Video PID: 7106 (MPEG-2/SD)
Audio PID: 7206 (in Hungarian), 7306 (English / Original), 7406 (in Czech)
encryption (CA system): Conax (Focus Sat) + CryptoWorks (UPC Direct)

Central European pay-tv UPC Direct was launched almost 10 years ago - in September 2000 as the first digital satellite pay-TV for the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. A contract for transponder capacity on the existing Astra satellite system, satellite operator SES Astra will expire at the end of this year. For the future spread of the operator UPC Direct has chosen a different satellite system (and even the orbital position) 0.8°W, where the satellites are parked and Thor 5 Thor 6 (dosluhuje here Thor 3).

UPC to the Telenor Satellite Broadcasting (TSBc) in the summer of last year ordered a total of 7 transponders on satellites 5 and Thor Thor 6th UPC Direct will work with the Romanian Focus Sat in sharing the same programs, but both brands will remain. Platform will work with Canal Digital Nordic platform for sharing the same programs (simulcrypt). Which programs will not yet clear.

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05-03-2010, 08:10
85E: TV Platform Continent fill 2 transponders

Russia's new pay television TV Continent filled the first two satellite transponders on the Intelsat 15 (IS-15) at the orbital position 85 degrees east. Continent TV service operated by Orion Express.

Both multiplexes include programs in standard definition (SD) and are broadcast in the compression format MPEG-4. It is interesting that one mux in DVB-S and the second in the DVB-S2. All except the two channels are encrypted system Irdeto 2nd The viewer may receive here (yet?) Freely broadcast programs and Expert Zvezda TV.

Continent TV using satellite capacity on IS-15 in Russian union. To receive the signal in the Czech Republic is needed from the parabola 90 cm in diameter, of course, unobstructed views into the ground. Revenue Slovak conditions are favorable - especially in the east of the country.

Paket Continent TV will offer a package of SD programs and will also the first station in high definition televisions (HDTVs). It is not yet clear what HD viewers, the platform will bring.

Orion Express also operates a service to satellite TV Viva Express AM2 at position 80°E for the western part of Russia and east of the country Viva TV Vostočnyj Express at position 140°E.

Technical parameters

* Intelsat 15 (85°E) freq 12.600 GHz, pol V, SR 30000, FEC 2/3, DVB-S2/8PSK, CA Irdeto 2:

Ren TV, Domašnyj telekanal, TV Centr, RBK TV, Universal, TV3 Russia, 2x2, SET, XXL TV, AXN Sci-Fi, Feniks + Cinema, Telekanal Futbol, Eurosport, Eurosport 2, Extreme Sports, Discovery Science, Discovery World, Discovery Travel and Living, Detskyj Mir, VH1 Classic, National Geographic, and Telekafe Expert (FTA)

* Intelsat 15 (85°E) freq 12.640 GHz, pol V, SR 30000, FEC 5/6, DVB-S/QPSK, CA Irdeto 2:

Discovery Travel and Living, Chanson TV, MTV Hits, KidsCo, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, Hallmark Channel TV KHL, Continent Info, 5 Kanal, Rossiya 2 Pervyj and channel Zvezda (FTA)

EPG for any of the programs has not yet been broadcast.

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05-03-2010, 08:14
In the Czech Republic and Slovakia aiming Playhouse Disney

The Czech and Slovak market wants another child to operate TV. Company The Walt Disney Company intends to bring the two markets channel Playhouse Disney, which has so far presented to viewers as a program block on Disney Channel stations designed for pre-schoolers.

Playhouse Disney has the market to replace the existing channel Jetix Play, which will - like Jetix - rebrandován on Playhouse Disney. The Playhouse Disney will head to the CR and SR is not yet known. Inform the medialne.sk.

Change from Jetix Play on Playhouse Disney is not all that significant. Jetix Play on virtually the same target group of viewers. Jetix Play is a weaker version of Jetix and educational for children aged four years.

Current channel Jetix Play spreading some cable networks in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic. Given that the station's content is located, is low interest in the station operators to include in their bids. On the other hand, the supply of cable and satellite networks nelokalizovaných many children's channels - such as Cartoon Network and Boomerang.

Playhouse Disney could have made use of Czech dubbing with whom the audience has already experienced in that Playhouse Disney programming block on Disney Channel stations in the morning and morning hours.

The biggest competitor for Playhouse Disney is likely Minimax designed for children aged 2 to 5 years. Market still operates stations Bebe TV for toddlers and children's and family channel Disney Channel.

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05-03-2010, 08:17
Digi TV off the end of April the old system Nagravision

RCS / RDS, the operator of the multi-regional satellite pay-TV Digi TV, intends to accelerate the transition to the new encryption system Nagravision Media Access (3 Nagravision Nagravision and 4).

Slovak Republic, the old system Nagravision 2 disconnected the end of April / April. This action will prevent possible illegal operator income paid their programs - a complete program menu. Will end the possibility of income via the EMU - without the proper subscription and access card.

Migration to the new encryption system Nagravision Digi TV is in full swing. Proof of this action, the operator now implemented. Customers currently supplies a new card and existing customers to send a new replacement. The new cards have a blue, old white printing.

Exchange of cards by Digi TV is also underway in other countries - in part was completed in Romania. Local customers with an interest in PPV (pay per view) services DigiFilm can receive these channels, only the new access cards.

Process of exchanging cards must be carried out in all six provinces where Digi TV operates. Otherwise, the effort lacked the operator sense. Many programs, it is common to several countries.

Upgrading Nagravision 3/4 is the timing for Digi TV interesting period - the end of April 2010. Just before the arrival of competing platforms UPC Direct the same orbital position 0.8°W / 1°W. It expects to offer commercial services to the new location from 1.5.2010.

05-03-2010, 08:19
TV4 on channel 8 in TNK decoders

* source: Inf. wl.

On 1st of March 2010 two new stations have been added to the offer of TNK - TV4 (channel 8) and Kino Polska (channel 17). Both channels will be available in a package to recharge. From 1st of April there will be new TNK rates. New clients will not have the possibility of unlimited free watching of 5 basic channels.

From 1st of April there will be new rules on access to the channels without charge for users who activate their cards after 31st of March. Free channels for cards activated after 31st of March remain active for a period of validity of the charge and 12 months after its expiry. In practice, this means that after the expiry of charge, customers will be able to watch 5 basic channels only for 12 months and they would have to recharge the card, even for 1 month (20 PLN) if they still want to watch these stations.

Technical parameters:

HOT BIRD 9 (13E)
tp. 16 (11,508 GHz, pol. V, SR: 27500, FEC: 5/6)

ID: Kino Polska
PID V: 519 (MPEG-2)
PID A: 710
PID PCR: 519
SID: 15808
Encoding: Conax (0B01 - n, 0B00 - TNK)

HOT BIRD 6 (13E)
tp. 132 (11,158 GHz, pol. V, SR: 27500, FEC: 3/4)

PID V: 289
PID A: 290
PID PCR: 289
SID: 13103
Encoding: Conax (0B01 - n, 0B00 - TNK), Nagra MA (N3 - Cyfrowy Polsat, S4 - CYFRA+)

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05-03-2010, 08:21
NDTV Imagine

Mar , 2010

Free-to-air Hindi broadcaster, NDTV Imagine has acquired a slew of more new movies on a syndication deal with various distributors.

The channel will screen the movie premieres of the following during the spring season.

- Kurbaan
- Wake up Sid
- Main Aur Mrs Khanna
- Luck
- Chance Pe Dance
- Do Knot Disturb

Colors and B4U Movies have already begun telecasting these movies.

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05-03-2010, 08:23
Appeals Court Upholds TiVo's $300 Million Win Against Dish, EchoStar
TiVo Says It Will Seek Further Damages, Contempt Sanctions Over Patent Infringement Case
Todd Spangler -- 3/4/2010 12:17:42 PM

TiVo stands to get at least $300 million from Dish Network and EchoStar -- and potentially even more -- after the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit on Thursday denied the satellite operator's request to overturn a lower court ruling finding it in contempt of an order to disable DVRs that were found to infringe key TiVo patent.
Dish and EchoStar, in a joint statement, said they would seek review of the decision by the full Federal Circuit. The companies said DVR customers are currently not affected.
"We are disappointed in the Federal Circuit's split decision, but are pleased that Judge Rader agreed with our position. Therefore, we will be seeking en banc review by the full Federal Circuit," Dish and EchoStar said. "We also will be proposing a new design-around to the district court for approval. At this time, our DVR customers are not impacted."
TiVo said in a statement, "We are pleased that the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit fully affirmed the district court's finding of contempt against EchoStar, including both the disablement and infringement provisions. Additionally, this ruling paves the way for TiVo to receive the approximately $300M in damages and contempt sanctions awarded to us for EchoStar's continued infringement through July 1, 2009. We will also seek further damages and contempt sanctions for the period of continued infringement thereafter. We will continue our efforts to protect our intellectual property from further infringement."
The case dates to January 2004, when TiVo sued EchoStar Communications for patent infringement. (EchoStar in 2008 officially changed its name to Dish Network.) A federal jury found in TiVo's favor, and the U.S District Court for the Eastern District of Texas originally ordered Dish to disable all infringing DVRs in August 2006.
In June 2009, a federal judge in the Texas court found Dish Network in contempt for violating a court order to stop using TiVo's "Time Warp" digital video recording patent and awarded the DVR company an additional $103 million, plus interest. In September 2009, the Texas court ordered Dish and EchoStar to pay about $200 million in additional damages and contempt sanctions.
EchoStar and Dish have already paid TiVo $104.6 million in initial damages plus those accrued through Sept. 8, 2006, with interest, after the U.S. Supreme Court declined to review the case in 2008.

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05-03-2010, 08:24
Channel 4 apologises for technical issues

March 2010,

By Catriona Wightman,

Channel 4 has apologised for technical problems which affected programmes shown last night.

The issues meant that two minutes of Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares were lost, and a single still shot was broadcast instead of the beginning of Desperate Housewives.

A continuity announcer apologised for the problems at the end of Desperate Housewives and advised viewers when the programme would be repeated.

BBC News reports that the broadcaster has now explained that the issues were caused by a "technical malfunction".

In a statement, the company said: "Channel 4 apologises for the technical error last night. It was caused by a technical malfunction and we are investigating as a matter of urgency to ensure this does not happen again. A full apology was aired at the end of Desperate Housewives."

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05-03-2010, 08:26
Connecticut Seeks Additional Satellite Tax

Bill Calls For Subs To Pay More If Provider Doesn't Offer Connecticut Television Network

Satellite customers in Connecticut could be paying more in taxes if the state's General Assembly gets its way.

A bill that has been referred to the Committee on Energy and Technology aims to tax Connecticut satellite subscribers an additional 1% tax -- on top of a 5% tax on their bill -- if the customers' satellite provider "...does not provide transmission of the Connecticut Television Network or its successor to all Connecticut subscribers..."

The Connecticut Television Network is equivalent to the state's version of C-SPAN and is available on most cable systems in the state on their basic or expanded basic tiers.

The raised bill number SB-350 will be debated tomorrow at a public hearing slated for 11a.m.

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05-03-2010, 08:28
Sky Player, the online TV service provide by BSkyB Sky Player, the online TV service provide by BSkyB, continues to expand its content by adding a further three channels this month.

Once completed the choice of channels will have grown to thirty.

Sky Player is now a real alternative to actually owning a set top box and satellite dish, especially as Sky Movies Premiere and Sky Movies Showcase will be joining the line up, allowing access to the much awaited ten part WWII series ‘Pacific’, which is being shown on the premium film channels.

Naturally access to the Sky Player is not free.

Users will either have to already be a Sky subscriber, in which case the Sky Player can be used at no extra cost, or pay a monthly subscription to Sky Player, with fees starting at £15 per month.

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05-03-2010, 08:30
SCT renounces Viaccess PC2.6

* George Kruczek

* Source: inf. incl

Piracy system Viaccess PC2.6 meant that the package sender erotic Satisfaction (SCT) with 8 hardcore channels on satellite Hot Bird - 13E, decided to disable this system for two channels S6 and S7. For now, the other channels in the package SCT (Satisfaction 8) are not yet decoded using the card in Viaccess PC2.6. Market reach new cards have a safer system Viaccess PC4.0. Both channels are also encrypted in Irdeto 2

Blocked access to two great channels SCT:

S6 - Satisfaction Prive
Number of films per day: 3 (repeated throughout the day, the era of change in repertory)
Hours of issue: 24 (clock)

Channel S6 emits a lot of amateur movies, amateur technique performed by the participants themselves private "orgy". Everything the audience in the authentic atmosphere of destinations shares. Not enough of that, at the end of the night marathons, this channel offers the first of its kind reality show "Big Eye", the exclusive production of "Satisfaction", with the participation of 7 people determined to show its most exciting moments of living together.

S7 - Satisfaction Poker
Number of films per day: 4 (repeated throughout the day, the era of change in repertory)
Hours of issue: 24 (clock)

S7 gives channel movies are a mixture of such species and extreme organs, movies with Asians, and cartoons (hentai).

Since 23 February 2010, all channels of the SCT offers are encoded in parallel with Viaccess PC4.0, but the cards in this version of Viaccess not yet hit the retail market in Poland (any day this happens). In addition, encryption is always used in Irdeto 2 and *** VideoGuard (for subscribers to Sky Italia), but these two systems are not popular in Poland.

Customers who bought the old card in Viaccess PC2.6 SCT from reliable distributors, and which still remains a lot of time to terminate the card, they can ask for a replacement card for those in Viaccess PC4.0. Suspect is that slowly the other channels from this package will be switched off in the SCT system Viaccess PC2.6 and remain only in PC4.0, so the exchange of cards is inevitable. Of course all the piracy!

SCT channel reception parameters:
Hot Bird 8 (13.0 ° E)
tp. 50
Frequency: 11.727 GHz
Polarization: V (Vertical)
SR: 27500
FEC: 3 / 4

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05-03-2010, 08:32
Panasonic introduce 'Real Black Drive'

Wednesday, 04 March 2010

With the promise of black levels on par with Pioneer's legendary 'Kuru' range via a technology sharing agreement, Panasonic have launched their X20 plasma TV's in the UK.

Panasonic's 2010 range of flat panel TV's incorporate an improved panel production process and the new Real Black Drive system. The 13g screens feature a pre-discharge control system (Real Black Drive) to achieve a claimed 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio.

Along with the new panels comes an update to Panasonic's core V-Real picture processing engine, which now comes in the shape of V-Real 5.

The X20 comes with some impressive 'Green' credentials which include a 100,000 hour screen life. The production process is lead and mercury free and their is an improved power saving standby mode.

Viera 'Image Viewer' enables the display of photos and videos via the SD card slot. An intuitive thumbnail display has also been added along with new slideshow frames, with an increased number of display effects. Messages and memos can be added to still photos via a PC.

The X20 plasma series comes in 37in, 40in and 50in screen sizes. The 42in version is available in the UK now

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05-03-2010, 08:33
Google and cable: Uneasy partners
From Nick Snow in Brussels

In the most awaited - and delayed - session here at Cable Congress, YouTube - the über-OTT service, came face to face with cable; and everyone was friendly, up to a point.

YouTube director video partnerships EMEA, Patrick Walker pointed out his service was already massive - 1 billion videos a day watched, 1 billion a week monetised - and that this was just the start, he said that in terms of reach and billing dollars, online had achieved in three years what took broadcast TV 15. He also predicted YouTube profit in 2010.

In terms of development, he wants an end to embedding apps in CE devices - they can't be updated and can deliver a poor user experience, and a move to open browser driven devices. In terms of monetisation for broadcasters, he points to ad sales or co-ad sales and the additional reach delivered by OTT - see Susan Boyle.When joined on the platform by operators, the concept of conflict over net neutrality was soon raised, though cable is much more relaxed than it used to be. Manuel Cabrero, CEO of KDG, thought online video and super fast broadband were partners with one naturally encouraging the other. Earning money from reselling content was being challenged as a main revenue source by providing the technology, customer management and QoS for others.

As ever, the vital factor is the gateway and its control. Neil Berkett, CEO, Virgin Media, is also relaxed about OTT, so long as the network provider controls the QoS and that means the UI. He confirmed that from next year, Virgin will be using the TiVo open box to bring customers all closed and open video services through one interface. The important thing for Berkett is that OTT providers are open standard and do not try and be gatekeepers themselves. In his sights, of course, was Canvas and he didn't hesitate to accuse the BBC Trust of 'a whitewash' in its determination that Canvas is an open system. "I struggle when government-funded organisations start to try and play gatekeeper.

"Meanwhile, asked if You Tube would ever pay for a guaranteed level of service on a managed network, Walker merely answered that they had already covered the cost of innovation and play-out as their end of the deal.

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05-03-2010, 08:35
Government defeated on net piracy

The UK government has been defeated in the upper parliamentary chamber the House of Lords over measures to tackle Internet piracy.

Ministers had been seeking powers to amend copyright law and impose conditions or fees where infringements were taking place. But opposition Conservatives and Liberal Democrats succeeded in removing the measures from the Digital Economy Bill, and replaced them with a more specific amendment handing courts the power to force Internet service providers (ISPs) to block certain websites.

Lib Dem spokesman Lord Clement-Jones said the new provisions, approved by 165 votes to 140, would protect the creative industries by preventing access to websites where films and music were being provided illegally. He told peers: "I believe this is going to send a powerful message to our creative industries that we value what they do, that we want to protect what they do, that we do not believe in censoring the internet but we are responding to genuine concerns from the creative industries about providing a process whereby their material can be satisfactorily accessed legally."

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05-03-2010, 08:37
Dual-screen strategy for ITV
From Colin Mann in London

Ben McOwen Wilson, director of online at ITV, has revealed a dual-screen strategy of promoting both on-demand and linear programme channels in 2010.

"Online is reshaping the relationship with our viewers," he told delegates at the FT Digital Media and Broadcast Conference. "We’ll be investing in the dual stream. It’s a question of what we can do that engages the audience in a deeper way."

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05-03-2010, 08:38
New directions for Cable Europe
From Nick Snow in Brussels

Manuel Kohnstamm has been re-elected as President of Cable Europe at the trade body’s 2010 Congress, with his fellow the industry chiefs continuing a bullish perspective on the future, with key announcements on mobile strategies, future consolidation and changes to industry association.

"It’s a crucial time in cable’s development and I am delighted to be re-elected at a time where, in terms of customer reach, popular appeal and innovative technology, the cable industry is confounding its critics," said Kohnstamm. "We’re going places in both growth and service offerings, something that is coming across clearly at Cable Congress 2010."

Working on the launch of a ‘ten times faster’ new mobile Internet service, Telenet CEO Duco Sickinghe said that the operator believed strongly in the principle, ‘follow the customer, not the cable’. "With the promise LTE holds and the increasing demand for super-fast mobile internet, Telenet should be able to improve its product offerings even more in the future," he predicted. Liberty Global CEO, Mike Fries claimed that the cable industry was "totally redefining what broadband means. We start where DSL ends. We are all in on [DOCSIS] 3.0. By the end of the year we will be close to eighty per cent of our footprint." Arris CEO, Bob Stanzione observed that DOCSIS 3.0 added "enormous capabilities at very little cost."

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05-03-2010, 08:40
RealNetworks and movie studios settle DVD lawsuit

RealNetworks will pay $4.5 million and drop its appeal of a court order barring sales of its DVD-copying software to settle a lawsuit by Walt Disney and other Hollywood movie studios claiming the technology violates copyright-protection laws.

RealNetworks also will refund about 2,700 customers who bought RealDVD, a $30 software program that allows users to save one back-up copy of a movie to a computer hard drive, according to an emailed statement.

"We are please to put this litigation behind us," Bob Kimball, acting Chief Executive Officer for RealNetworks, said in the statement. "Until this dispute, Real had always enjoyed a productive working relationship with Hollywood. With this litigation resolved, I hope we can find mutually beneficial ways to use Real technology to bring Hollywood’s great work to consumers."

US District Judge Marilyn Patel in San Francisco ruled in August that RealDVD circumvents copyright-protection laws and granted movie studios’ request for an order permanently banning the product’s sale.

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05-03-2010, 08:41
Spain: Canal Plus launches first 3D transmissions
From David del Valle in Madrid

Prisa-controlled Canal Plus Spain will launch its first 3-D transmissions in April this year through its channel Canal Plus 3D, with plans to end 2010 with regular 3D transmissions.

The channel will be available through the iPlus box, sponsored by digital DTH platform Digital Plus, which also HDTV-ready. The main consumer electronics manufacturers will start selling 3D Integrated TV sets before summer, according to the channel.

The first 3D transmission will be a music concert by the singer Enrique Bunbury in April.

05-03-2010, 08:43
New ways to watch video increasing

Consumer research from Leichtman Research Group has found that 24 per cent of all US households have a television connected to the Internet. These connections vary from connecting through a video game system, a Blu-Ray player, or the TV set itself. While Internet connectivity has become a common built-in feature in many products, consumers are just beginning to use this feature to watch video from the Internet.

Overall, just 1 per cent of all adults watch video from the Internet via one of these devices daily, and 5 per cent weekly. And usage is heavily skewed to young men, with 16 per cent of men ages 18-34 watching video from the Internet via one of these connected devices weekly, compared to three per cent weekly use among all others.

These findings are based on a survey of 1,250 households throughout the United States, and are part of a new LRG study, Emerging Video Services IV.

Other findings include:
- 20 per cent of households have a video game system connected to the Internet, 8 per cent have an Internet-connected TV set, and 6 per cent have a Blu-Ray player with an Internet connection (some households have more than one of these)
- 55 per cent of Netflix subscribers report that they used the "Watch Instantly" feature in the past month -- overall, 1 per cent of all adults use Netflix's "Watch Instantly" daily, and 4 per cent weekly
-5 per cent of those online at home strongly agree that they would be willing to pay $9.95 per month to watch TV shows online from a service like Hulu, while 81 per cent strongly disagree
-Among all individuals online at home, 4 per cent strongly agree that they would consider disconnecting their TV service to just watch video online -- compared to 3 per cent last year, and 4 per cent two years ago

"Despite speculation that consumers are ‘cutting the cord’ to cable, satellite or Telco video services and choosing to watch video exclusively online or through other alternatives, there remains little evidence of this being a trend," said Bruce Leichtman, president and principal analyst for Leichtman Research Group, "Emerging video services do not necessarily create either/or scenarios in decisions to subscribe to a video service or not. Rather, they create opportunities and trade-offs in how, when, what, and where to consume the increasing video entertainment options."

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05-03-2010, 08:44
Australian Freeview plays catch-up

Australia’s commercial free-to-air TV networks are putting their weight behind the launch of an electronic programming guide and an aggregated online catch-up TV service as part of their fight with pay-Tv platforms.

Robin Parkes, the chief executive of the free-to-air marketing body Freeview, has confirmed the launch of a Freeview-branded electronic programming guide in June to rival Foxtel's iQ device. Its catch-up TV service, accessed via the EPG, will be turned on in the last quarter, she said.

Freeview will not make any of the hardware but is working closely with manufacturers of TV sets, digital video recorders and set-top boxes to have devices in stores in June.

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05-03-2010, 08:46
Sony programming on BT vision

Sony Pictures Television and BT Vision have signed an agreement that sees the addition of Sony Entertainment Television to BT’s digital on-demand television service, BT Vision. Launching for the first time in the UK, Sony Entertainment Television offers viewing with top-rated US dramas such as Damages and The Shield.

Also launching on BT Vision is Sony Retro, a fun television offering boasting classic US hits such as Charlie’s Angels, Starsky & Hutch and Diff’rent Strokes.

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05-03-2010, 08:48
Ooyala launches ‘TV Everywhere’ platform

Ooyala, provider of end-to-end video platform applications and services , has announced the development of a new ‘TV Everywhere’ video platform. The platform makes it easy for content rights holders to manage and monetise 'paywall windows' for the syndication of their content to connected devices. Mexican Broadcaster, TV Azteca and US-based broadcasters have signed up to begin testing the TV-E platform in late March.

The new platform more effectively meets the needs of large media companies as they experiment with online monetisation models. Ooyala has partnered with PayPal, Amazon Payments and Google Checkout in order to create a seamless micro-transaction model for paywall authentication.

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05-03-2010, 08:49
GlobeCast signs ZN Animation VOD deal

GlobeCast’s newly launched Content Acquisition and Distribution division has signed a VOD distribution deal with ZN Animation, one of China’s biggest animation producers, as well as general and popular entertainment content from Shanghai Media Group’s subsidiary, WingsMedia.

Under the deal, GlobeCast - the content management and delivery company and division of France Telecom, will enable the content to reach VOD viewers on DTH and pay-TV bouquets throughout Europe.

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05-03-2010, 08:51
Viaccess and NEC collaborate on STB

French telco Viaccess and semiconductor manufacture NEC Electronics have announced their collaboration to offer Viaccess’ conditional access incorporated in NEC Electronics’ new EMMA 3SL/P system-on-chip (SoC), targeted at MPEG-4 HD hybrid set-top boxes (STBs). The combination of Viaccess conditional access and NEC Electronics’ EMMA3SL/P will offer STB vendors a secure, easy-to-integrate and cost-effective solution with significantly shorter delivery lead times than are often available in the market, allowing faster time-to-market for operators and manufacturers.

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05-03-2010, 08:52
OSN selects Harmonic

Harmonic has confirmed that OSN (Orbit Showtime Network), the leading DTH satellite provider serving the Middle East, has deployed Harmonic's digital headend solutions to power its recently launched HD video service, the first MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) HD service being delivered to multiple countries in the region. OSN selected Harmonic's Electra 8000 multi-channel universal encoder to deliver the new HD service, as well as for an upgrade of its existing standard definition channel line-up from MPEG-2 to MPEG-4. As part of the network upgrade, OSN also implemented Harmonic's ProStream 1000 to monitor and control the entire video service.

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05-03-2010, 08:54
BBC Worldwide (BBCWW) has paid £17m (US$25.6m) for the 40% of DVD distributor 2Entertain BBC Worldwide (BBCWW) has paid £17m (US$25.6m) for the 40% of DVD distributor 2Entertain that it didn't own, ending a sale process that began in 2008 with the collapse of the other JV partner, high street retailer Woolworths.

BBCWW today stressed that the funds for the purchase didn't come from the licence fee, and said the figure "represents the fair value of the stake as agreed between BBC Worldwide and the administrators of Woolworths."

The deal ostensibly values 2Entertain at £42.5m. However, a BBCWW rep told C21 that this valuation doesn't take into account the value of the IP rights that 2Entertain holds and exploits, the ownership of which reverted back to BBCWW when Woolworths folded.

Furthermore, BBCWW said the £17m pricetag is based on the fact that Woolworths' distribution arm EUK went into administration owing 2Entertain "a significant amount of money" and also the latter firm "was forced to absorb a significant share of a pension liability in respect of certain 2Entertain staff."

Consequently, the BBCWW rep said, the real value of 2Entertain isn't reflected by the £17m figure in today's deal and BBCWW offered £100m for the 40% stake in 2008. As it stands, 2Entertain sold 14.6 million DVDs in 2009 and contributed £28.6m to BBCWW profits in 2008/09, with sales of £176.4m in this period. Bestselling titles include Planet Earth, which has sold almost seven million units worldwide.

John Smith, CEO of BBCWW, said the deal was good news for stakeholders. "2Entertain's retail partners know it is now backed by a stable owner; consumers can continue to enjoy BBC content on DVD in their own homes; the independent production sector already works closely with 2Entertain; and licence fee payers will continue to benefit from 2Entertain's contribution to BBC Worldwide."

Paul Dempsey, CEO of 2Entertain and MD of BBC Worldwide Home Entertainment, added: "The 2Entertain business has not been distracted by the events of the past 18 months, continuing to deliver impressive results. Under full BBC Worldwide ownership, it now looks forward to a more settled period."

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05-03-2010, 08:56
Nova, the documentary strand of US public broadcaster PBS, Nova, the documentary strand of US public broadcaster PBS, has teamed up with BBC2 in the UK for a one-off doc about the disappearance of Air France Flight 447 in June 2009.

Mystery of Flight 447 (working title, 1x60') will be made by Darlow Smithson Productions (DSP) and distributed by Endemol Worldwide Distribution. It will use CGI to explain the disaster, and the exec producers are Julian Ware, Tom Brisley and Howard Swartz.

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05-03-2010, 08:57
Networks in the UK and Germany Networks in the UK and Germany are onboard the live-action/CGI tween comedy series Cartoon Gene from Cake Entertainment and Galakids, with a possible Canadian deal also in the running.

The BBC and German broadcaster ZDF have agreed to license the 26x30' series and Cake said Canadian broadcaster Teletoon – which licensed the original 2009 pilot – is also "considering" licensing the series. Cartoon Gene is due for transmission in 2012.

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05-03-2010, 08:59
International cabsat broadcaster Chello Zone International cabsat broadcaster Chello Zone has acquired the Unsolved Mysteries series from UK distributor RDF Rights to air on its CBS Reality and Zone Reality channels.

The series, produced by Cosgrove Meurer Productions, will air on CBS Reality in the UK and on Zone Reality across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. It is presented by Law & Order star Dennis Farina and airs on for Spike TV in the US.

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04-05-2010, 07:27
ReDeSign shows first public DVB-C2 demo

May 3, 2010

ANGA Cable 2010: Stand E49

The ReDeSign Project demonstrates the world’s first public DVB-C2 live transmission at ANGA Cable 2010.

The ReDeSign Project made major contributions to the development of the DVB-C2 standard and carried out complementary research work focusing on the usability of the technology in broadband cable networks. Under the leadership of Institut fuer Nachrichtentechnik of Technische Universitaet Braunschweig, the project successfully implemented a complete DVB-C2 transmission chain for demonstration at its booth.

Immediately preceding the demonstration and the start of ANGA Cable 2010, ReDe?ign organises the fifth meeting of its Operators’ Forum congregating 20 representatives of European cable operators who represent almost 50 % of the cable subscribers in the EU. Major findings are discussed during the meeting, giving an insight into the impact of DVB-C2 and other advanced technologies, such as new amplifier technology and post- DOCSIS network design, on future cable network architectures.

As many leading European cable operators repeatedly underlined their interest in the new standard in a circular letter, a rapid DVB-C2 deployment in Europe is foreseen by the ReDeSign Project. Lorenz Glatz, CTO of Kabel Deutschland, said in a statement: “We have been continuously supporting the development of the DVB-C2 standard and are very pleased to see the technology being tested successfully. We are in the process of organizing a DVB-C2 field test in anticipation of a rapid commercialization of DVB-C2 equipment.”

Manuel Sequeira, CTO of Zon Multimédia added: “We are very enthusiastic about this milestone being reached. We anticipate that DVB-C2 will be an important add-on to the arsenal of the technologies and tools providing additional capacity and flexibility at our cable plant. This will allow us to offer more advanced digital services to our customers.”


04-05-2010, 07:29
iTunes movies come to France, Ireland

May 3, 2010

Apple announced that it has begun offering iTunes Store movie downloads in France and Ireland. Movies from Hollywood studios as well as offerings from European studios will be available for rent and for sale.

Films from major studios including Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Walt Disney, Paramount Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. (MGM), Universal Studios, and 20th Century Fox are now available as well as titles from European studios such as Pathe, SND and StudioCanal in France and E1 Entertainment, Lionsgate UK and Optimum Releasing in Ireland.

iTunes movies start at €7.99 for catalogue title purchases, €9.99 for recent releases and €13.99 for new releases. iTunes Movie Rentals are €2.99 for library title rentals and €3.99 for new releases, and high definition versions are priced at one euro more. Available titles include blockbuster Avatar, Up, and The Twilight Saga: New Moon. Mew titles will become available at the same time as their DVD release.

The movie rental program allows users 30 days from the time of payment in which to watch content, although once a movie has been started, customers have 48 hours to complete their viewing. The movies can be viewed on iPhones, iPods, iPads, on computers and on the regular TV set using Connected TV devices such as Apple TV.


04-05-2010, 07:30

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good bye a new programme dvb

05-05-2010, 19:33
Set-top technology company Pace

Set-top technology company Pace has won an order to develop the new HD PVR for Sky Deutschland, announced Pace already has a relationship with News Corp-backed Sky Deutschland, having been a supplier of the pay-TV broadcaster’s first HDTV receiver.

This new box is MPEG2 and MPEG4 compatible, and is equipped with an Ethernet connection, plus a high-capacity hard drive.

Gerry Duffy, SVP Technology at Sky Deutschland said: “Pace has been a vitally important partner in supporting our roll out of new HD services; the development of the PVR is testament to how well our close collaboration has worked. Pace’s robust, innovative and user-friendly set-top boxes have proven to be a hit with our customers. Their best-in-class technology will be invaluable in retaining our customers and allowing us to scale to future requirements."


05-05-2010, 19:35
India’s NDTV has called off its partnership with US programming Scripps Networks Inte

India’s NDTV has called off its partnership with US programming Scripps Networks Interactive, under which Scripps was to take a majority stake in NDTV’s lifestyle TV business.

The “strategic alliance” between the two companies was agreed in November 2009. Scripps was to buy 69% of NDTV’s lifestyle unit NDTV Lifestyle, which includes NDTV Good Times English-language lifestyle channel, for US$55 million. The deal also saw the partners “contemplating the eventual launch of other lifestyle television channels through the NDTV Lifestyle partnership”.

In a somewhat terser statement than that released back in November, NDTV gave no reason for the deal not going ahead. “'The NDTV Group has decided to exercise its right to terminate the definitive agreements and is in the process of terminating them,'' the statement said.

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05-05-2010, 19:37
Unitymedia box embraces partnerships

May 5, 2010

ANGA Cable 2010. Further details have emerged of the new Unitymedia HD receiver that has been launched alongside its new five-channel line-up.
Broadband TV News has learnt the chasis design for the receiver came from the operator itself. However, the ‘insides’ were created by Echostar, representing the most significant win for the manufacturer since its return to the European market.

Another technology choice for Unitymedia has been the use of the MHP application programming interface – a selection touted by former managing director Palm Sandhu during last year’s ANGA Cable event. The MHP engine has been supplied by Alticast while applications have been developed by the Belgian Zappware. Curiously, despite carrying a built-in hard drive, the PVR functionality will be downloaded at a later stage.

Already confirmed has been the remote control manufacturer Ruiwdo.

However, despite the stella line-up of technology partners, doubts are already being cast over the longevity of the box, should new owner Liberty Global exert its influence. A spokesman for the operator would only say that it constantly evaluated the cost base across its network.

Although Liberty Global affiliate Telenet also uses MHP, it is OpenTV that provides UPC’s standard middleware.

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05-05-2010, 19:39
MaxLinear Partners with Cocom to Deliver DVB-T2 Certified Freeview HD Set-Top Box

MaxLinear’s MxL5007T Digital Terrestrial RF Receiver Passes DVB-T2 Certification by UK’s DTG Labs

CARLSBAD, Calif. — MaxLinear Inc., a leading provider of integrated radio frequency (RF) and mixed-signal integrated circuits for broadband communication applications, today announced its MxL5007T global digital terrestrial TV RF receiver IC has passed DVB-T2 certification in the UK as part of a set-top box (STB) designed by Cocom Consumer Electronics.

The Cocom dual-channel DVB-T2 STB design is the first on the UK market to support simultaneous viewing and recording of over-the-air Freeview HD channels. The STB is both a television receiver and a media streamer that is capable of playing DivX, XviD, MP3 and JPEG files stored remotely. The receiver features an easy set up process, fast channel scanning and video display resolutions up to 1080p. The STB also has Ethernet and USB 2.0 ports for connectivity with home networks and external storage devices.

MxL5007T is one of the first RF receivers to pass the DVB-T2 certification tests conducted by DTG Testing Ltd, the compliance testing body set up by UK industry association Digital TV Group. DVB-T2 is the next generation of the DVB-T terrestrial TV signal format, which includes numerous technological advancements and increases the available channel capacity by approximately 67 percent. The United Kingdom has already started broadcasting three high definition TV channels that reach 50 percent of the population. Many other countries throughout Europe are in field trials and will debut free-to-view DVB-T2 services in the coming months.

“DVB-T2 will usher in a brand new wave of multichannel HDTV services throughout Europe, and with this certification MaxLinear is at the forefront of that wave,” said Kishore Seendripu, MaxLinear CEO. “The MxL5007T RF receiver is a field-proven solution, already shipping in high volume, that enables terrestrial STB and DTV manufacturers to support this new HD standard.”

The MxL5007T is a low-cost silicon RF receiver for digital televisions and set top boxes. The device will receive an input signal spanning a continuous frequency band from 44MHz to 860MHz from a 75-ohm antenna or cable. The MxL5007T has an integrated low noise amplifier (LNA), on-chip tracking & PLL loop filters, automatic gain control, LO generation, and channel selectivity functions to simplify board design and minimize the bill-of-materials (BOM).

MxL5007T is the “greenest” terrestrial RF receiver device on the market, consuming about 300mW of power. Additionally, the MxL5007T has a flexible output intermediate frequency (IF) ranging from 4 to 44 MHz to support many demodulators including several emerging DVB-T2 demods. An integrated on-chip loop through function vastly simplifies STB designs that require an additional RF out, and multi-tuner applications such as PVRs, media servers/gateways, and televisions supporting picture-in-picture. MxL5007T is based on the company’s innovative low-power, high-performance digital CMOS technology.

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05-05-2010, 19:42
ReDeSign shows first public live transmission of DVB-C2

COLOGNE, Germany — The ReDe∫ign Project demonstrates the world’s first public DVB-C2 live transmission at ANGA Cable 2010. The event marks an important milestone with respect to the introduction of the new technology in European broadband cable networks.

The ReDe∫ign Project made major contributions to the development of the DVB-C2 standard and carried out complementary research work focusing on the usability of the technology in broadband cable networks. Under the leadership of Institut fuer Nachrichtentechnik of Technische Universitaet Braunschweig, the project successfully implemented a complete DVB-C2 transmission chain for demonstration at its booth E49 at ANGA Cable.

Immediately preceding the demonstration and the start of ANGA Cable 2010, ReDe∫ign organizes the fifth meeting of its Operators’ Forum congregating 20 representatives of European cable operators who represent almost 50 % of the cable subscribers in the EU. Major findings are discussed during the meeting, giving an insight into the impact of DVB-C2 and other advanced technologies, such as new amplifier technology and post-DOCSIS network design, on future cable network architectures.

DVB-C2 is the latest member of the DVB family of second generation digital broadcast standards. The technology was developed in 2009 by DVB to take advantage of the latest technological developments. It has the potential for succeeding DVB-C which has been deployed successfully on world-wide scale. The development of DVB-C2 was primarily driven by the requirement to increase network capacity particularly for new digital video services such as HDTV, 3DTV, and VoD. By introducing novel techniques in the standard, DVB-C2 has the potential for revolutionizing the broadband cable downstream transmission.

As many leading European cable operators repeatedly underlined their interest in the new standard in a circular letter, a rapid DVB-C2 deployment in Europe is foreseen.

Lorenz Glatz, CTO of Kabel Deutschland, said: “We have been continuously supporting the development of the DVB-C2 standard and are very pleased to see the technology being tested successfully. We are in the process of organizing a DVB-C2 field test in anticipation of a rapid commercialization of DVB-C2 equipment.”

Manuel Sequeira, CTO of Zon Multimédia added: “We are very enthusiastic about this milestone being reached. We anticipate that DVB-C2 will be an important add-on to the arsenal of the technologies and tools providing additional capacity and flexibility at our cable plant. This will allow us to offer more advanced digital services to our customers.”
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05-05-2010, 19:44
Kathrein Selects ANT for HbbTV Devices

CAMBRIDGE — ANT plc (LSE AIM: ANTP), the leading provider of software and services for the delivery of digital TV, has been selected by global high tech telecommunications company Kathrein, to deploy HbbTV (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV) services on its new range of set-top boxes (STBs). Kathrein has licensed the ANT Galio HbbTV Platform, a variant of the widely recognised ANT hybrid TV service platform, to target the fast growing international retail market.

ANT has been heavily involved in the development of the hybrid TV service market for many years through its commitment to industry standards bodies including the Open IPTV Forum and HbbTV and the development of a powerful hybrid TV service platform now deployed worldwide. The ANT Galio HbbTV Platform is the first HbbTV solution to be commercially distributed providing a robust, flexible and dynamic platform on which both service providers and device manufacturers can develop and deploy HbbTV related applications for hybrid broadcast TV services to the home.

Simon Woodward, President and CEO of ANT said: “We’re delighted to be working with Kathrein who have built a strong industry reputation in delivering high quality, reliable products. We’re well positioned to support Kathrein in the development and deployment of its new range of hybrid set-top boxes. ANT has been heavily involved in HbbTV since its launch; the result of this commitment is that we’re now perfectly placed to offer a comprehensive go to market solution to address the emerging market. As the first and only company to take a complete integrated HbbTV product to market we continue to license our software to the world’s leading device manufacturers.”

Erich Rock, Division Manager, SAT – Satellite and Terrestrial Reception Systems said: “HbbTV is an important new innovation for the future of set-top box development. By harmonising both broadcast and broadband content, HbbTV streamlines new services such as VoD (Video on Demand) and catch-up TV to provide a user friendly TV experience. ANT’s go-to-market HbbTV platform is an ideal solution due to its experience and involvement in the HbbTV initiative. We look forward to working with ANT to take our new range of hybrid devices to market.”
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05-05-2010, 19:46
NBC picks up Abrams' Undercovers

US network NBC has picked up JJ Abrams' drama Undercovers pilot, marking its first pick up ahead of the LA Screenings later this month.

This is the first drama pilot Abrams has directed since Lost in 2004.

The series, which is produced by Warner Bros,, Abrams' Bad Robot and Bonanza Productions, follows a married couple of retired CIA agents that are forced to re-activate into the service after their friends and fellow spies goes missing.

The traditional upfronts season begins in two weeks, but NBC picked up Undercovers as Abrams deal reportedly called for the network to make an early decision.

"We have tremendous confidence in this promising series and feel that this is a great way to kick off our upcoming Upfront development announcements," said Jeff Gaspin, chairman, NBC Universal Television Entertainment.

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05-05-2010, 19:48
Epix to launch Lionsgate-produced pirate series

US cable network Epix is to develop a drama series about pirates based on Marcus Rediker's Villains of All Nations, TBI understands.

The series will be produced by Lionsgate, which is one of the joint venture partners in the premium pay broadcaster along with Viacom and MGM, after the studio optioned Professor Rediker's book about the "Golden Age of Piracy" between 1650 to 1730.

This comes days after the channel struck a deal with director Oliver Stone to produce a TV series based on Bruce Wagner's novel Still Holding, about three disparate people based in Los Angeles.

The channel, which recently increased its distribution by striking a deal with satellite operator Dish, is currently in production with two original series - country music drama Tough Trade and iCon, directed by Larry Charles, based on the popular Fake Steve Jobs blog.

Epix is also set to announce a slate of seven further original productions, reports Deadline Hollywood, including a number of series produced by Fox 21. Series include Lawrence O'Donnell-produced supreme court drama The Supremes, comedy Human Resources, Todd Holland-produced Random Acts, war journalism drama Gonzo, Amy Rice-directed political series Margin of Error, buddy comedy Pulp Bromance and Untitled Penthouse Project, based on a true story from the adult magazine.

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05-05-2010, 19:51
3D Eye Solutions, Inc. solidifies presence in 3D market with advancements in its conv

3D Eye Solutions, Inc. solidifies presence in 3D market with advancements in its conversion technology

3D Eye Solutions, Inc. (OTC Pink Sheets: TDEY) is pleased to announce that the Company continues to solidify its presence in the 3D Market through continued advancements in its cutting edge 2D to 3D content conversion technology.

The Company's state of the art 2D to 3D content conversion technology is compatible and can integrate its proprietary conversion process and file formats with all of the industry leading 3D display and viewing platforms, which include Magnetic 3D, Alioscopy, Samsung, LG, Texas Instruments, Panasonic, RealD, Dolby 3D, IMAX 3D, Macintosh, and PC, amongst others. This creates opportunities for 3D Eye to generate revenue from 2D to 3D content conversion in various industries such as film, television, digital signage, and gaming to name a few.

3D Eye Solutions technology converts content for viewing in auto-stereoscopic (without glasses) method of displaying 3D images enables its customers to view these images without the use of special headgear or glasses. 3D Eye Solutions' auto-stereoscopic process of conversion will also allow film and television studios to convert previously shot 2D content into 3D content that requires glasses, creating an additional revenue stream for the studios with no extra processing costs. With superior and widely compatible techniques, 3D Eye Solutions can turn 2D visual data into 3D images.

"We are pleased to see all of the recent excitement and attention surrounding the 3D industry as a whole," stated Michael Gibilisco, CEO of 3D Eye Solutions, Inc. "Our conversion technology has the ability to integrate with a wide variety of viewing platforms and is a cost effective solution for corporations operating within the industry."

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05-05-2010, 19:53
Premier TV brand to keynote Soceity for Information Display and IMS Conferences’ TV market focus conference

The world’s #1 TV brand, Samsung Electronics, will fittingly keynote the inaugural Market Focus Conference Series on ‘TV 3.0: The Future of TVs’ organized by the Society for Information Display (SID) and IMS Conferences, a unit of IMS Research. The TV market series will be held in Seattle on May 26-27 during Display Week 2010 (May 23-28).

John Revie, Senior Vice President of Home Entertainment Product Marketing at Samsung Electronics America, will open the first annual SID/IMS TV 3.0: Future of TVs Conference with a keynote talk on the outlook for 3D and Internet TVs. Both 3D and Internet-connected TVs have the opportunity to not only significantly enhance the user experience, but also to improve the existing TV business model. Revie will also discuss Samsung’s view of these emerging consumer segments along with the challenges and opportunities they present to both manufacturers and retailers.

Revie has played a key role in Samsung becoming the dominant TV brand in the U.S. and the world. After 20 years at Sony Electronics, where he ran their consumer TV business as General Manager and had responsibility for their direct marketing and business planning, Revie joined Samsung in late 2005 as the Vice President of TV Marketing. Promoted to his current role as Senior Vice President in 2008, Revie has responsibility for product marketing of Samsung’s entire TV line-up, including its LCD, plasma, LED and 3D TVs, as well as Samsung’s home entertainment Blu-Ray, HTIB and A/V receiver products. Since joining Samsung, the company has risen from #4 to #1 in LCD TVs and has more than doubled its global TV revenue share. Prior to that, Revie spent 20 years at Sony, where he held various positions including running their U.S. consumer TV business as General Manager. Revie holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Fairleigh Dickinson University and a master’s degree in business administration from Iona College. He is also a licensed CPA in New Jersey.

According to IMS Research Senior Vice President Ross Young, “Given John’s extensive experience and impressive track record in the TV market, he is the ideal person to keynote our inaugural event. He is a sought-after speaker on the TV market, and we are thrilled he is participating. I am sure he will provide significant value and insight to our attendees.”

“The participation of the leadership of so many major TV brands and major retailers in our Future of TVs Conference provides an authoritative view of the television market,” said Paul Drzaic, SID President. “John Revie is ideally positioned to provide a vision for the potentially explosive impact that new technology and new content will have on driving new consumer demand, and its effect on participants within this marketplace.”

In addition to Samsung, the event will feature presentations from other leading TV brands, the #1 TV retailer and smaller regional retailers, providing attendees a well-rounded view of the opportunities and challenges associated with developing and merchandising 3D and Internet TVs.

Other participating TV brands include:

• Tim Alessi, Director of New Product Development, LG Electronics

• Dave Naranjo, Director of Product Development, Mitsubishi Electronics

• Jim Sanduski, Senior Vice President of Sales, Panasonic

• Ken Lowe, VP and Co-founder, VIZIO

Participating retailers include:

• Steve Bosch, Director of TV Strategy, Best Buy

• Bjorn Dybdahl, President, Bjorn’s Audio Video

• Dave Workman, Executive Director, PRO Group

Zoran is a Silver Sponsor of the event. For more information about the Future of TVs Conference, which has 1-day or 2-day registration options, or other Market Focus Conference events on Lighting and Touch, please visit http://www.sidmarketfocus.com (http://www.sidmarketfocus.com/).

About Display Week

The 48th SID International Symposium, Seminar and Exhibition, or Display Week 2010, will take place May 23-28, 2010, at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle. Display Week is the premier international gathering of scientists, engineers, manufacturers and users in the field of electronic-information displays. For more information on Display Week 2010, visit http://www.sid2010.org/ (http://www.sid2010.org/), become a fan on Facebook or follow us on Twitter at @DisplayWeek. Share Display Week-related tweets using the hash tag #SID2010.
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05-05-2010, 19:55
Motorola joins forces with China Mobile to showcase exciting TD-LTE experience at Shanghai Expo

As a leading provider of TD-LTE technology, the Networks business of Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) is demonstrating end-to-end TD-LTE experiences at the Information and Communication Pavilion to support China Mobile Communications Corporation's (CMCC) presence at the Shanghai Expo.

Delegates will be able to experience the real-life performance of TD-LTE via USB dongles, including video streaming, remote monitoring, video stream session, high-speed Internet browsing and more.

Motorola's demonstration highlights include:

Simultaneous video streams: A single TD-LTE USB dongle can stream 24 simultaneous video streams while supporting very high-speed Internet browsing applications, at a total data rate of 20Mbps, demonstrating the true broadband performance of TD-LTE. A TD-LTE carrier in 20MHz can support transmission of a few hundred video streams simultaneously. In the near future, TD-LTE subscribers will then be able to access a collection of high-bandwidth and low-latency Internet applications including mobile TV, on-demand videos and video blogging anywhere.

TD-LTE demonstration vehicle: A two-wheeled, self-balancing electric vehicle carrying a camera and a laptop showcases real-time TD-LTE performance on the move. Live video captured by the moving camera can be viewed on other laptops and the main screen within the demonstration area via a TD-LTE USB dongle. In addition, visitors will be able to set up a video stream session between the laptop on the vehicle and the laptops within the demonstration area. In the near future, TD-LTE subscribers will be able to receive and transmit data, access favorite content, collaborate or conduct business at a speed about 20 times faster than the current 3G network, as they move on high-speed railways at speeds of about 350km per hour.

"Motorola and China Mobile share the same commitment to accelerating TD-LTE commercialization and globalization," said Dr. Mohammad Akhtar, corporate vice president and general manager, Motorola Networks business in Asia Pacific. "We are very excited to support China Mobile in bringing the TD-LTE experience to Shanghai Expo. TD-LTE is now a commercial reality, making LTE a truly encompassing global technology standard."

These demonstrations showcase Motorola's third-generation OFDM-based products and a set of core networks running the latest specifications software and related application servers. Motorola's TD-LTE devices will receive and transmit over-the-air (OTA) data including high-definition video from and to the application servers, high-speed data from and to the application servers as well as from and to the Internet.

Motorola provides indoor TD-LTE network coverage for major pavilions at the Shanghai Expo including the Expo Center and the U.S. Pavilion as well as backup systems to other vendor solutions in other pavilions. To help operators build a healthy TD-LTE ecosystem, Motorola will also integrate and launch the TD-LTE USB dongle that supports 2.3GHz at the event.

Motorola is one of the few vendors in the industry that has expertise in, has committed to and is investing in FDD LTE and TD-LTE, as well as WiMAX. This leadership position builds on Motorola's more than 10 years of OFDM expertise and world-class R&D facilities devoted to TD-LTE development, including two R&D centers in China. Motorola's Wireless Broadband Access Solutions (WBAS) Hangzhou Center and the Wideband Base Transceiver System (WBTS) China Center have been working with Chinese operators for many years and can provide valuable insights that enable a prompt response to local needs.

Interest in TD-LTE continues to grow due to several key factors:

The tremendous growth of data use while mobile falling prices, more variety and improved ease of use in end user devices

Additional spectrum is necessary for serving more users

TDD spectrum traditionally auctioned for lower cost/radio frequency/population

Global and local roaming between FDD and TDD networks, allowing both networks to be used in the same geographic area

Dr. Akhtar added, "We see the growing interest in TD-LTE as the technology delivers increased capacity and a lower cost per bit. Motorola is the leader in TD-LTE through trials and engagements with various operators around the world. The selection by China Mobile today once again demonstrates the reliability and maturity of our TD-LTE solution."

Motorola's TD-LTE Expertise and Achievements

Motorola has gained significant experience and momentum in TD-LTE thanks to its OFDM experience, which was instrumental in the development and design of the TD-LTE 4Tx/8Rx solution. These engineering innovations resulted in one of the most efficient radios in the market – allowing it to be compact enough to be installed and mounted on a tower. With more performance packed into a smaller unit, operators can get better performance out of the sites they deploy and may be able to use fewer sites, thereby lowering their total cost of ownership in less densely populated areas.

Motorola's ongoing advancements in TD-LTE include its recently announced company-wide initiatives for the U.S. Pavilion at Shanghai Expo, end-to-end TD-LTE demonstration via the world's first TD-LTE USB dongle and first OTA TD-LTE data session on a TD-LTE network in Shanghai. These achievements, plus being the first vendor that completed all radio frequency (RF) test cases in CMCC's TD-LTE trial including the ability to support the TD-LTE maximum data rate in 20MHz and successfully running multiple user devices, and conducting the world's first TD-LTE live drive demo at ITU Telecom 2009 in Geneva, are further demonstrations of Motorola's LTE expertise.

Motorola's Networks business delivers fully integrated and customizable media solutions enabling operators to offer personalized, rich media experiences to their subscribers. As a global wireless infrastructure leader, Motorola is committed to 4G with WiMAX and LTE solutions that provide a way for operators to profitably meet the ever-growing demand for mobile broadband today while giving 2G and 3G customers a future path as we continue to support their legacy networks. Motorola brings its services, fourth-generation OFDM platform and 25 years of wireless data systems innovation, experience and expertise to bear as operators – wireline, wireless, cable and telco – seek to evolve their networks for the future.
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05-05-2010, 19:57
KabelKiosk HD starts package HD Extra

German direct-to-cable platform KabelKiosk French satellite operator Eutelsat to launch 01 June 2010 a new package of channels in high definition televisions (HDTVs). The new service will be called HD Extra.

HD Extra will contain a total of 5 HD thematic programs - myZen.tv relaxation channel, children's TV channel bebe HD, fashion and lifestyle program HD Fashion TV (FTV HD) television devoted to the world of luxury Luxe.TV music and television for demanding Mezzo Live HD.

After launching the new service will KabelKiosk distribute a total of 11 HD programs. Recall that previously were included in the offer of the German commercial channel RTL HD, Vox HD, Pro Sieben HD, Sat.1 HD and cable eins HD. There is also a paid erotic channel Penthouse HD.

The new HD Extra package will be offered by cable operators for a monthly fee of 5.90 euros.

KabelKiosk uses to distribute their programs transponders on the satellite Eurobird 9A (9°E). Signals are encoded and ***** **********.

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05-05-2010, 19:58
Italy: MTV+ starts 17 May 2010

On the Italian market will still operate during this month another channel under the brand world famous MTV. In this country, will launch a brand new television broadcasting under the name MTV +. The new station will be devoted to music and entertainment.

MTV+ will be disseminated via the digital terrestrial network (DVB-T) and will be available for programming positions 49 and 109. MTV+ from 17 May 2010 bring quality entertainment and the best Italian and international music.

Musically the playlist MTV+ open to any genre with a fair balance between the successful and most interesting news clips.

MTV+ brings the best of international and local products. Examples of programs from previous years, which became the core of pop culture and modern life.

Channel MTV+ will probably also be distributed via satellite and the distribution platforms for DVB-T transmitters.

expected technical parameters:
Atlantic Bird 1 (12.5°W), freq 12.545 GHz, pol. H, SR 17455, FEC 3/4, DVB-S/QPSK, FTA

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05-05-2010, 20:03
CNN and CBS talk again

CNN and CBS talk again Written by Chris Forrester
Wednesday, 05 May 2010 10:31
Cable news broadcaster CNN is having serious talks with CBS over how they might co-operate on news-gathering. ABC has just concluded an operation where 400 staff have been let go, mostly from ABC’s news division.

These are not the first discussions between CNN and CBS. Indeed the pair have “talked” frequently over the years. CNN’s star correspondent Christiane Amanpour (she joins ABC in August) worked with CBS as far back as 1996. However, New York sources are suggesting that this time around the discussions are serious. Similar talks have been held with ABC in the past.

There’s plenty of cash coming into CNN’s coffers, but it is struggling in the ratings, being out-performed by Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News.

CNN’s owner is Time Warner and T-W and CBS have a few existing partnerships and co-operations, not least a 14-year US$11bn deal between CBS Sports and Turner Broadcasting to share the TV rights to certain college basketball games. The pair also jointly-own the CW free-to-air TV network.

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05-05-2010, 20:05
Sirius-XM tops 19m subs Written by Chris Forrester
Wednesday, 05 May 2010 10:37
Americans are again buying cars, and a total of 11.4m are now subscribing to Sirius-XM thanks to OEM units in new cars. Moreover, the recession seems to have faded and subs are up.

Total pay-radio subs now formally stand at 18,944,199 (as at March 31) with the quarter seeing growth again, up 171,441 which is a huge improvement on Q1/09 when 402,000 subs walked away. Sirius-XM says it expects a net gain this year of 500,000 subs.

The current picture, while good, is not a record ’high’ for Sirius-XM which happened at the tail end of 2008 when it reached 19m.

Sirius posted a first-quarter profit of $41.6m, compared to a year-ago loss of $238.8m

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05-05-2010, 20:07
Sky Deutschland to enter content production Written by Jörn Krieger
Wednesday, 05 May 2010 10:35
German pay-TV broadcaster Sky Deutschland wants to make its programme offering more exclusive and attractive for subscribers through investing in original TV productions. The idea is to start the production of its own TV formats in the second half of 2011, CEO Brian Sullivan told Financial Times Deutschland.

With the move, Sky would follow the path of US-based pay-TV operator HBO which is famous for its original productions. But there are no concrete plans as yet, added Sullivan. Besides its own content, Sky hopes to win new subscribers through intensified collaborations with cable operators and IPTV platform providers.

At Cologne-based cable, satellite and broadband trade fair ANGA Cable a cooperation with cable operator NetCologne was announced yesterday. The company will bundle its own internet and telephone products with Sky subscriptions and market them as triple play packages. Customers benefit from reduced prices compared with single contracts.

“We are currently talking to all cable operators and telcos and I would be very surprised if we couldn’t announce further collaborations soon,” said Sullivan. He added that it would not make sense for Sky to position itself in competition to infrastructure providers. “I think that the right way is a partnership.”

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05-05-2010, 20:09
SES wraps ProtoStar-2 purchase Written by Chris Forrester
Wednesday, 05 May 2010 10:33
SES World Skies has wrapped up its purchase of ProtoStar-2 which had been owned by a bankrupt Asian operator. SES has renamed the satellite as SES-7, and the buy brings the total satellites in the SES fleet to 43.

SES was the successful bidder for ProtoStar II during a public auction held on December 16, 2009. The spacecraft, launched in May 2009, has been renamed SES-7, and will be redeployed to the orbital position of 108.2 degrees East to provide incremental capacity in South Asia and the Asia-Pacific region.

At 108.2 degrees East, SES-7 will be co-positioned with NSS-11, which is already home to a thriving neighbourhood. With two satellites at this same location, SES World Skies says it can offer in-orbit redundancy to customers whose networks require additional resilience. With its high-power Ku-band payload and switchable beams, SES-7 offers expansion capacity for a range of Direct-to-Home (DTH) and enterprise services across the Asia-Pacific region.

SES-7, built by Boeing, carries 22 physical Ku-band transponders as well as 10 S-band transponders. The S-band payload will be fully utilized by MCI Indovision, the market-leading DTH platform operator in Indonesia, which has an option to fully acquire the payload for the 15 year expected life of the satellite. SES World Skies is working with MCI on the transition of SES-7 from its current orbital location to 108.2 degrees East.

Following the successful launch of the SES-1 satellite on April 24, 2010, SES-7 will be the 43rd satellite in the global SES fleet.

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05-05-2010, 20:11
Alfacam links with Abu Dhabi Media Co Written by Chris Forrester
Wednesday, 05 May 2010 10:29
Specialist outside broadcasting facilities company Alfacam has concluded a “significant commercial deal” with LIVE, the Abu Dhabi Media Company’s wholly-owned outside broadcast and production subsidiary.

The deal sees LIVE acquire an important number of brand new high-definition (HD) technology and equipment in order to advance its fleet of state-of-the-art OB and production vehicles.

“Our mandate is to provide the best tools to our industry peers so that they continue to employ the most advanced solutions in the market. Alfacam’s business strategy is built on servicing international events with HD broadcast equipment and OB vans. The sales of (new) OB vans and (new) equipment is another branch of our strategy. LIVE’s ability to anticipate industry developments and market demands clearly sets them apart. We are proud to have been able to build this strong relationship with LIVE in order to facilitate the acquisition. At the same time we are contributing to the new HD broadcasting standards in the Middle East,” says Gabriel Fehervari, CEO Alfacam.

“We are very pleased with the outstanding relationship we have established with our partner Alfacam. The equipment and services we have acquired fulfill our needs and protect our investment for many years to come. LIVE’s sustained investment in HD technology clearly shows its commitment to be at the forefront of HDTV production in the Middle East and becomes the partner of choice for the broadcast of international events,” continues Al Sheikh, CEO of LIVE.

“Since launching in August 2008, LIVE has brought the most exciting sports and cultural events of the region to millions of viewers globally and has been recognised as a pioneer in HD broadcasting and production, with unmatched technological capabilities in the Middle East. As the only company with a fleet of full HD OB vans in the region, and a team of well-trained and passionate professionals, LIVE looks set to become the largest company of its kind in the region,” said a statement.

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05-05-2010, 20:13
More 3D from Canal+ in Poland By Chris Dziadul
May 5, 2010 10.29 UK

Canal+ will later this month become the first broadcaster in Poland to show a feature film in 3D.
Coraline and the secret door, an animation produced by Henry Selick, will be shown on Canal+ Film HD on May 16 and accessible to all Canal+ subscribers with a 3D set and HD decoder.

Its screening will come a day after Canal+ makes the first 3D TV transmission in Poland, showing a match from the Polish premier football league Ekstraklasa in the format.

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07-05-2010, 10:32
C4 poll: 'Public want govt ad spend cut'

May 7 2010,

A Channel 4 online poll about the budget deficit has shown that Brits would most like to see spending cuts on the Armed Forces, religion and government advertising.

The poll was part of an online game titled Chop Or Not, which asked respondents what they want the next government to do about reducing the UK's £152 billion budget deficit.

A sample of around 5,000 users looked at different areas of government spending and then indicated where they would like to see a reduction in funding.

Nearly 90% of respondents chose to cut military spending by withdrawing from Iraq, while 85% said that they would slash financial support for churches.

A further 84% of Brits opted to cut the government's budget for advertising and marketing, which has grown to around £253m in the past year.

Among respondents aged 35 or younger, 71% of people wanted to reduce funding the London 2012 Olympics.

Women were most concerned with saving funding for agriculture, forestry and fishing (87%), followed by the Sure Start scheme for families (85%) and transport (84%).

Male respondents instead prioritised secondary education (85%), followed by employee pensions (80%) and funding for street lighting (85%).

Jamie Arnold from the 4 Innovation for the Public (4iP) organisation, which commissioned the game, said: "By putting voters in the position of making such difficult choices, Channel 4 has been able highlight the tough decisions our future government will face.

"It has also allowed us to build a picture of what the British public themselves would prioritise when faced with such decisions."

Channel 4's marketing manager Andy Pipes added: "These results reveal some surprising attitudes towards public spending from the voters polled in our game.

"While issues such as how much we should spend on our military are often spoken about in the news, other areas of potential cuts should perhaps be highlighted more often.

"Areas such as church spending or government advertising, which was reported by the Central Office of Information last year as having been increased by over 50% in just a year."

Channel 4 will tonight broadcast a political-themed edition of Come Dine With Me as part of its alternative election night.

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07-05-2010, 10:33
Five-owner RTL reports revenue growth

May 7 2010,

European media operator RTL Group has reported strong growth in revenue during the first quarter of 2010, including positive performance from its UK broadcaster Five.

In the three months to the end of March, RTL reported a 7.2% year-on-year increase in revenue to €1.3 billion (£1.1bn), marking its first year-on-year growth since the final quarter of 2008. Reported earnings before interest, tax and amortisation increased 126.4% over the three months to €197m.

RTL, which also owns X Factor producer FremantleMedia, said that the increase in profits was down to "robust growth" in television advertising markets throughout Europe.

"Compared to a weak first quarter in 2009, most of the Western European TV advertising markets recorded robust growth during the first quarter 2010, with Germany, France and the UK showing the best development," said RTL in a statement.

Five is understood to have outperformed the overall 7% year-on-year increase in the UK television advertising market during the first quarter of 2010.

The strong growth will be positive news for Five, which reported a €41m loss last year as its revenues fell 30% year-on-year to €303m.

Five has also recently been mooted as a possible target for commercial partnerships with Channel 4 and ITV, including a full takeover by the latter.

Looking ahead, RTL said that it expects to see continued improvement over the rest of 2010, but remains cautious about declaring a recovery in advertising markets.

"Given the positive business development in the first months of 2010, RTL Group expects to improve on last year's results," said the firm.

"However, developments on the various advertising markets can only be predicted to a very limited degree. This has to do partly with the strong fourth quarter of 2009 - at the moment, no one can tell what the fourth quarter will look like this year, given the low visibility and economic environment."

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07-05-2010, 10:35
HD 'New Moon' coming to Virgin's VOD

Thursday, May 6 2010,

Virgin Media has confirmed that high definition versions of Sherlock Holmes and The Twilight Saga: New Moon will become available this month on its video on-demand platform.

Sherlock Holmes, which stars Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law, is to arrive on the FilmFlex service on May 17, the same day that it is released on DVD.

Starring Robert Pattinson, New Moon will launch later in the month on the PictureBox platform in both standard and high definition.

Also in May, the entire first series of True Blood will arrive in the US television on-demand section in SD and HD. Documentary programmes Wild Russia and Storm Chasers will also be available in HD.

Virgin Media director of on-demand television and strategy Aleks Habdank said: "This month's lineup on Virgin Media TV on-demand brings together the fresh and famous, with brand new movies such as Sherlock Holmes as well as hit dramas such as True Blood.

"With more and more customers enjoying the benefits of TV on-demand, this month also sees a broader range of music content, including music on-demand takeovers and classic 'Britcom' Yes Minister should provide topical light relief during the election period."

On Tuesday, Virgin Media reported that its VOD platform attracted a record 200m television views in the first three months of 2010, along with 2.6m on-demand movie requests.

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07-05-2010, 10:37
Thomson secures key Russian DTT role

May 7, 2010

Set-top boxes for receiving DTT signals in Russia are to be manufactured by France’s Thomson Broadcast and the local company Almaz-Antey.
According to CNews and AKTR, the news was given by Alexander Zharov, the deputy minister of communications and mass communications, who added that the first receivers would appear this autumn.

A joint venture named Almaz Antey Thomson Broadcast (AATB) in which Almaz-Antey and Thomson Broadcast hold shares of 51% and 49% respectively was formed back in 2006 and will manufacture reception equipment in 6-7 sites around the country including Moscow, St Petersburg, Omsk and Novosibirsk.

DTT services are initially being rolled out in Siberia and the Far East of Russia this year, with the final stage of digitisation due to start in 2013 and be completed two years later.

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12-05-2010, 18:09
Mediaset Premium heads for breakeven

May 12, 2010
A staggering 59.5% increase in revenues for Mediaset Premium has led Mediaset to predict breakeven for the Italian DTT pay service later this year. The company also confirmed plans to launch a new free-to-air terrestrial channel. First quarter revenues for Mediaset Premium of €115.1 million from card sales, top-ups (the so-called recharges) and the Easy Pay subscription, confirmed management indications that 2010 will see net profit and cash generation.

As of March 31, 2010, there were around 4.1 million active cards, compared with around 3.3 million at the same point of the previous year.

The new La5, launching tomorrow evening (May 12), is a sister channel to Canale 5 and will target a female audience with a mix of series, films, drama sitcoms and soap opera.

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12-05-2010, 18:11
Canal+ subs up, churn down

May 12, 2010
Canal+ Group has reported increased subscriber numbers and reduced churn in the first quarter of 2010.

Revenues increased by 2.3% year-on-year to €1,145 million; the combined subscriber base of Canal+ France, including metropolitan France, the French Overseas territories and Africa, notching up an additional 315,000 subscribers.

In metropolitan France, subscriber additions increased year-on-year and digital subscriber churn decreased to 12% compared to 13.3% at the end of March 2009. As ASO progresses less than 200,000 subscribers now receive a terrestrial analogue signal.

In statements released by Canal’s parent Vivendi, no definitive subscriber total was offered.

Vivendi also reported growth for Canal+ in the tough Polish DTH market.

Canal+ Group EBITA fell from €254 million to €230 million, caused in part by a change to the Ligue 1 match programme, with an additional game scheduled.

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12-05-2010, 18:12
Digital milestone for UPC Slovakia

UPC has announced that its digital cable service UPC Digital in Slovakia now has 70,000 subscribers, equivalent to a penetration rate of 30%.

UPC Digital’s reach has also been extended to the cities of Trencin, Sturovo, Dolny Kubin and Bardejov, bringing the total 14 and encompassing over 400,000 households.

UPC Digital offers up to 110 channels, with packages starting from €5 a month. It also includes an EPG a PVR allowing for the recording of up to 90 hours of programming.

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12-05-2010, 18:14
Sandhu gives inside track on Arena Bundesliga deal

May 12, 2010

Former Unitymedia CEO Parm Sandhu has lifted the lid on the Bundesliga deal that saw the cableco create the satellite platform Arena.

In a presentation to the Sports Media Summit in Düsseldorf, Sandhu described how he had proposed a wholesale offer to the then Premiere CEO Georg Kofler in an attempt to create a one-stop shop for pay-TV subscribers. “Unfortunately, Kofler didn’t see the opportunity. His idea was about domination, total exclusivity and total control across all platforms, not about co-operation. So when the DFL auctioned the Bundesliga rights for the season 2006-2009, we went bidding for them.”

Sandhu said he wanted to include the Bundesliga rights as part of a triple play offer for both Unitymedia and Kabel Deutschland at a time when Deutsche Telekom had also expressed an interest in bidding. “Unfortunately, the DFL auctioned the Bundesliga in a way that we couldn’t bid for the cable rights alone. We had to bid for the complete rights; cable and satellite,” Sandhu told his audience. “We were never interested in the satellite rights! My intention was to give the satellite rights back to Premiere, and come to a wholesale deal with Kofler in cable”.

Having secured the rights, Sandhu offered a share both to Kofler and Kabel Deutschland, but both turned him down. This left the cable operator with little choice other than to launch the Arena pay-TV platform, which initially attracted more than one million subscribers in is first six months of operation.

Sandhu was unable to reach Kofler until a chance meeting at the World Cup led to a cross marketing agreement between Premiere and Arena, while Unitymedia became the one stop shop for internet, telephony, free, basic and pay-TV that Sandhu was trying to create.

However, the intervention of the Bundeskartellamt eventually resulted in Arena sublicensing the rights to Premiere, and Unitymedia becoming the pay-TV platform’s largest shareholder. “The Bundeskartellamt looks at every single infrastructure as a separate universe of its own, not as a part of an overall ecosystem or market. They are not so much interested in competition between the infrastructures. They look at every infrastructure as a separate market each with its own monopoly,” said Sandhu, adding that while an interesting theory for academic discussion, it showed the Bundeskartellamt to be out of touch with reality.

Sandhu said while the project was successful financially, he did not achieve everything he wanted, though the venture was to lead the DFL creating a new method of selling its rights through the Sirius agency.

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12-05-2010, 18:15
BT expands on demand offer

May 12, 2010

BT has announced the launch of a new and bigger on demand subscription service. The first of its kind in the UK, BT Vision Film Club will now offer over 60 films each month – or more than twice the previous number – with 14 films refreshed each week.
Titles are sourced from Picturebox, WarnerFilms, Sony Pictures Television and Film4OD. Film Club is available for £6.99 (€8.08) a month or as an option within BT Vision’s Bronze, Silver and Gold viewing packages. Subscribers can also choose to subscribe to Picturebox or WarnerFilms alone for £4.99 each.
Commenting on the expansion of Film Club, BT Vision’s chief executive Marc Watson said: “We already have an extensive catalogue of over 600 films available in the UK courtesy of our long-term deals with the major Hollywood studios. Now our Value Pack film subscribers will have an even wider choice of titles each week for no extra charge.”
He added: “All of our films are available on-demand, so you won’t have to fit in with a broadcaster’s schedule or miss the first part of the film. You can start it when you are ready and pause or rewind the film whenever you want.”

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12-05-2010, 18:17
Kabel BW buys Tele Columbus homes

May 12, 2010

Kabel BW is to buy a number of regional networks in the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg from troubled rival Tele Columbus.

No details have been released of the transaction that will see Kabel BW purchase 50,000 of Tele Columbus’ two million subscribers. The agreement is subject to regulatory approval.

Tele Columbus remains on the block after failed attempts by its creditors to find a buyer for the operation.

Kabel BW currently has a footprint of 2.3 million households.

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12-05-2010, 18:18
French league to launch own channel

May 12, 2010

La Ligue de football professionnel (LFP) has announced plans to launch its own dedicated pay-TV channel. The new service that will carry matches from both Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 will run alongside the existing contracts with Orange and Canal Plus, though is bound to limit their exclusivity to a certain extent.

Although the arrival of Orange on the French TV market has been able to net an annual €668 million for the league, recent comments by new Orange boss Stéphane Richard that he wants to reduce the cost of the sports rights, have led to the obviously defensive move.

Negotiations with potential distributors, which would logically include both Orange and Canal plus the cable operator Numericable, are underway. However, it seems unlikely that the channel will launch before the start of the new season.

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12-05-2010, 18:20
3D appears in Estonia

May 12, 2010

The Estonian cable operator STV has announced the launch of a 3D channel.

According to the company, STV HD1 made its debut at the beginning of this month and offers its viewers “sports, cultural and recreational programmes.” All its output is being aired in 3D other than that between 06.00 and 10.00.

STV is owned by unnamed local and Russian interests and the second largest cable operator in Estonia after Starman. Its offer includes HD channels and – since December last year – internet access at up to 100 Mbps.

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12-05-2010, 18:21
CSA issues new call for pay-DTT and free HD

May 12, 2010

Le Conseil supérieur de l’audiovisuel has issued a new licence call for three pay channels and two free-to-air HD channels to broadcast over the terrestrial system.

An official announcement is expected before June 30 with France O also being given permission to extend its availability nationwide.

The consultation was launched last June to deal with how to fill the capacity created both by the end of terrestrial broadcasts by AB1 and Canal J, and capacity created by the end of analogue broadcasts.

TF1, France 2, Arte and M6 are already available in the HD format over the terrestrial platform.

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12-05-2010, 18:23
NEC develops ultra-fast piracy detection

Japan's NEC has developed a technology that can find illegal copies of videos uploaded to the Internet in seconds. This speed is attained by creating a comparison piece that is just 76 bytes from the original and compares it to the allegedly copied file. The technology is part of the MPEG-7 standard, and would help movie producers and Internet service providers identify pirates both faster and more accurately than in the past.

NEC says its technology has a 96 per cent success rate and a false alarm rate of 5 in one million under tests conduced by the ISO. It can accurately detect the validity of a video from a two-second, 60-frame snapshot. NEC maintains that an average home PC with a single-core 3GHz chip can match 1,000 hours of video in one second.

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12-05-2010, 18:24
Three Argentine companies will produce 1,2 million STBs before year end

According to what sources from the Advising Council informed NexTV Latam, Coradir, Cometrans and UTE will manufacture 1,2 million ISB set-top-boxes to be distributed free-of-charge by the Argentine Government before year end. The Government ordered Coradir about 500,000 devices that must be ready before the South African Soccer World Cup 2010 to be held in next June. So far, the company only has 1,200 STBs, which are being commercialized at USD 179, and records a productive capacity of 20,000 devices per week. Due to timing reasons, the first 200,000 decoders will not be manufactured in the country; therefore, they will be imported from China and the software will be added in its factory in San Juan.

Coradir, one of the companies that chose INVAP after the provider selection request, will be in charge of the integration, assembling, software and distribution; its partner, Novatech, will be responsible for electronic tasks; Tarvini will be supply plates; Codesil will provide wires and Quais will supply packing boxes. The idea is to place one of Novatech's production lines in Coradir so as to achieve the weekly production quota.

INVAP also chose UTE (Unión Transitoria de Empresas), though no purchase order has been signed yet and manufacturing tasks have not started yet. Sources of the company explained to this media that nothing has been closed yet: "we are still negotiating the order", they assured. The Advising Council rejected such declarations and assured that although there is no formal order, the agreement is a fact. UTE, which is made up by Zoitron (hardware), Electronics TRV (assembling), Microtol (software) and Inarci (printing circuit, records a monthly manufacturing capacity of 50,000 STBs. "Our design is the only one integrally developed in Argentina ", they assured. Cometrans, owned by the transport entrepreneur Claudio Cirigliano, is the third chosen manufacturing company.

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12-05-2010, 18:26
BFMTV launches in HD

French news and information channel BFMTV, owned by NextRadioTV group, has launched in HD.

The HD version of the channel is initially available via IPTV platforms including Free and Orange that represent about a quarter of its overall audience. NextRadioTV also plans to distribute the HD channel on cable and satellite.

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12-05-2010, 18:28
New receivers for Ukrainian platform

The Ukrainian DTH platform MYtv has announced the introduction of a new generation of satellite receivers.

Named MYtv HDMAX and MYtvHDBOX, both allow for the reception of interactive TV and PPV, with the former also providing push VOD.

MYtv, which is backed by Israeli interests, made its debut in January 2010. Distributed by Thor 6 at one degree West, it employs XTV technology, MediaHighway middleware and VideoGuard conditional access supplied by n.ds.

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12-05-2010, 18:29
Eutelsat signs deal to operate Qatar’s first satellite
May 12th, 2010 -

ictQatar (representing the State of Qatar) and Eutelsat Communication have announced the signing of a partnership agreement to invest in and operate a new high-capacity satellite at Eutelsat’s 25.5° East location, one of the two longstanding and anchored neighbourhoods serving fast-growing markets in the Middle East and North Africa regions.

To be launched at the end of 2012, the new satellite will provide both a significantly expanded mission and superior coverage and power across the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia to follow-on from Eutelsat’s Eurobird™ 2 satellite, which is currently operated at 25.5° East. In addition to securing Ku-band continuity for Eutelsat and additional Ku-band resources for ictQatar, it will initiate a Ka-band capability opening business opportunities for both parties.

This multi-mission architecture will enable both partners to respond to the fastest-growing applications in the Middle East and Africa, including video broadcasting, enterprise communications and government services. The television market will in particular benefit from the installed base of more than 13 million satellite homes already equipped for Direct-to-Home reception from this neighbourhood.

“Qatar is pleased to enter into this strategic partnership with Eutelsat with a satellite resource that we have named “Es’hail”. The agreement is important for us as it will secure our strategic interests in communications capabilities in terms of broadcasting, communications, government services and any other future innovative services that our local market will require”, said Dr Hessa Al Jaber, Secretary-General of ictQatar.

Eutelsat and ictQatar are scheduled to place the order for the new satellite by the middle of 2010, with launch in late 2012.

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